40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Green Waterfall

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Today’s nail art is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is ‘green’ and my assigned nail art style is waterfall. In hindsight, we probably should have scheduled the green prompt for earlier in the month so you could get some St. Patty’s Day inspiration ideas. Oops! Maybe next year!


To top it off…the prompt is actually “Three shades of Green”. I used four. #cheater

The polishes I used were Dollish Polish Toss My Salad, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, Sally Hansen I-rush Luck, and Sally Hansen Seasational.

green-nail-art-ideas green-waterfall-nail-art waterfall-nail-art green-nail-art

I learned quickly that when one uses green colors to make a waterfall mani, it actually looks like a grass mani. ;)

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Blue Flowers Nail Art

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Today’s nail art is a two-tone blue flowers nail art. I started with Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside from her Doctor Who polish collection. I used the Pueen Lace Blossom Stamping Plate. My stamping polish was Mundo de Unas Pastel Blue.



Beauty Quartet Box October 2015

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Today I have the October 2015 Beauty Quartet box to show you! This is an anniversary for them (I can’t remember which. I think two years) so they decided to double the amount of polish in the box! Eight indie polishes!! I have a few favorites and a few a could live without. Let’s take a look1

This is Dollish Polish Welcome Foolish Mortals. I did three coats of this one since the black jelly was so sheer. However, that made the glitter way too overpowering and lumpy. I normally love Dollish Polish but I doubt I’ll reach for this one again. It’s not for me.



Girly Bits Abracapocus is a gorgeous polish and I really like this one. However, it reminds me more of Christmas  than it does of Halloween.



Smokey Mountain Lacquer Reborn. I like the color of this one but I love how she didn’t do a glitter. This is a great purple jelly and could be worn all year round.



Gothic Gala Lacquer Sanguine Nocte is a lovely color. However, I can’t stand this new bottle. The handle is awkward when holding and makes it too tall to fit in my drawers. The brush is short and stubby, making it very hard to get a nice cuticle line. I hope she goes back to her old bottle.



Love, Angeline Boo! is a shimmery dark green. I have two Love, Angeline polishes and they are both green and both from a beauty quartet box. :)



My Indie Polish Blue Moon is my least  favorite of the box. I did three coats and you can still see prominent visible nail line. Also, the label on the bottle is hand-written and like one of those circle stickers you’d use for a garage sale. If the polish was amazing, I’d let that slide, but unfortunately, it’s not.



Rica Vampire Sangria is a gorgeous red wine shimmer. This is one of my favorites of the box.



Philly Loves Lacquer Burning Rain of Death is a black polish with multi-colored glitters. I really enjoyed this one but this one reminds me of Christmas, too!



What do you think of my likes and dislikes? Do you agree?

June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box

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My June 2015 Beauty Quartet Box arrived! This is the third or fourth one I’ve received and it’s the best one so far! The theme is Grease as in the super awesome musical movie!



Dollish Polish Beauty School Dropout is a white crelly with pink glitters. I did three coats for this swatch. This one really reminds me of that scene where Frenchy sings “Beauty School Dropout”. Dollish Polish did a great job capturing the essence of that song!



Gothic Gala Lacquers Wop Bam Boom is a full coverage microglitter. This is two coats. It’s so sparkly! This is my first experience with Gothic Gala Lacquers and I have to admit that I’m impressed!



Philly Loves Lacquer Summer Lovin’ is a light pink holo. I really love this one! It might be my favorite from the box. This is two coats shown with flash so you can see the holo-ness.



Philly Loves Lacquer also contributed Had Me a Blast which is a super fun glitter topper. It has pink, black, white, and more! There is also a variety of shapes to keep the eye intrigued! If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen a video of this combo in the sun! Shining away! And there’s even a cameo of my dog, Bandit. :)



Smokey Mountain Lacquers Better Shap Up is a frosty red. This shade is a tad Christmas-y for a summer box but I don’t really mind since I love red polish so much!



Smokey Mountain Lacquers also contributed their holo top coat. It transforms any polish into a linear holo! I show it here over Better Shape Up.



Dollish Polish The Angels Have the Phonebox

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Earlier, I showed you Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside, so you should have assumed that I also purchased Dollish Polish The Angels Have the Phonebox. TAHTP is a lighter blue than IBOTI. TAHTP is a scattered holo. I actually got honked at because of this polish. I was staring at its beauty in the sun and didn’t realize the light had turned green! Oopsies! I was mesmerized!


You can start to see the holo-goodness in this photo, but you really need to see this baby in real life. Just go ahead and buy it. Everyone needs a good blue holo named after Doctor Who!


Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside

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When I discovered that Dollish Polish had a polish called It’s Bigger on the Inside, I had to buy it, of course! This mani is two coats of It’s Bigger and then I used Mundo de Unas Fuchsia and a design from Pueen Plate 84.



Here is a plain swatch of Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside. It looks just like a starry night sky which is totally perfect for a polish inspired by the TARDIS!! I’m rewatching all the revamp episodes of Doctor Who now. Matt Smith drives me bonkers. I pine for David Tennant! At least I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He’s quite a bit more sophisticated than Smith.



One Polish, Three Ways: Dollish Polish Seduce Me

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I’m going to test out a new type of post – showing you one polish, multiple different ways. Please let me know what you think in the comments! Today’s guinea pig is Dollish Polish Seduce Me. I got Seduce Me in the limited edition Dollish Polish Valentine’s Day Box.

First, we have Seduce Me with a glossy topcoat. This is how the polish is ‘meant’ to be worn.


It’s a lovely hot pink crelly with pink and blue shimmers.  This quickly became one of my favorite pinks in my collection.


Then, I put a matte topcoat on this girl and she took on a whole new life! I can’t decide if I like it better glossy or matte because I seriously love it both ways!



Lastly, Here is Seduce Me as a base for some nail art! This stamping polish was Mundo de Unas Lilac and the design is from Pueen Plate 82.



What did you think of this post? Did you like seeing a single polish a variety of different ways? If you liked it, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do more like this!

Dollish Polish Valentine’s Day Box

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I’m all about boxes of stuff! When I saw that Dollish Polish was putting out a Valentine’s Day box, I just had to jump on that bandwagon. The box comes with 4 full-sized products – Sugar Scrub, Hand Cream, Cuticle Balm, and Nail polish. I chose the scent “Leather and Lace” but it is also available in “Red Hot Cinnamon” and “Red Velvet Cake”.


This is a 9oz bottle of hand cream – quite a generous amount!


Dollish Polish Seduce Me is the Valentine’s Day polish. It’s a gorgeous red-maroon with stunning shimmer.


This is two coats. I’m always impressed with the Dollish Polish formula. It makes it so easy to get a clean application!



Sugar Scrub in quite a large jar!


Cuticle Balm – this is creamy and feels very good going on.


I really wanted to get the cinnamon scent but I thought that I should break out of my comfort zone and get a scent I wouldn’t normally try. So I ended up with Leather and Lace. I’m really sorry to report that I can’t stand the smell. It’s really not for me and I should have gone with cinnamon like I originally wanted. (Damn you comfort-zone and your comfortableness!) To me, it smells like really strong bathroom cleaner. That is not really a smell that I want to walk around with. Although, then it might fool people into thinking I actually clean my bathroom!

Please don’t get me wrong, these products are high quality and I will absolutely be purchasing from Dollish Polish again. But I won’t be adventurous in my scent selection!

Woot Woot! Seahawks!!!!

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Get ready!!!!!! You’re going to have an influx of Seahawks nail art from now until (at least!) Sunday! Today’s Super Blue Friday nails start with a three coats of Dollish Polish Toss my Salad which is the perfect neon green for Seahawks nail art! Then, I used my handy striping tape, made a star design (that somewhat resembles the British flag….) and used OPI Wharf!Wharf!Wharf! on top. Wharf is a dark blue textured polish so I did not topcoat it after application.




Just in case you’re not a Seahawks fan, here is Dollish Polish Toss My Salad all on it’s own. Although, if you’re NOT a Hawks fan, I would be mighty surprised if you got this far down in my post! :)



St. Patrick’s Day Mani

This Sunday’s Adventures in Stamping challenge theme is St. Patrick’s Day of course!! For this mani, I used:
Dollish Polish Toss My Salad
Pistol Polish Knock ‘Em Dead
Konad Special White
Bundle Monster Plate BM03

I started with two coats of Toss My Salad then topped with HK Girl Top Coat. Then, I taped off the tips with scotch tape and painted Knock ‘Em Dead and then another layer of HK Girl. Finally, I stamped the shamrock images on as an accent and added one final coat of HK Girl.

Dollish Polish Toss My Salad

Pistol Polish Knock 'Em Dead

St. Patrick’s Day is extra special in my heart because it’s also my dog’s birthday. He is going to be 5 years old. This is Kirby when he was 8 weeks old. (Eat your heart out, internet!!)

Stamping Konad Bundle Monster BM03

St. Patrick's Day Mani

And this is my giant lovable puppy now, 5 years later.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great St. Patrick’s Day!

Leave a comment below! I love hearing what you think! And don’t forget to wish happy birthday to Kirby! I read him all your comments so he’ll know if you forget about him. ;)