GlitterDaze Aquaholic

{Press Sample}

Today’s swatch is the July 2016 Daze of the Month polish. This month’s polish is GlitterDaze Aquaholic. This is a freakishly beautiful teal holo. I absolutely loved wearing it!

glitter-daze-aquaholic glitterdaze-aquaholic

Glitter Daze I Sea Coral

{Purchased by Me}

Glitter Daze I Sea Coral is from the June Daze of the Month subscription box. This will be my last month because I just have to cut expenses to get my dog training business started. I will start my subscription up the very first second I can!

I Sea Coral is a very pink coral with lots of microglitter in it. I only needed two coats for full coverage even though it’s a lighter polish.

glitterdaze-i-sea-coral glitterdaze-i-sea-coral-swatch

GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This

{Purchased by Me}

As you may already know, I’ve started my own dog training business. I’ve been taking a close examination at all my finances to see what expenses can be cut. Each time I consider cutting the Daze of the Month subscription from GlitterDaze, she comes out with a f*cking gorgeous polish! Damn her! Damn her and her gorgeous polishes!!!!

This month, the polish is GlitterDaze You Were Mermaid for This. It’s a lovely light purple with a variety of shard glitters in it. I did need three thin coats for full opacity due to the jelly-like finish of the base. I loved wearing this polish and I love looking at it still. It’s simply beautiful. And I am now stuck being a Daze of the Month subscriber, despite trying to cut expenses!!!

glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this glitterdaze-you-were-mermaid-for-this-swatch

GlitterDaze April 2016

{Purchased by Me}

I know this swatch is super late and that April was forever ago! But the April Daze of the Month polish is so pretty that I couldn’t not show it to you! For April, the polish is GlitterDaze Starfishing for Compliments. I have it layered here over a black creme to bring out the gold and pink glitters.



GlitterDaze Shipload of Seamen

{Purchased by Me}

This post is a quick look at GlitterDaze Shipload of Seamen. This is from the March Daze of the Month subscription box. This time every year, she always has a hilariously named polish. However, she does include an alternate name with a label in  case you don’t have a sense of humor. I think it was “Deep Blue Sea” or something like this time. (Why in the hell would I want a polish called that when I can have a Shipload of Seamen??)

Two coats. It’s blue. You have eyes. Look at it. :P

glitterdaze-shipload-of-seamen glitterdaze-shipload-of-seamen-swatch

Er Mer Gerd. I made a video. You’re welcome.

GlitterDaze S-urchin for Love

{Purchased by Me}

Time to start the 2016 GlitterDaze subscription boxes! Last year’s theme was outer space and the new theme is under the sea!! This month, we received GlitterDaze S-urchin for Love which is abso-freakin-gorgeous.



S-urchin for Love has some holographic effect to it, which you can see below in my picture with flash.


GlitterDaze To Infinity and Beyond Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}

GlitterDaze To Infinity and Beyond is from the December 2015 Daze of the Month subscription box. This month, our extra goodie was a full-sized bottle of her Super Smooth Topcoat. How cool is that?




To add a little nail art flair, I stamped with Mundo de Unas White using It Girl Fashion Plate IG 105 which was originally sent to me as a press sample.



GlitterDaze Supernova Zombie

{Purchased by Me}

Today I have a quickie swatch for you! This is GlitterDaze Supernova Zombie from the October Daze of the Month subscription box. This is a duochrome with flakie glitters as well as some holo shimmer. I did like the looks of this one better in the bottle. It got a little lumpy once on the nail, even with topcoat.


Even though it’s a tad lumpy, I still think it’s pretty!


GlitterDaze Hyper Velocity Star

{Purchased By Me}

GlitterDaze Hyper-Velocity Star is from the September Daze of the Month subscription box. This month, we also got a little cup of hand fizzie powder (which is a product I do not use).


I used three very thin coats for this mani.  Hyper-Velocity Star is a light grey with colorful glitters. Some of the glitters are shards. I think this looks like granite!


GlitterDaze Eta Carinae

{Purchased By Me}

Today’s look was made using GlitterDaze Eta Carinae which is the polish from the August 2015 Daze of the Month subscription. I painted three coats of Eta Careinae on my pinkie, pointer, and thumb. On my middle two fingers, I painted OPI Alpine Snow. Once dry, I used stencils from Polish Vino and then did another generous coat of Eta Carinae on top.



Glitter Daze Hotter Than the Sun

{Purchased By Me}

I got my July Daze of the Month in the mail! This month’s polish is Glitter Daze Hotter Than the Sun which is a gorgeous shimmery red.


It’s months like these that make me super happy that I signed up for this subscription!! I also got two sample vials of cuticle oil as the added bonus this month.


GlitterDaze June 2015

{Purchased By me}

I have been a subscriber of Glitter Daze for all of 2015 and this year’s theme is outer space. June’s polish is called Glitter Daze Cosmic Fireworks and it’s a very pretty red, white, and silver topper. I used a black cream as my base because if this is supposed to be in space, it should be black, right??


This has a very nice smattering of different glitter shapes. My favorites are, of course, the stars, but it has circles and shards and tiny little pieces.


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Glitter Daze May 2015 Daze of the Month

{Purchased By Me}

It’s time to show you the Glitter Daze May 2015 Daze of the Month! This year’s theme is space and the May polish is called Space Confetti. This is a white crelly polish with multi-colored pastel, multi-shaped glitters. There’s everything from circles to stars to hearts! I used three coats for this swatch. If you use white polish as a base color, then you won’t need as many coats.


When I was first getting in to polish (years ago!) I actually didn’t like the look of a milky glitter polish. But the look has grown on me a bit. White it’s still not my favorite look, it’s something I would happily buy and wear. What do you think?


GlitterDaze Daze of the Month – March 2015

{Purchased By Me}

I was finally able to get the March 2015 GlitterDaze Daze of the Month box from my Post Office! I think they like to hoard things from me. :) Because this one was sent so close to April Fool’s Day, GlitterDaze had the name be pretty hilarious: Uranus is Pretty. LOL!! They included alternate stickers with a less silly name: Seventh Planet from the Sun. But, I think I’m going to stick to the funny one!


I topped Uranus is Pretty over Jessica Robertson Miss Popular which was originally sent to me as a press sample. You’ll see a swatch and more information about it in an upcoming post! :)


Uranus is Pretty is a splish splash of cool toned glitters. It is quite fun and will be a delight to layer over a variety of colors!



GlitterDaze Daze of the Month February 2015

{Purchased By Me}

Last month, I signed up for the GlitterDaze Daze of the Month Club. You can see my first post here. This month, the polish is called Glitter Daze Intergirlactic Princess. I think the name is adorable! This is a glitter topper that has all sorts of glitters in it. Big, small, hearts, stars, circles, gold, red, pink, and more! I layered this over black (OPI Who Are You Calling Bossy??). I did two coats of the glitter topper.


In this month’s package, I was also sent a sheet of space-themed nail decals. It has planets, aliens, and rocket ships on it. To be honest, I probably won’t use them, but it’s a cute idea and goes with the theme of this month.


I don’t normally like glitter toppers all that much, but this one is going to have to be an exception because it’s just so darn cool. There is so much going on that there is something for everyone to look at!

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