Adventures in Stamping Challenge: Two Techniques

This week’s Adventures in Stamping Challenge is to combine another technique with stamping. I decided to do gradient nail art plus stamping nail art since I’ve only done a gradient once before. I picked Nailtini Blushing Lady as my light pink and FNUG Front Page as the hot pink. I started with two layers of Blushing Lady and then sponged on Front Page. After it dried, I used Konad Special Black along with Vivid Lacquer Plate VL004 to stamp a bow and dots design on top. The stamping is too smudgy and crooked for my preference. I actually wish the design of this stamp was inverted so it didn’t need as much polish or precision. :( Oh well!





In other news, I’m super excited: The Japanese Cherry Blossom tree my husband bought me as a gift last year has its first-ever blossom!! I’m so excited! I love the gorgeous pink blossoms these trees produce in the spring and I am beyond thrilled that mine is starting to bloom! Happy day!


Llarowe Mystery Grab Bags

Llarowe Mystery Grab Bags are available once in a while on When I saw they were in stock, I decided to snag two! It is three polishes for $20 which is a great deal!

I don’t know which three would have come together as all six were just in the box together.

From left to right:
Nail’d It Disco Dragon Fly By
Lilypad Lacquer Steeling Blue
FNUG Front Page
Girly Bits Emerald City Lights
LA CC 1945
Colors by Llarowe Oops!

Llarowe Mystery Grab Bag

Llarowe Mystery Grab Bag

Llarowe Mystery Grab Bag

Want another flood of pics? Check out the swatches! The only one missing is CbL Oops because that was swatched here.

Nail’d It Disco Dragon Fly By: Lilac purple. Good application. This is two coats.

Nail'd It Disco Dragon Fly By Swatch

Lilypad Lacquer Steeling Blue: Gorgeous holo blue. This is two coats.

Lilypad Lacquer Steeling Blue Swatch

FNUG Front Page: A hot pink crelly. This is two coats.

FNUG Front Page Swatch

Girly Bits Emerald City Lights: An emerald jelly with tiny shimmers. This is two coats.

Girly Bits Emerald City Lights

LA CC 1945: Classic creamy red. This is one amazing coat. This formula was extremely impressive! I will need more of this brand!!

LA CC 1945

LA CC 1945