Flower Accent over Giles the Ripper

For this mani, I first did two coats of Daily Lacquer Giles the Ripper from the new Slayer Collection. This is a freakin’ beautiful purple!

I wanted to add a little pizzazz so I did an accent nail with flowers using my dotting tool. For the center of the flower, I used Julep Sally. For the petals, I used OPI I’ve Got a Date To-Knight.
I hope you like it!

Here’s Daily Lacquer Giles the Ripper alone.

And here are pics of the accent nail! :)

Stars on the Hellmouth

I put on Daily Lacquer Welcome to the Hellmouth from the Slayer Collection today and I couldn’t help but be reminded of a stormy night sky! So, I decided to stamp stars on it! I used BM14 for the stars design. I used Orly Dazzle to stamp.

Here is a plain swatch of Welcome to the Hellmouth:

Hellmouth has a lot more purple in it than my camera was willing to pickup!

Here are more pics with the stamped stars. The irony is that my camera couldn’t see the stars in direct sunlight! LOL. So that’s why the pics are in shadows. :)

Daily Lacquer Not So Angel

Here is another one from the Daily Lacquer Slayer Collection. This one is called Not So Angel and represents the character Angel, of course! It’s an off white with blue shimmers in it. I think this one would be fantastic for some winter nail art. It reminded me of snow! (Which of course is what happened on Buffy and Angel’s first Christmas together in season 2. :) )

Daily Lacquer Don’t Spike Me

Here is an amazing little polish from the Daily Lacquer Slayer Collection. This one is  called Don’t Spike Me and is, of course, based off the character named Spike!

This polish is gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at my nails! It’s a great icy blue with little shimmers that shift from green to purple in different lights. Even my husband admitted this polish looked cool!

Daily Lacquer the Slayer Collection

I recently discovered that Daily Lacquer came out with a Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed collection. Of course I had to get it seeing as it’s pretty much my favorite show of all time. I was only able to get 5 of the 6 polishes in my first order but I have the 6th coming! Hooray!

From left to right: Don’t Spike Me, Wicca Willow, Not So Angel, Welcome to the Hellmouth, Slayer Comma The.
Not Pictured: Giles the Ripper (which is Purple)

Close up with flash: Don’t Spike Me and Wicca Willow

Close up without flash:Don’t Spike Me and Wicca Willow

Close up with flash: Not so Angel and Welcome to the Hellmouth

Close up without flash: Not so Angel and Welcome to the Hellmouth

Close up with flash: Slayer Comma The

Close up without flash: Slayer Comma The

I am thrilled with this collection and I think it speaks to the characters and concepts from the show. The best part is, I was rewatching all the seasons on Netflix (started before I knew this collection existed) and the day I watched the season finale, this collection came in the mail! Perfect!