Schwarzkopf Ultime for Fine and Limp Hair

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Schwarzkopf sent me a huge haul of their new Ultime collection for fine and limp hair. I was thrilled when I opened the package and saw I was going to be able to try so many differen products. My fine, limp hair really hates product so it takes a lot of testing to find something that doesn’t make me look like a wet, homeless dog.


Pictured from left to right, Conditioner, Shampoo, hair-filler serum, hair spray, mousse, dry shampoo, daily serum spray, root lifter spray, and magic volume powder.

For my first trial, I used both the shampoo and the conditioner in the shower. While my hair was still wet, I used the Superb Volume Mousse and the Hair-Filler Serum. Let me say that all of these products smell wonderful!!! After styling my hair with a blow dryer, round brush, and a curling iron, I dabbed a touch of the Magic Volume Powder into the roots and roughed them up a bit.

I am so happy with the volume in my hair! Usually, it’s quite flat! Not only that, but the volume lasted all day – and I’m talking about a 91 degree, humid day!! This is a fine and limp hair person’s dream!



For the second day of testing, I used the hair-filler serum, hair spray, and daily serum spray. I don’t feel like I got the same amount of volume as day 1 so I’ll have to try a different combination.


For the third day, I used the daily serum spray and the root lifter spray. I think I got a lot more volume with this combo than on day 2.


The fourth day, I used the mousse, daily serum spray, and the root lifter spray. This just may be my favorite combo yet!


I LOVE This collection. It was pretty tricky of Schwarzkopf to send this to me because now I’m going to be a permanent customer. I want my hair to look like that ^^^ all the time! I have still been using this on a daily basis! Any makeup look posts you see in the coming weeks and months will all be with hair thanks to Schwarzkopf!

The Ultime collection has different lines for different hair types so even if your hair isn’t fine and limp like mine, there is still going to be something to address your hair care needs.


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Thanks again to Schwarzkopf for sending me the Schwarzkopf Ultime collection for fine and limp hair.