Dermelect Spring Collection Selections and Nail Art

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Dermelect sent me two of their polishes from their spring collection. Dermelect is a peptide infused, anti-aging nail polish. Both of these colors were opaque in two coats. Keep scrolling to see the nail art I did with the two of them together!

Dermelect Coat D’Amour is a gorgeous pink creme.

dermelect-coat-d'amour dermelect-coat-d'amour-swatch

Dermelect Mani-Festo is a dusty teal.dermelect-mani-festo dermelect-mani-festo-swatch

And here’s a little nail art I did with the two of them together. I used striping tape (which you can find wicked cheap on Amazon) to do this look. Make sure your base color is completely dry before attempting any striping tape nail art. :) dermelect-nail-art striping-tape-nail-art

Dermelect Fall Colors

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Dermelect sent me to polishes from their fall collection to show you. I’m still recovering from my really bad nail break, so my nails aren’t looking quite as nice as they used to. I still don’t even have a free edge on two of them. (Insert sad violin music here.)

Dermelect Magmatized is a deep creamy red.

dermelect-magmatized dermelect-magmatized-swatch

Dermelect What a Gem is a very light, shimmery polish. This one is just not a good look for me. It looked very pink in the press photos and in the bottle, but it’s a lot more yellow once it’s on my nails. I needed three coats for this one since it’s so light and sheer.

dermelect-what-a-gem-swatch dermelect-what-a-gem

I decided to do a little nail art with these two polishes. I went for a dotticure, using What a Gem as the dots. I actually like this look because I think the red cuts out some of the yellow from What a Gem.dermelect-dotticure

As usual, the formula for these polishes was awesome. It’s very easy to apply and is quite smooth.

Born Pretty Store Chevron Striping Tape

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Born Pretty Store sent me this chevron striping tape to review for you. I picked the black roll of tape, but it comes in lots of fun colors! You can use this chevron striping tape as a stencil (which is what I did) or you can lay it on the nail, clip off the excess, and leave it there!

1pc Chevron Nail Striping Tape Colorful Nail Art Tape Line Stickers Lines

For this nail art, I used Dermelect Frenzy and Dermelect Unscripted. Both of which are from their Spring collection. The color selection made my nails look a bit like Easter eggs. Since it’s almost Spring, I figured it was still an entirely appropriate mani to share with you!

born-pretty-store-chevron-stencils chevron-nail-art

Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at


Preciosa Nail Crystals Review

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Preciosa sent me some of the nail crystals and pearls to review for you. Preciosa is a Czech brand that uses lead-free components. They come in a wide variety of shapes and colors.

To show off this lovely pearls, I started with two coats of Dermelect Unscripted. I used Mundo de Unas White to stamp this design from It Girl Fashion Plate IG108.

preciosa-nail-art preciosa-nail-pearls

I’ll have more posts coming up with more Preciosa nail crystals so be sure to stay tuned!

Dermelect Spring 2016 Collection (My Picks)

{Press Sample}

Dermelect sent me two polishes from their Spring 2016 collection to show you. I picked these two polishes from the collection of four because they really stood out to me.

First, Dermelect Frenzy is the one that caught my eye first. This is a rich metallic blue that is simply stunning. I needed three coats for full opacity on this one. I loved wearing it because it is such a cheerful and rich color. I have no staining to report with this gorgeous blue, which certainly is important!

dermelect-frenzy-swatch dermelect-frenzy

Dermelect Unscripted is a lovely lilac. This is your standard creme polish and it was opaque in two coats. (Actually, it was almost in opaque in one so if you wanted to, you could get away with just the one coat.)

dermelect-unscripted-swatch dermelect-unscripted

These two polishes are bright and cheerful, making them just perfect for Spring! I love Frenzy the most because I don’t have anything else like it in my collection. At least not that I can remember. :P

A Polish 4-Way with Mango Bunny Polish Nope Still Winter


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Today I’m going to have a polish 4-way. Get your mind out of the gutter. I obviously mean that I’m going to take one polish and show you four different ways to use it! Today, the chosen polish is Mango Bunny Polish Nope, Still Winter which is from the Limited Edition January 2016 duo. (The other half of the duo is a crelly with the same glitter mix called Spring, Is that You?) Nope, Still Winter was given to me as a press sample from the lovely Ed, co-owner of Mango Bunny Polish.

The first look that popped into my mind when I saw the purple microglitter was that it would look just spiffing over hot pink. I selected Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power which is my go-to hot pink. I’ve used half the bottle already so I think it’s time I got a backup!! This is two coats of Fuchsia Power topped with one coat of Nope, Still Winter.



At Ed’s suggestion, I’m going to try and do more macros. The only reason I haven’t done them consistently before is because I’m lazy. How’s that for some real talk? LOL.


The next design that popped into my head was glitter tips. I love glitter tips and they are a perfect step into nail art because they’re super easy to do, but look really fun. I put a blob of Nope, Still Winter on a clean makeup sponge and then dabbed it on the tips. The base polish is Dermelect Lazy Daze (which was originally sent to me as a press sample).



Woah! Two macros in one post! It’s almost like I tried or something. ;)glitter-tips-macro

The third idea that came to mind was to layer Nope, Still Winter over black. I love putting microglitters on black. Just take a look and you’ll see why. I used Zoya Willa (which was originally sent to me as a press sample). This time, I did two coats of Nope, Still Winter because I really wanted this to be super glittery.



Ok, so now I kinda see Ed’s point about Macros. I’m super in love with this picture if I don’t say so myself.


The last design I had to do with this polish was to put some stamping on top of the layering from the previous look. I love layering microglitters on black, but I even more love stamping on top of them!! I used Konad Black, a design from Cici & Sisi Plate 29, and my Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper to create this final look.




What did you think of this polish 4-way? Was this a useful post for you? I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I am experimenting with not posting new stuff on the weekends. I’ll still be on social media, there just won’t be a new post on the blog. I hope that by reducing the number of posts I do, I can increase the quality of the posts that get published. Please give me your feedback about what you think of this new strategy and this new post type. You know I always love to hear from you!

Dermelect Winter Collection – The “Me” Collection

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Today I have the Dermelect Winter Collection to show you! This is a set of four shades that are just perfect for winter and the holiday season!

Pictured from left to right:

  • Hold ‘ME’ – Sparkled Midnight Noir
  • Thrill ‘ME’ – Frosted Evergreen
  • Kiss ‘ME’ – Velvet Crimson
  • Sleigh ‘ME’ – Arctic Shimmer


Dermelect let me pick two of the polishes to swatch for you. First, I picked Kiss ‘ME’ which is a deep metallicy red.



The second one I picked was Thrill ‘ME’ which is a metallic evergreen color.



Both of these formulas were on the thinner side, but that is pretty standard for metallic polishes. They were fully opaque in the standard two coats. I think these colors are gorgeous and simply perfect for the holiday season. You can find Dermelect polish at

What do you think of this holiday collection?

Dermelect Inner Wild Fall 2015 Nail Collection

{Press Sample}

Today I have two parts of the Dermelect Inner Wild Fall 2015 Nail Collection to show you! This is a collection of four polishes and I was offered two of them to select for review. The Inner Wild polish colors are described as putting a modern twist on urban camo. They are 3-FREE.


I selected Army of One and Commando.


Dermelect Army of One is a medium green creme.



Dermelect Commando is a mauve cream with just the slightest hint of a metallic finish.



For this nail art, I taped off the tips and painted Army of One. Then, I used my dotting tool to line the tips with dots.



Dermelect polishes have a very creamy formula. I always enjoy using their polish because it goes on so smoothly. All swatches above are two thin coats.

Yellow Skittle Nail Art

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A lot of different supplies went into making today’s yellow skittle nail art! I don’t usually wear yellow, but there is something about Dermelect Lazy Daze that I just love! In addition to Lazy Daze, I used Dermelect Fant-a-Sea, Mango Bunny Polish Yay, Mundo de Unas Mint, Polished Vino nail vinyls, and a Pueen Stamp. The MBP and Dermelect polishes were press samples and the other supplies were purchased by me.

Yellow Skittle Nail Art




Orange and Purple Stamping

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Dermelect Fant-a-Sea which was originally sent to me as a press sample. I used a design from the Red Cici&Sisi collection and Mundo de Unas Tutti to create this design.



Dermelect Swatches and Review

{Press Sample}

Dermelect sent me some selections from their new collection to show you!! I have heard of this brand before, but I’ve never tried it. I was extra thrilled when I saw they sent me more from their line than just polish!


They sent me four polishes, Memento Top Coat, and Revital-Oil. The packaging on all the products feels high-end. I would consider this a luxury polish just based on the packaging!


This is Dermelect Fant-a-Sea which is a light orange with shimmer. The formula dragged a little on the second coat, but with a light hand I was able to get even application.



Dermelect Lazy Daze was a shocking winner of this collection. I rarely, if ever, like yellow polishes, but this one is so buttery and creamy looking, I can’t help but like it!  Plus, something about it seems to make my nails look extra long! I have a feeling I’ll be pulling this one off the shelf many times!!



Revital-Oil is a nail and cuticle treatment. It is keratin peptide infused, contains shea butter, jojoba seed oil, coffee bean extract, and citrus oils. It isn’t too greasy and smells like citrus. You need to give it a good shake before application as the oils naturally separate. In my photo above, it might even look like the bottle is half empty (or half full…) but really it’s the lighter oil sitting on top of the heavier one. It’s an optical illusion!! :) I’ve been using this oil a lot in the last week or so and I love how quickly it soaks in. If I need to do some cleanup with acetone before taking pictures, I just dab a bit of this on (the brush applicator makes that easy) and my nails are photo-ready. I will 100% for-sure be replacing this bottle once I’ve used it all up.


Dermelect Memento Top Coat helps polish wear up to one week, has high shine, and works with any nail color. I can also attest that it does not smear stamping. Hooray! It dried quite quickly and I can say I would recommend this topcoat.


Dermelect Dune My Thing is a dusky lavender. I like how it’s a spring-like color without being uber-pastel. This formula was quite nice and I enjoyed painting with it.



Dermelect A Shore Thing is a light pink jelly. This would be the perfect pink for a french mani. This is also a fabulous ‘no-polish’ kind of look.



After having experienced Dermelect, I can confidently say my Dermelect collection will be growing. The formula is lovely and I am in love with that oil.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Dermelect Swatches! I know I enjoyed doing them for you! Thanks again to Dermelect for sending these my way.