Nude French Tips

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Jessica Robertson’s new nail polish collection was sent to me to review for you! I did a little nail art with some of the polishes and that’s what today’s post is! This mani start with two coats of Jessica Robertson Taupe. Once dry, I taped off the tips with scotch tape and added Jessica Robertson Champagne Sand.


I enjoyed wearing this twist on a classic french mani. It was  very work-appropriate but was still really fun!






Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss

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Jessica Robertson sent me their six new lipglosses to show you! I have swatched some polishes and their tanning lotions for you in earlier posts. You can find these lipglosses and more at All of the glosses have a distinct smell that I can’t quite put my finger on. Possibly vanilla or watermelon? The colors are quite pretty and have a good color payout. I can see myself wearing all six of these colors for various occasions! I did have to put the brush (it’s a doe-foot style brush) into the bottle a few times to get enough product to apply. They’re not quite as moisturizing as other lipglosses I’ve used, but if you layer them over chapstick, it’s not a problem.


Cotton Candy is a very light pink that is on the sheer side.


Nude is exactly how it is name. A very natural looking color.


Iced Mocha is a frosty brown. I had the most trouble with the application on this one, but I’ll be darned if I don’t like the color! :)


Berry was probably the smoothest application of them all.


Peach Mango is the one that I see myself wearing the most often. It’s got the perfect amount of peachy color for daily use.


Cherry is a really fun orange-red.


Thanks again to Dr Sun RX for sending Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss collection my way!

Blue on Red Stamping

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Jessica Robertson Rustic Red (originally sent to me as a press sample). Then, I used Mundo de Unas Blue Navy and a design from the Cici&Sisi Red plate to create this design.


You have to look pretty hard to see the stamping design in real life. The colors are both so dark that it was hard to see. But that goes to show how well MDU stamps over dark colors! :)






Brown and Gold Striping Tape Nail Art

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Jessica Robertson has a new nail polish line that I was sent to play with! (Check out all the swatches here!) This mani starts with two coats of Satin Champagne and then I used Totally Taupe and some striping tape to create the abstract lines.


It’s been a long time since I did a striping tape mani. I forgot how much I loved them! They’re so easy and people are always impressed. LOL.




Fakin’ Cherry Blossoms Nail Art with Glitter

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Jessica Robertson Mint to Be was originally sent to me as a press sample to swatch for you. I think green and pink look really nice together so I grabbed Enchanted Polish Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic and decided to do a glitter gradient with it.


A friend of mine said she thought it looked like cherry blossoms and once she pointed it out, I agreed! I’ve never been able to mast freehand so I like this abstract version of one of my favorite nail art designs. :)


I finally went back to my Weight Watchers meetings on Monday. I’m really sad to say I’ve put most of the weight back on! (I’d lost 90 lbs and I’ve gained 70 of it back. YIKES.) I’m trying to get back into healthy habits but golly dang, it’s hard! Why does Taco Bell have to be so delicious!?

Jessica Robertson Nail Polish Collections

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I was sent a large box of items from the Jessica Robertson spring break essentials collection, which is sold by Dr. Sun RX. In order to not overwhelm myself (and you!) I have broken out the nail polish swatches into a different post. :) I was sent two collections – the Spring/Summer and the Fall/Winter. First, I’m going to show you the Spring/Summer. The spring/summer bottles didn’t have names printed on them. Luckily, the company also sent me their catalog. I did my best to match up the names to the colors I received. Luckily, some of them were obvious! But if I made a mistake, I do apologize. Please let me know if I did and I will correct the post!

This is Jessica Robertson Mint to Be. This is a jelly formula so I needed three coats to get the opacity shown here.  The formula was a little tricky and I needed to wait for each coat to dry before moving on to the next (otherwise, I experienced dragging). Luckily, mint seems to be a crowd-pleaser as I got many compliments when I wore this color to work.



Jessica Robertson Bubbles is a purple-ish gray with silver shimmer. This one is two coats and was a nice, smooth formula. I’m not entirely convinced I got the name right on this one.



Jessica Robertson Princess Orchid is a pale lavender. This is another one with a jelly-like finish so I ended up doing three coats. The formula was a little easier to work with than Mint to Be, but you’re still going to want to be pretty patient with it.



Jessica Robertson Pink Splat is a coral cream. I used three coats of this one since I was experiencing some dragging and I wanted to make sure the coverage was even.



Jessica Robertson Tonal Blue is a nice sky blue. This is another crelly finish so I needed three coats for full coverage.



Jessica Robertson Miss Popular is one of my favorites of the collection! Who doesn’t love hot pink??



Jessica Robertson Heart’s Desire is a really pretty crelly red. I did two coats of this one. I love how squishy and juicy it looks.



Jessica Robertson Rustic Red is a dark oxblood crelly. Another one that looks nice and squishy!



Jessica Robertson Taupe is a lovely nude that I think is quite flattering. I did two coats of Taupe.



Jessica Robertson Champagne Sand is a a lovely texture polish! I love texture polishes and if you do, too, then you’ll like the textures in this collection.


Jessica Robertson Silver Sand is the second texture. It went on nicely and dried fast!



Jessica Robertson Berry Sand is absolutely my favorite from all the swatches I have shown you today. It’s a rich berry color with hints of shimmery blue. It’s just stunning!



Jessica Robertson Satin Champagne is a golden shimmery color. It’s not super flattering on me, but it’s a lovely color none the less.



Jessica Robertson Totally Taupe is a milk chocolate creme. There’s something about this one that I really like, even though I don’t always like browns



Jessica Robertson Matte Gray is the exact color as the name implies. :) The formula was a little thick, but I managed to make it work. I love matte polishes. I think they are very fun to wear!



Jessica Robertson Rock On is a duochrome purple that has a bit of a blue shift. This is another one of my favorites in the collection.



And that’s all, folks! This could possibly be my longest swatch post ever! What did you think of these two new Jessica Robertson collections? Thanks again to Podz and Dr Sun RX for sending these my way!

GlitterDaze Daze of the Month – March 2015

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I was finally able to get the March 2015 GlitterDaze Daze of the Month box from my Post Office! I think they like to hoard things from me. :) Because this one was sent so close to April Fool’s Day, GlitterDaze had the name be pretty hilarious: Uranus is Pretty. LOL!! They included alternate stickers with a less silly name: Seventh Planet from the Sun. But, I think I’m going to stick to the funny one!


I topped Uranus is Pretty over Jessica Robertson Miss Popular which was originally sent to me as a press sample. You’ll see a swatch and more information about it in an upcoming post! :)


Uranus is Pretty is a splish splash of cool toned glitters. It is quite fun and will be a delight to layer over a variety of colors!



Jessica Robertson Spring Break Essentials

{Press Sample}

Jessica Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) has come out with a new line of cosmetics, nail polish, and tanning lotions and Dr. Sun RX sent me them to show you!! I was sent a generous box full of items from her line so I could share them with you!

American Babe is a tanning lotion. It has a nice sweet scent that doesn’t seem too overpowering. This works very slowly, which is nice. That way, you don’t get weirdly tan all of a sudden. It took about three days of daily use for me to notice I was a few shades darker. As a woman with super fair skin, that was perfect for me. I don’t look like Casper anymore, but I also don’t look like a suddenly tan alien imposter.


Hidden Beauty Tan Maximizer aids in the natural tanning process. It smells sweet and flowery. I don’t go tanning (I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to the sun) but based on the quality of the American Babe White Bronzer, I bet this would work quite well.


American Dream contains black walnut extracts. This is an ultra dark bronzer that provides a tan look – with or without exposure to UV. It has a fun watermelon scent! This should give you a tan much faster than the American Babe White Bronzer and will be great for those of you who already have some color but want to add more.


American Love daily moisturizer helps promote smooth skin overnight. It has a ton of Vitamin D and smells like vanilla citrus. It’s quite smooth and made my face feel nice.


American Legs and XOXO are more bronzers. Legs is meant for your…you guessed it…your legs! It will provide an even bronze glow in a few hours. It also has a hair growth inhibitor. It smells of coconut (my favorite!!). This one works a lot faster than the white bronzer.

XOXO is a face bronzer that is oil free. This one is also fragrance free, which is really nice for those of us with sensitive skin!


Jessica Robertson Bronzing Powder is a slightly shimmery contouring and bronzing powder. I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the formula was. A little goes a long way, especially for those of us with fairer complexions!




Jessica Robertson Lip Gloss – There are six glosses in this colloction: Cherry Red, Berry, Nude, Peach Mango, Iced Mocha, and Cotton Candy. They all have a slight flavor and scent – I want to say it’s something with a  vanilla base. I will be swatching these on their own in a separate post. I don’t want me (or you!) to get too overwhelmed with all the content in this post!



There are also two Jessica Robertson nail polish collections. This is the Spring/Summer collection and I will be swatching these in a separate post, so make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss it!


This is the Fall/Winter collection. I’ll swatch these along with the Spring/Summer polishes so stay tuned!!


What a great offering! Thanks again to Dr. Sun RX for sending me all these goodies to play with! Be on the lookout for at least three more posts featuring these goodies!