Senegence Shampoo and Conditioner Review

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted, but I wanted to share my thoughts on the Senegence Shampoo and Conditioner. I’m suuuuper careful about what I put on my hair. I spend a crapload of money to make my hair crazy colors and there are a lot of things that cause faster fading. I’m always careful to avoid any sulfates or coconut oil as ingredients in my hair care. Those are the two worst causes of quick fading for vivid hair colors.

I ran out of my Kerastase shampoo and conditioner and was about to buy more when I realized I’d never even tried the Senegence Shampoo and Conditioner!!! I sell Senegence for heaven’s sake – why hadn’t I tried the product?!

I made sure there were no ingredients that would harm my hair color…and luckily, there weren’t! I put in an order.

Guys. I am LOVING this. It made my hair so much less frizzy and so much more moisturized. With the amount of color I put on my hair, dryness is a huge problem for me. I have to inject a lot of moisture into my hair to keep it healthy, but the right kind or else it will ruin everything! It’s a very careful system.

After blow-drying, my hair felt much softer, less frizzy, and way healthier than what I was previously using. I can’t wait to go back to my hairdresser to show her what a difference it made!

Click here to shop for Senegence Hair Care!

Senegence Shampoo and Conditioner Review

Sky Organics Oils Review

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Sky Organics sent me their Invigorating Scalp Treatment set to review for you. This set contains castor oil, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil. To make the hair mask, you take two parts castor oil and one part jojoba oil and heat it up a little bit. Then, put a drop or two of the peppermint oil in. Apply on the roots of your hair and cover with a shower cap for one hour. Wash off with your regular shampoo!


All three oils have uses beyond making this hair and scalp treatment. Let’s take a look at some of them individually!

Peppermint oil can help relieve nausea and pain from minor menstrual cramps.  It can also provide some relief to sore muscles.

There are even more uses beyond that such as rubbing a little on your chest when you have a cold to help relieve congestion. Mix a few drops with your shampoo to create minty fresh hair that also is less prone to dandruff!sky-organics-peppermint-oil

Jojoba oil is one of my favorite oils. ;) It’s great for nail care! Not only that, but it’s great for hydrating your skin in general. You can put it on your lips to seal in moisture or anywhere on your body where you have dry skin problems!  sky-organics-jojoba-oil

Castor Oil can help grow longer and stronger hair. For easy application, mix with your conditioner so the oil is about 20% of the mixture. Apply a drop to your lash line and eyebrows to help stimulate growth there, too! Castor oil can also help fade scars and stretch

This little trio of oils has a ton of uses. I’ve done the scalp treatment twice now and it feels really, really good. I can’t say if my hair is actually growing any faster because that’s really an impossible thing to measure. But, what I can definitely tell you is that I have a very dry, itchy scalp. These oils helped with that A LOT. I noticed significantly less irritation at the back of my head for days after using the hair/scalp mask recipe.

I’m no oil expert, but these seem to be quite high quality. They feel good to use! Once I’ve used up my press sample bottles, I will certainly be buying more from Sky Organics. They are available on Amazon with Prime Shipping so you don’t even have to wait very long to try them yourself!!

Schwarzkopf Creative Styles Review

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Schwarzkopf sent me their Amino Hold Creative Styles collection to review for you. This collection consists of hairspray, mousse, and gel.

The hairspray has a fast-drying formula and can really stick your hair into place without buildup. I don’t use a lot of hairspray, so this line is perfect for me – a little goes a long way!

The mousse is really great for creating hold without weighing down hair. I only wash my hair every three days and on the second and third day, I could still tell the mousse was holding. When I would re-do my hair each morning, the style would stick again. It was fabulous!

The gel is super strong and I only used it one time. I don’t have a hair cut that really calls for gel at all. I did use it to tame some of my flyaways from around my face. I found I didn’t need to use the gel and the mousse together. So, I would recommend picking the one product you like (gel vs mousse) and just buying that one.


Here is a picture from the first day I used the products. My hair had a ton of volume and it stayed like that! It was pretty impressive.

schwarzkopf-amino-hold schwarzkopf-amino-hold-review

Here are some pictures of my sister and me. My hair is three days dirty after using the Schwarzkopf Amino Hold collection. I can still get volume at the roots that stays all day – even though my hair is so dirty!

My sister also used the Schwarzkopf. Her hair is freshly washed and then she used the mousse and the hairspray. schwarzkopf-hair-review schwarzkopf-creative-styles-review

Schwarzkopf is one of my favorite hair care brands. I highly recommend checking out this collection and I appreciate Schwarzkopf sending these my way!

OGX Coconut and Argan Oil Collection

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OGX Sent me their coconut collection and argan oil products to review for you. I’ve become a big fan of this brand since I’ve started reviewing for them. Each product I try is pretty great. This collection is my favorite so far because I love the smell so much. Coconut is one of my favorite smells in the whole world!


The argan oil products are fabulous. The argan oil mousse helps my hair hold its style but also does an excellent job of nourishing my hair. It’s like a two-in-one product. I usually use three products after showering – repair, protect, and style. With the argan oil mousse, I felt like I only needed the one product which is certainly more time- and cost-effective!

The argan oil is something I used for freaking everything. It’s actually almost gone! I mixed it with my body wash, I used it for shaving, I put it in my conditioner. It is a multi-tasking monster!

The surf paste was a little heavy for my fine hair, but it was really good at weighing down all the baby hairs along my temple.

ogx-coconut-collection ogx-coconut-collection-reviews ogx-coconut-collection-review

If you like great hair products with a coconut smell, then this collection is for you. I’m really pleased with each product and I’m thrilled OGX sent it to me!

ColorProof Detox

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ColorProof sent me their Detox collection in the mini, “jet-set” size. I’ve used quite a few ColorProof products by now and I have to say, these are some of my favorite shampoos and conditioners. With vibrant hair color, you have to be super careful about what products you use on your hair. My hair stylist can tell when I’ve been using different things based on how much the color has faded since my last visit. Whenever I’ve been using ColorProof, she comments how vibrant my hair is. I think that’s really quite the seal of approval for ColorProof…even though she doesn’t know she’s doing it! :)

colorproof-detox colorproof-detox-review

I use the products as instructed which was to use the detox “clear it up” shampoo first. This is the one that gets all the dirt and old product out of your hair – without removing all the color. Then, use the regular shampoo and conditioner.


This trio made my hair feel really great and like I was starting fresh after each wash. Obviously, that’s how you want to feel after washing your hair, but some shampoos and conditioners just make my fine hair feel a little weighed down and like it still has product in it.

color-proof-detox-review colorproof-review color-proof-review

Thanks again to ColorProof for sending the ColorProof Detox trio my way. If you have any color in your hair, this is a fantastic brand to try.

Revive Hair Care Review

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Revive sent me their hair care collection to review for you. I’ve been using this collection for about a month now.  I wanted to give it a really solid amount of time to start working. From their website:

The Reviv3 Procare system provides an optimal scalp environment for hair growth that will improve the appearance of fine, thin looking and thinning hair. It works with both natural and color-treated hair.


The shampoo and conditioner have a lovely mint scent and they tingle a bit on my scalp. (In a good way.) The Revive system made my hair feel really smooth and strong.


The first couple times, I used too much of the TREAT Micro Activ3 Treatment Spray. I could tell because my hair felt a bit weighed down. I little of this spray goes a long way. revive-hair glossy-hair

After I got used to the amount of product I needed for my hair, things got really, really good! My hair held up to curling a lot better and held the curl a lot longer. I really liked that my hair didn’t feel like I had product in it. It just felt like my normal hair, but it behaved and looked a lot healthier and a lot stronger.


How to use the Revive three step system:

  • Apply Cleanser to wet hair. Lather for 1 minute, then rinse.
  • After cleansing, distribute Moisture+Conditioner onto scalp and throughout the hair. Leave on 1-3 minutes, then rinse well.
  • Use the Micro-Activ3 Treatment by spraying close to scalp skin and apply all over; use fingertips or comb to spread evenly and do not rinse (may cause temporary redness).


I think this is a fabulous hair trio! I’m quite happy with how my hair looks and feels. I would recommend checking out the Revive system next time you’re in the market for something to bring your hair back to life! Thanks again to Revive for sending this my way!

OGX Coconut Collection

{Press Sample}

OGX sent me more hair care products to share with you! I’ve been loving these products and I’m excited to show you more of them!

They sent me their biotin & collagen shampoo and conditioner, moroccan sea salt spray, and a compact mirror from Knock Knock. (Which is a fabulous site/brand and you should check it out.)


They also sent me argan oil of morocco hair spray, coconut curls cream, and coconut water spray.

ogx-coconut-collection knock-knock-compact

The shampoo and conditioner made my hair nice and shiny. So much so that people actually commented on it at work. The coconut curls were not the right product for me because I obviously don’t have curly hair. It was a little heavy for my thin hair. I gave it to a dear friend of mine who has super curly hair.

The coconut water spray is freaking delightful. It smells so wonderful. I don’t even know if it’s doing anything for my hair or not, but I love spraying it on every day. (Maybe twice a day. Or three times a day. Whatever. I do what I want.)


The Moroccan hair spray helped smooth my hair and helped my hair retain its volume and curls.

ogx-hair-collection-review ogx-coconut-collection-review

Here’s proof that these products help hold a curl! Look at those curls! Those don’t just stay with any product I try. Only really good ones can keep my fine, straight hair in a curl!


The OGX O2 Collection

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OGX sent me their O2 collection to review for you. This collection contains shampoo, conditioner, and a volumizing spray.

The shampoo and conditioner smell fantastic. I am disappointed that the shampoo isn’t sulfate-free, however. I had to test this collection out the week before I was getting my hair re-dyed since sulfates strip out vivid hair color. Other than that, I think these are great products.


The OGX O2 Collection made my hair feel soft and fluffy. It also seemed to help maintain volume throughout the day.

zoya-mellie-lipstick ogx-o2-hair-care-review ogx-o2-hair-care-reviews

I’m in need of a hair cut for some of my split ends, but I am pretty happy with how my hair looks when using the OGX O2 collection.

Pro Beauty Tools Flat Iron Review

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Pro Beauty Tools sent me their flat iron to review for you! The flat iron is 1″ wide. It straightens, adds shine, and reduces frizz. I especially like the audible been indicator that lets me know when the desired heat temp is met (up to 450F).


Pro Beauty Tools has centered their brand on providing salon results in a retail setting. They offer top quality styling tools at wallet-friendly prices. This particular flat iron retails for $39.99 at Target.

pro-beauty-tools-flat-iron pro-beauty-tools-flat-iron-review

I think the Pro Beauty Tools flat iron did a really decent job at reducing frizz. My hair can get pretty frizzy because of all the abuse I put it through, but this flat iron tamed it right now.


For 40 bucks, I would say this is a flat iron to consider. If you’re in the market for a new one, this might be the one for you.

I know lots of people get super cute curls with their flat irons. I’m just not that talented. I wish I was!! My sister is great at it. Too bad she doesn’t live near me or else I’d make her review the flat iron too. ;)


Thanks for reading my Pro Beauty Tools Flat Iron Review and thanks again to Pro Beauty for sending the flat iron my way!

OGX Bamboo Fiber-full Hair Care

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 I was sent the OGX Bamboo Fiber-full Hair Care collection to review for you! This collection comes with a shampoo, conditioner, root-lift spray, and a fiber cream.ogx-bamboo-fiber-full-hair-care

First off, this collection smells amazing! Smell isn’t the #1 thing I look for in hair care, but it sure is a super-great bonus when something smells delightful!

The OGX Bamboo Fiber-full Hair Care products made my hair feel very smooth. The root lift spray didn’t give me as much lift as I normally like, but it surely didn’t leave my hair flat, either!

The products helped my hair maintain nice curls throughout the day.


The products also helped keep my hair nice and fluffy when I didn’t curl it.


If you are interested in helping your hair get back some of its strength, then I would recommend trying the OGX Bamboo Fiber-full Hair Care collection. Thanks again for OGX for sending this my way!

got2be Styling Products Review

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 got2be sent me three of their styling products to review for you. I’ve reviewed got2be products before and I still consider them one of my favorite drugstore hair care brands.

Since I dyed my hair purple, I have to be really  careful about what products I put in my hair. Vivid hair dye can get stripped out really easily and I wanted to prevent that from happening!


I’ve always enjoyed the got2be mind blowing collection. It does a great job of holding my style. This is the first time I’ve tried the got2be mess-merizing hair spray. This just might be my favorite hair spray ever. It smells really nice and gives the perfect amount of texture. I can’t have too much texture in my hair because it weighs it down and then I look like a homeless puppy. (Which is a cute look for a puppy but not so much for a human)


The products held my straight style well and my curly style well. Sometimes, styling products are only good at one or the other.

got2be-mousse got2be-styline-products-review got2be-mousse

ColorProof Styling Products Review

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 ColorProof sent me these styling and hair care products to review for you. I’ve reviewed some of these products before and I really enjoyed them. My vivid hair colorist comments each time I visit that she’s impressed with how little fading I have. I use ColorProof most days so I can only assume that it has something to do with my results!


The ColorProof leave-in conditioner (green bottle) smells delightful. It has shea butter in it so it smells really great! It makes my hair really smooth and easy to style. The ColorProof Split End Mender works ok. I wasn’t super blown away. My ends are pretty fried so it would take nothing short of a miracle to make them look good. This guy isn’t quite up to the task, but it certainly didn’t hurt.


I also received the Color Proof Super Plump conditioner, the Lift Foam Mousse, and the Moisture Treatment.


The red Super Plump conditioner and the red bottled lift mousse are absolutely my favorite ColorProof items so far! They smell really great and I love what they do to my hair! The mousse adds a lot of nice volume and really helps my hair hold any curls I put in.


I would really recommend the red bottle line of ColorProof. I am very impressed with the nourishment and hold these products gave me.


I dyed my hair purple. Here’s what I learned about people.


People don’t follow their dreams.

Countless times, people have said to me, “I wish I could dye my hair like that.” My response is always, “You can.” There are, of course, some careers and companies where it’s entirely against the dress code to have an unnatural hair  color. Don’t do anything to get yourself fired. But, if you’re like me, and you don’t have a job where you’d be fired for it…what’s stopping you? If you want pink hair, why don’t you get pink hair?

Many people asked me, “Why did you do it?” The answer is always, “because I felt like it.” But somehow, that answer didn’t ever satisfy anyone. Feeling like doing something wasn’t a good enough reason to actually do it. That was fascinating to me. Absolutely fascinating. If there is something that would make you happy, and you can afford it, and it won’t mess up your life or someone else’s…then why the hell aren’t you doing it?! I ended up having to embellish my answer to this:
I always wanted pink hair. Then one day, I realized I’m an adult with a car and a debit card. So I went and got pink hair.

People were pleased with that answer…but…isn’t that just basically saying….Because I felt like it?



People are rude.

Actual conversation that happened:
Rude Person (RP): What did you do to your hair?
Me: Had it colored.
RP: It does not look good on you.
Me: Thank you!
RP: No, I said I don’t like it. You should change it.
Me: I’m not going to, but thank you so much for your opinion.
(What I said in my head: I truly don’t give a fuck what you think.)


People will remember you – whether you want them to or not.

I realized soon after dying my hair that I was very easy to spot in a crowd. I realized this also meant that strangers would remember me. No longer would I be able to sneak in and out of the grocery store unnoticed. As this realization dawned on me, I came to understand that I needed to be more than nice to the people around me. I was representing everyone who has crazy hair. If I acted like a bitch, I might be feeding into a negative stereotype. It was my task, nay, my duty to treat others with kindness. Why did I wait until I had pink and purple hair to realize this? I don’t know.

People will remember how you made them feel, even if they don’t remember you specifically. Now that I knew people would remember me AND how I made t hem feel, the responsibility was even greater.

There is a great episode of Doctor Who where there are reptilian humanoids beneath the earth, wanting to take back the planet. Each side – the reptilians and the humans – had a hostage. The Doctor was going to negotiate the safe release of all hostages. As he was leaving his human companions alone with the hostage, he said to them, “Be the best of your kind.”

That sentiment has stuck with me for a very long time. Every where you go, you’re representing other people that look like you. Be the best of your kind. This may be the best piece of advice the Doctor ever relayed to the human race.



People are judgmental.

The judgmental people are different than the rude people. The judgmental ones might like your hair but they’re going to tell you everything about it (even if they don’t know what they’re talking about). They’ll tell you their opinion on how the gradient looks, how it’s fading, how it’s damaged at the end. You name it. This cracks me up because I wonder if they think I don’t own a mirror. Or a cell phone with a front-facing camera! :P


People respect bold decisions.

This goes hand-in-hand with the first one (people don’t follow their dreams). A lot of people admired the fact that I would just go ahead and do something so crazy. My motto has always been, “If you do it with enough confidence, you can get away with anything.” I walk around like my hair is supposed to be pink and purple and people completely accept it. (It’s a fascinating social experiment and I suggest you try it some time.)



But, at the end of the day, I feel like a million bucks with my purple and pink hair driving my bitchin’ car – regardless of what anyone else thinks!


ColorProof Glam Squad

{Press Sample}

ColorProof sent me their frizz control collection to review for you. The glam squad set comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and shine spray. I used each of these products every day for 10 days to write this review.


The shampoo and conditioner work quite well. They did a great job keeping my frizz under control – which was no easy task this week. The weather has been schizophrenic which is a recipe for frizz! Sun, dry, dark, rain. Roll the dice at any given moment…you never know what you’ll get when you look outside! The only thing I don’t like about the shampoo and conditioner is the smell. It has a very sweet mango-like smell that I just don’t care for. I’m sure a lot of people love the smell, but it’s a tad too sweet and fruity for me.



The shine spray was my favorite of the trio. It smells fantastic! And when they say it’s light weight, they really mean it. This did not weigh down my hair at all. It added some nice shine and that’s it. Which is fabulous because that’s all I wanted it to do!





I was also sent this super cute cosmetic bag with the hair products. It’s a blue, red, and black plaid batter. It’s about the size of a large paperback book.


This little cosmetic bag has a ton of nooks and crannies to put stuff!




The two inner bags snap on to the outer bag so you can take just a small bag or the whole thing with you. It’s really quite brilliant.


The back of the bag has these slots which are the perfect size for traveling with your makeup brushes. It’s not quite big enough to put things like eye makeup remover in, but it’s perfect for brushes.


Thanks again to ColorProof for sending these products my way!

Smooth ‘N Shine Hair Care Review

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Today, I have a Smooth ‘N Shine hair care review for you! Smooth ‘N Shine sent me two hair styling products to review for you! You can find Smooth ‘N Shine at Walmart, Family Dollar, Target, CVS & Walgreens. (Use the links provided to earn cash back from Shop at Home! Yes, they really do pay you to shop.)

I was sent the Smooth ‘N Shine Hair Polisher ($4.99) and the Smooth ‘N Shine Edge Smoothing Pomade ($2.99). Both of them smell really good! The pomade even has a bit of a minty smell to it.







I think my hair looks much shinier and frizz-free than when I don’t use any product at all! I’m super impressed with the lack of frizz! In this humid climate, I typically have fly-aways and frizz all over the place – even after I’ve just finished styling my hair. My hair couldn’t be smoother now!


The pomade had a medium to low hold for me. Most products do – if they hold a style at all. My hair is so fine and limp that it really refuses to stay in any style! What I love about the pomade is that it’s hiding the fact that I’m long, long overdue for a haircut. My ends look smooth and shiny even though in reality they’re full of split ends! (Don’t worry Lindsay! I’m coming to see you really soon!!) Neither of these products weighed down my fine hair, either, which was really nice. A lot of products will leave me looking like a dog that’s been left out in the rain.


Even Bandit was shocked at how smooth my hair looked. Either that, or he saw a squirrel.


I would recommend checking out the Smooth ‘N Shine products. The prices are completely affordable and the claims on the packaging appear to be true!

Lanza Healing Oil Combing Cream Review

{Press Sample}

Lanze sent me their Healing Oil Combing Cream to review for you! The combing cream reduces frizz, reduced flyaways, shortens drying time, detangles, and prevents damage. Visit for more information, such as where to buy.





The cream smells delightful! It goes in smoothly into my hair. I use every day after my shower and before drying and styling my hair.


I have my hair extensions in for this picture and that was totally on purpose. :) The hair in the extensions is extremely silky smooth. In order for them to look natural, my hair needs to also be smooth and silky so it blends in! Lanza healing haircare was the solution!


What do you think of the Lanza Healing Haircare? Do you think it’s something that would work for you?


got2b Frizz Control

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Got2B sent me two more products to review for you! I loved the first review I did for them, so I jumped at the chance to do another. This time, I received two products from their frizz control collection. On the left is the got2b smooth operator lustre lotion. On the right is the got2b glossy shime serum.



I’ve been using these every day for over a week and I think they are fabulous! In fact, they are so fabulous that they make my hair TOO smooth! LOL. What is ‘too smooth’ you ask? Well, I noticed my hair had a harder time keep a curl because it was so smooth! What a silly problem to have, right? My favorite of the two products is the shine serum. I used it on wet hair but I also used it on dry hair to tame flyaways. (Quick tangent: My little sister used to call fly aways ‘stray ponies’. Her logic was that if you’re putting your hair into a PONYtail, then the escaped ones must be stray ponies.)

Here are some selfies I took for some other reviews. In each of these photos, I am also using these two got2b frizz control products. I think my hair looks a lot shinier and smoother than before I used these. It is certainly softer to the touch. I noticed that difference right away!



I would certainly recommend these products, even if you have fine hair. As noted above, it might make it a little tougher to keep a curl, but used sparingly, they are quite awesome.




What do you think of these products? Are you going to try them?

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review

{Press Sample}

Irresistible Me contacted me about reviewing their hair extensions. I immediately said “yes” because I’ve always wanted to try hair extensions! With the assistance of my husband, I selected the 22″ (he wanted the 24″!) extensions in Rosewood from the Royal Remy line. When you’re selecting your hair extensions, you’ll want to refer to their fact sheet so you can get an idea of what weights and length definitions are. I was sent the 200 g set which comes with 10 pieces: 1 weft with 4 clips, 2 wefts of 3 clips, 5 wefts of 2 clips, and 2 wefts of 1 clip. I actually can’t even fit all those pieces in my hair so I also have a few left over parts. :)

 Here is a picture of all the wefts hanging from a pants hanger in my bathroom.

Hair Extensions Review

Putting in the hair extensions is so easy. It’s way easier than I thought. Before the extensions arrived, I watched a bajillion (yes, I counted) YouTube videos of how to do it. That is just not necessary. You part your hair horizontally starting at the bottom. Clip in extensions at the roots. Let your hair down and part it again horizontally slightly higher than the first part. Clip in extensions. Repeat until you’re at the top. :) There isn’t really a science to which clips go where in your hair. It’s more like whatever fits in that ‘spot’. The exception is if you decide to get the extensions professionally cut. Then, you will need to label each weft for where it needs to go on your head to maintain that look. Let’s be honest for a moment…I’m lazy so I’m not going to do that. It’s all about looking pretty with as little effort as possible for me!


These are SUPER long. And I love it. And so does my husband. This length is what my sister and I would refer to as “mermaid hair”. Mermaid hair is when your hair is so long that it covers your boobs so that way, when you jump out of the water to save your prince, your not too indecent. ;)


I wore these extensions all day and I was shocked at how comfortable they are. My head didn’t hurt at all at the end of the day, despite the added weight. I typically hate hats and headbands because any pressure on my head will give me a headache. I’m a high maintenance princess like that. But these were hardly noticeable! I even fell asleep with them in (on the couch. Like a real glamour queen) and since the clips are so flat, it was like they were hardly there.


I pretty much want to wear these every day… so here I am hanging out on the couch…by myself…with hair extensions in.



Oh hey! I’m not by myself! Bandit is joining the party!



I wear glasses when I’m not trying to impress anyone…


I can’t rave about these enough. They are so easy to put in. They curl like normal hair because they are normal hair. My husband thinks it’s super sexy. (And mama ain’t complainin’ about that! :P ) I feel really pretty with all this glorious princess hair.

If you want gorgeous princess hair, then these extensions are the ones to get. If you’re not sure on color, then go slightly lighter. You can dye this hair and it’s easier to add color on top of a light extension that it would be to try and lighten an extension that’s too dark.

Since this is real hair, you will need to wash it every once in a while. The website and other reviews I’ve seen says about every 10-20 uses. I used some hair spray on mine, so it will be closer to 10 uses.

I want to wear these every day. Do you think that would be weird to show up to work one day with super long hair??

My final comment about this is a comment a friend of mine made when she saw me wearing this. I hadn’t seen her in about a month and she says, “Holy crap! How fast does your hair grow?!”

Hair Care Products Review

{Press Sample}

I was sent a variety of hair care products to review for you! There are a number of different brands represented here, but I’m going to put them all in one post since they were sent to me in one box. :) (Never say I didn’t do anything logical! LOL!)


This John Freida brush touts that it will help generate full volume. This one took quite a bit of getting used to because I typically use a boar’s hair brush with a wooden handle. The rubber and the plastic of this brush was a huge difference from what I’m used to using. However, once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed using it! It has a knack for bossing my hair around!


Hair2Wear Fishtail Headband. This is a real human hair braided headband to help make your lazier hair days look more put together! I wasn’t able to actually wear this since it’s not the same color as my hair. I have this unnatural red hair and this is a lovely brunette. This is well made and I would buy it if I saw one that matched my hair color better! (Scroll down for a special surprise……)


Philip B Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray. This hair spray keeps its hold well…until you get rained on. LOL. I wasn’t a big fan of the smell, but otherwise this is a pretty decent hair spray.


Scuni bobby bins in brunette. Who doesn’t need more bobby pins? I know I’ve bought about a million bobbies in my life, but they keep running away. I swear I give them a nice home environment, but they’re all still off somewhere in the wilderness, probably gallivanting around with my missing socks.

These bobbies stayed in my hair well and I’ll definitely look for Scuni next time I’m in the market!


For this look, I used the John Freida brush to create volume whilst blow drying my hair. Then, I used the bobby pins to pull back the hair around my temples. Finally, I used the Philip B hair spray to set the look.



And now for your special surprise! I didn’t model the fishtail braid for you, but my husband did! He even did sexy duckface for you. And he is also a great model for good dental hygiene.


What do you think of these products? Would you try any of these?

Got2B Mind Blowing Review

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got2be sent me three of their mind blowing styling products to review and share with you! This brand is owned by Schwarzkopf which you already know that I love. They also sent me this adorable makeup bag made by SoHo.



I got the quick style mousse, fast dry hair spray, and quick styling spray.



got2b-mind-blowing-review soho-makeup-bag


The main thing I noticed was how much shinier my hair was when using these products! I used all three each day and was impressed by the shine each day! To ensure that it wasn’t some other product giving me the shine, I changed shampoo and conditioner each day. (This was clearly a very scientific experiment.)

Much to my delight, I got shiny hair each day, regardless of what shampoo and conditioner combo I used.




I am very happy with how my hair looks using these products. My hair and I have a hate-hate relationship. So whenever it looks like I even tried a little bit, I’m happy! You know I’m super happy when I’m compelled to take a selfie using duckface.



To reward you for scrolling all the way to the bottom of this post, you get to see silly face.


You can find got2be in drugstores nationwide as well as online retailers such as Amazon.