FingerPaints Swatches – A Couple of Blues

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Today I have a couple of blue Fingerpaints swatches for you! I picked these up in March during Sally Beauty’s buy one get one free sale.

Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter is an almost-Tiffany blue creme. This formula went on quite smoothly. I really like this blue and I think it would be flattering on a ton of skintones.



Finger Paints Laugh My Art Off is a blue microshimmer in a blue jelly base. I did two coats for these swatches. In real life, two coats was plenty but for stationary and up-close swatches, I should have gone with three. This one is super gorgeous and super sparkly.



FingerPaints Pink Pigment Roses Nail Art

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I picked up FingerPaints Pink Pigment at Sally Beauty during their March weekend BOGO Free sale. Woohoo! Free polish! I needed three coats of Pink Pigment as it is a pretty sheer polish. I then used Mundo de Unas Black and a roses design on Pueen Plate 80 to create this roses nail art design.


There is something about this one that I just don’t like very much. I’m not sure what it is. The execution of the stamping is ok and pink and black usually look great together. But there is just something off about this one, in my opion.


Here is a plain swatch of Pink Pigment. You can see how sheer it is – even with three coats.



Glitter Topper Mani

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Ever get tired of fancy designs and just want some good, old-fashioned glitter? Well that’s how I feel today!! This is three coats of China Glaze Pinking Out the Window from the 2015 Road Trip collection. Then, I topped it with FingerPaints Peacock Portrait which is a gorgeous blue glitter topper.

I think this glitter topper from FingerPaints is pretty darn fun.



While I like the color of Pinking out the Window, the formula was a little atrocious. I needed three coats (for a creme!!!) and it was still pretty splotchy. (Which is an extra great reason to put on a glitter topper!)



French Tips

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I have really been in the mood for a classic french tips mani lately, so I decided to do one, by golly! After all…I’m an adult and can do what I want, right?! I started with two coats of FingerPaints Natural Talent which is a lovely, sheer nude. Then, I taped off the tips and added FingerPaints Well-Cultured Pearl on the tips. For a touch of extra flair, I did one coat of Essence Let Stars Rain Down on Me which is a shimmer topper (and a topper that is really hard to see in photos…). Finally, I added some flower decals – but unfortunately,  don’t remember where I got them!



Here is a plain swatch of Natural Talent. I did use three coats for this mani. I don’t like it very much on its own, but as art I think it works well!


Finger Paints Endless Wear Swatches

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For the month of February, Sally Beauty had all Finger Paints as buy one get one free! So obviously I had to pick up some more of the Finger Paints Endless Wear collection. I did a review and a wear test of the new formula here. I’ve seen people asking around the internet how to apply Finger Paints Endless Wear polish and the answer is – like any regular polish. It doesn’t need anything special and it removes like regular polish, too! :)

This is Finger Paints I Louvre You which is a light, shimmery pink. I used three coats because at two, I still had a visible nail line. VNL’s are just as bad as visible panty lines. We all know you have on underwear. You didn’t need to prove it. I guess that’s why thongs were invented. Too bad there’s not a fingernail version of a thong. Or maybe there is? Perhaps a tinted base coat or something? Oh. Sorry. You came here to look at pretty things and here I am talking about underwear. Well…let’s get on to the nails!



Second, we have FingerPaints Abstract Amethyst. This is a creamy purple with some ninja shimmer in it….meaning that I didn’t notice the shimmer in the bottle, but I did when I applied it on my nails! This one is pretty thick and was hard to work with.



 The following two polishes are not from the Endless Wear collection, but they asked nicely if they could be in this post so I let them. This one is FingerPaints You Can Crayon My Shoulder which is a red jelly full of red glitters. I think this is absolutely gorgeous! This formula was easy to work with and I only needed two coats.



This guy is FingerPaints Art You Wondering? which is a clear jelly base with teal microglitters. I needed three generous coats on this one to get full coverage but since it’s in a clear base, you could also use this as a glitter topper over a variety of colors.



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Finger Paints Endless Wear Review

{Purchased By Me}

I had been seeing Facebook promos from Finger Paints for their new Endless Wear formula these last few weeks and then when I went in to Sally Beauty to celebrate the weekend (per my usual weekly tradition), I saw the Finger Paints Endless Wear display! I decided to get one as a duty to my dear blog readers so you can know what my opinion of this new formula is! The color selection was limited and they was mostly cream finishes with a shimmer here or there. I didn’t officially count, but I think there were about 10-15 colors to choose from. There is also an Endless Wear top coat so I purchased that as well so my review would be as real as possible for the formula.

I picked Finger Paints Be Still My Beatnik He-Art as my color since I love teal polish. There are a lot of pinks and reds in their color selection but I was trying to mix it up a little.


The formula is definitely thicker than standard polish formulas. On the first coat, I did get some dragging and bald spots which made me a little nervous. However, those easily went away on the second coat. This self-leveled quite well and despite my experience with the first coat, I really like this formula.


The top coat seemed to dry relatively quickly. I watched an episode of Friends and then I was able to stamp on top of this for another post I’m working on. I did these nails on a Friday night and decided to forgo doing my nails Saturday afternoon like I usually would. I really wanted to see if this would chip after a day or two of wear. Saturday was a very busy and hard-on-my-nails day. I taught two dog training classes (puppy teeth are killer on polish and nails!!!), cleaned the house, and had guests with their baby over. That’s a lot of hand use! On Sunday, we did our grocery shopping and we walked the dogs before I could change my mani. So let’s see how this held up.


I have a bit of tip wear, especially on the middle two nails. This tip wear is approximately the same as any other polish I would wear for a few days. I think it held up well, but “endless” is probably a bit of an exaggeration. This teal stained my nails a little bit, but I am highly prone to stains from blue polishes. If you’re prone to stains also, then you’ll want to double up your basecoat for this one.


All in all, I liked this polish. I will probably buy more of this line if there are promos at Sally Beauty.

Born Pretty Store Review: Plate BP-L-005

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I was sent Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 to show you some of the designs and to review for you! You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates. I picked this plate because I can see myself using pretty much every image on it!!

Wave & Texture Patterns Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY L005 12.5 x 6.5cmFor this mani, I started with two coats of Finger Paints Be Still My Beatnik He-Art and used Mundo de Unas Red Wine to stamp.



As usual, I thought the plate was etched quite well and I had no trouble picking up the image. Surprisingly, these images are a little small for my nails. I seriously never thought I would say that! So I had to be extra careful to make sure that I placed it well. You can see on my pointer finger that I was just a tad off. The image length was exactly the length of my nails! I didn’t do it for this mani, but french tips that match the stamping color can cover up errors like this and look really cool at the same time.



Thanks again to BPS for sending me this to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


Striping Tape Nail Art

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For this mani, I started with two coats of FingerPaints What a Night from their Bright Lights Big City collection. Then, I used striping tape and painted Sally Hansen Vinyl on top. Vinyl is from the new Patent Gloss collection.


I think it’s important to note that I did not do a final topcoat for this. That is how crazy glossy the Sally Hansen Patent Gloss collection is! I love the creamy black paired with the shimmery duochrome polish. I think it makes the design really pop.


I’m so glad it’s Friday!! This week has been craaaaaaazy and the weekend is a welcome respite. I can’t wait to relax with my darling and wonderful husband and snuggle in the soft fur of my doggies!

Striping Tape Nail Art French Tips

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A little while ago, I swatched the FingerPaints Bright Lights Big City collection for you. The FingerPaints Paint the Town Purple was my least favorite….until I made this mani! Then I really loved it. I used silver striping tape and Sally Hansen Vinyl which is from the Patent Gloss collection.


There is just something about this that I really like. It’s very much my aesthetic – well, at least when I’m not doing stamping!! The problem with Paint the Town Purple was that visible nail line, even after two generous coats. That was quickly solved with black french tips! I used silver striping tape to give it that added extra edge


Born Pretty Store Plate 20 Review

{Press Sample}

I was sent Born Pretty Store Plate 20 to show you some of the designs and to review for you! I picked this plate because I was drawn to the beautiful flower designs. You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates

Mixed Flower Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY 20

This first mani starts with the mixed flowers design. The base color is FingerPaints Wild Bikini and the stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Velvet. I had some smudging but I think that was in my application because the design was clear on the stamper. I got quite a few compliments on it when I wore this to work! Two-tone manicures seem to be pretty popular.



This mani starts with two coats of Glisten&Glow Boylston Street and the stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Red Wine.


This mani starts with two coats of Glisten&Glow Rebecca vs Diane and the stamping polish is Konad Black. This was another one that got a ton of compliments! The almost stained-glass like flower design was really popular.




I have very pleased with this stamping plate! The images transferred well and there is a nice variety of floral designs to pick from! It does take a long time for shipping  from the BPS but keep in mind that they are shipping from China and international shipping always takes a long time. For the price of these plates, I feel like we’re really getting a good deal.



Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


Finger Paints Bright Lights Big City Swatches

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I was at Sally Beauty the other day and saw a new Finger Paints collection! This is Finger Paints Big City Big Lights and it’s full of some pretty fun colors! I bought four of the six. The two I didn’t buy were glitter toppers.


Finger Paints What a Night

What a Night is a beautiful gold/purple duochrome. This is two coats. The shift is quite beautiful. I wish the gold shift leaned a little less on the green side, but I still think this is a very pretty color.


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Golden Gradient Nail Art

Today’s post is pretty pic-heavy! So in order to whet your whistle for the end, here’s the finished product. :)



Ok, so now what I used! :) For this gradient nail art, I started with two coats of Finger Paints Masked Beauty which is from their new Masquerade Affair collection. Then, I sponged on Finger Paints Dance Til Dawn which is a purple from the same collection.



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Dragon Scales Nail Art

Today’s nail art reminds me of dragon scales. I started with two coats of Finger Paints Ball Gown Glamour which is from their Masquerade Affair collection. The polish itself reminded me of dragon scales in a romantic fantasy fiction kind of way. So when I saw this design on my new Cici&Sisi stamping plates, I just knew I had to officially do some dragon scales nail art! I used Konad Special Black to stamp.





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Bow Nail Art

For today’s bow nail art, I started with two coats of Finger Paints Queen for a Night which is from their Masquerade Affair Collection. I used a Silver Bundle Monster stamping polish to stamp a design from a Cici&Sisi Plate. I’m still working on getting design perfectly straight. At least they’re not at 45 degree angles anymore! Haha! Now they’re just off about 10 degrees so I’m almost there!




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Finger Paints Masquerade Affair

I had my Sally Beauty birthday coupon in hand when I saw the Finger Paints Masquerade Affair display. I had to get all four to see if they redeemed themselves after the Enchanted Mermaid debacle. Spoiler Alert: THEY TOTALLY DID. I am in love with this collection. It’s unique, interesting, beautiful, no weirdo textures, and has a great formula! Hooray Finger Paints!!!!!


Finger Paints Queen for a Night

Queen for a Night is an amazing blurple. I thought it was blue in the bottle, but there is a ton of purple coming through. It also has a duo-chrome element to it as there is also green that shows itself in some light. Masquerade, indeed. There are also some shimmery elements that are somewhere between a shimmer and a flakie. Big shimmers? I’m not sure what to call them. I know!! SHLAKIES!!! (Shlakies: A word I just made up. Used describe  something between a shimmer and a flakie). Either way, they are amazing and wonderful and I want to keep this nail polish on my fingers forever.



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FingerPaints Enchanted Mermaid Collection (The Weirdest Stuff Ever)

The following post is not a joke…

I was at Sally’s this past weekend and I saw that FingerPaints were buy 2 get 1 free. I also saw they had a new collection out. The FingerPaints Enchanted Mermaid Collection. Who doesn’t want to look more like a mermaid? So obviously I grab all four (plus two random ones! Go bogo, go!)

Well here’s the summary of what happened.


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Ulta Haul Swatches!

Here are even more swatches from my shopping spree a few weeks ago. Have I ever told you that I love shopping sprees??? Is there anything better than a ton of new polish? Well, probably lots of things, but polish is up there!


Essie Beach Bum Blu is a light metallic blue. It’s a little streaky, but most metallics are. I think the color is gorgeous and perfect for summer!







Orly Neon Heat is from the Baked collection. You can see two of my other swatches from that collection here. I think the collection is gorgeous and I’m glad I picked this up at Sally’s.









Orly Tropical Pop is the other one I picked up from Sally’s from the Baked collection. They were buy one get one free, so how could I not? I wouldn’t normally get this color, but it was free and is unique to my collection so I grabbed it.







Finger Paints Surf’s Up! is a crazy beautiful blue. I think it looks like a gorgeous body of water with the sun shining on it. I can’t wait to do nail art with this.












Finger Paints Be My Baby is an amazing red shimmer. These two are actually my first Finger Paints and I’m quite impressed. I think the blue and the red look gorgeous together so I’ll be doing some nail art with both of them soon.






Superhero Mani!

Why is it that all superhero costumes are red and/or blue? Well…most I guess. There’s a lot that don’t use that combo! But most do! So when I saw my two Fingerpaint polishes side by side, it reminded me of a super hero costume. Therefore, I of course had to do a mani with them! I started with Sally Hansen Golden-I and then used a lighting bolt decal to tape it off. I painted Finger Paints Surf’s Up on the top half and Finger Paints Be My Baby on the bottom half. Hope you like it!