40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Three Shades of Purple Nail Art

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Today’s purple nail art is for the Crumpet’s Nail Art challenge. This week’s prompt is 3 Shades of Purple. My assigned nail art technique is tie-dye. I used three cream China Glaze polishes for this. All three had been sent to me as a press sample at some point in the past. The colors used are: In a Lily Bit (light purple), Lotus Begin (medium purple), and Mix and Mingle (dark purple.) I used a dotting tool to dot on the swirls, one color at a time.




I think this style looks pretty cool, but it would look even better with contrasting colors. Thanks for stopping by today! Leave a comment about what you thought about today’s challenge!

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Pink and Lime Skittle Nail Art

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Today’s nail art started with my swatch of Dior Front Row which I did for this post. I thought that lime would look really nice with the hot pink so I decided to do a bit of skittle nail art over the pink base. The stamped design is from It Girl Fashion Plates IG105 and I used Mundo de Unas Lime as my stamping polish. I’m going to try really hard to break out of my stamping comfort zone which is why I decided to go with a skittle look instead of stamping on all my nails. I found China Glaze S’More Fun (originally sent to me as a press sample) which is nearly identical in color to MdU Lime. (One of the many bonuses of having a huge collection! I can usually find something that matches.)

I used striping tape on my pointer finger to create the Front Row and S’More Fun stripes.




Blue and Red Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Don’t get Elfed Up from the Cheers! collection. (This one was originally sent to me as a press sample.) Then, I used Mundo de Unas Red and a design from Bundle Monster Plate BM-XL208.



Purple Faux Brushstroke Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Brand Sparkin’ New Year from the Cheers! collection (and was originally sent to me as a press sample). Then, I used this fabulous brushstroke-looking design from Bundle Monster BM-XL208 and Mundo de Unas Lilac to create this look.



Lacey Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today’s mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Peppermint to Be (which was originally sent to me as a press sample). The stamped polish was Mundo de Unas White and the stamping plate was Bundle Monster BM-XL208.



Purple and Blue Nail Art

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Better Not Pout which is from the new Cheers! holiday collection (and was originally sent to me as a press sample). I used Konad Light Blue and a design from Bundle Monster Plate BM-XL-208 to create this look.



Tear Drop Nail Art

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Today’s nail art starts with two coats of China Glaze Son of a Nutcracker (which is from the new holiday Cheers! collection and was sent to me as a press sample). Once dry, I used Konad Black and Bundle Monster plate BM-XL208 to stamp this lacy teardrop design.


I let myself get a little rusty with my stamping! I couldn’t believe how crooked these turned out! I guess if you don’t do something for a while, the skill does atrophy! This was the first nail art I’d done in at least a week because I’d been feeling ill. I was still painting my nails, but didn’t have the energy for art. My swan dive back into nail art was a bit more of a belly flop! LOL! But at least I’m back in the pool, right??


China Glaze Holiday Cheers! Collection

{Press Sample}

Today I have the China Glaze Holiday Cheers! collection for you! China Glaze sent me this gorgeous collection to show you. This collection consists of two cremes, two glitter toppers, four shimmers, and four standalone glitters. Let’s take a look, shall we?

China Glaze Wine Down for What? is one of the two cremes. This is a lovely oxblood.



China Glaze Mix and Mingle is the second of the two cremes and is a gorgeous purple.



China Glaze Bring on the Bubbly is one of the glitter toppers. This is a gorgeous mixed size gold glitter. I did one coat of the glitter on top of Mix and Mingle.



China Glaze Break the Ice is a silver shard glitter topper. I freaking love this one! This is one coat over Wine Down for What?



China Glaze Son of a Nutcracker is an orangey-red shimmer



China Glaze Better Not Pout is a lovely purple shimmer.



China Glaze Peppermint to Be is a lovely red shimmer.



China Glaze Don’t Get Elfed Up is a dark teal shimmer and might be my favorite of the collection – both due to the name and its gorgeousness!



China Glaze Coal Hands, Warm Heart is a black jelly packed with blue and silver glitters. I did two coats for this swatch.



China Glaze I Soiree Didn’t Do It is a teal jelly with teal microglitters. It built up to full coverage in three coats.



China Glaze Brand Sparkin’ New Year is a purple jelly with purple and holo glitters. This is just two coats!



China Glaze Ugly Sweater Party is a pink jelly with pink and holo glitters. I did need three coats for this one.



What do you think of the China Glaze Cheers! Collection? Which ones will you be hunting down??

You’re Too Sweet!

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This nail art starts with one coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather and then one coat of China Glaze You’re Too Sweet. Once dry, I used Mundo de Unas Black and a design from Cici&Sisi.


It’s hard to see the design since everything is so dark. :)

Here is You’re Too Sweet without the design on top. It’s a super fun glitter topper!



Teal Fantasy Nail Art

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This mani starts with China Glaze Liquid Leather, then one coat of China Glaze Give Me the Green Light! which is a gorgeous teal micro glitter. Once dry, I used Mundo de Unas Fantasy and a design from Cici&Sisi‘s newest stamping set.



Here’s a swatch of Give Me the Green Light! Isn’t she lovely!!??


Drop a Dupe: China Glaze Cabin Fever vs Color Club Burnt Out

{Press Sample}{Purchased By Me}

This has been a popularly requested comparison – China Glaze Cabin Fever vs Color Club Burnt Out. They look super similar in different swatches so I was asked to do a side-by-side comparison. (China Glaze was a press sample while the Color Club was purchased)


Can you tell which is which?



The China Glaze has a slightly more pink shift while the Color Club has a bit more of a cranberry shift. They are pretty darn close, though! I don’t think they’re exact dupes but they are similar enough that you probably don’t need to buy them both. What do you think?


Gorgeous Silver Vine Nail Decals

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The Born Pretty Store sent me these gorgeous 3D Nail Art Stickers with Silver Lace Pattern to show you. This sheet comes with a variety of sizes including accent pieces and full nail design pieces.



Here’s the nail art that I really like! I did three coats of OPI Got a Date To-Knight. Once dry, I used China Glaze White on White for the tips. Once dry, I put the 3D nail art stickers on. You definitely want to wait until it’s dry….scroll down to see my nail fail for when I was too impatient!




Here’s where I tried putting the stickers on still slightly wet polish. It caused the sticker to wrinkle. It wasn’t super noticeable in real life, but it looks really stupid in this picture! (The lovely purple is Pretty Serious Cuddle Bunny)



If, for whatever reason, you’re in the mood to look at a plain french mani, here you go! Enjoy! :)




Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


China Glaze The Great Outdoors Collection


{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their Great Outdoors collection to show you! This collection has a variety of shimmers, cremes, and glitter. It is very cohesive! I used two coats of each polish unless otherwise stated. I had no formula issues with any of these polishes.

Let’s start with some nail art!! I did this waterfall mani with a base of China Glaze Change Your Altitude. Then, I used Free Bear Hugs, Sleeping Under the Stars, and Take a Hike.



Now let’s look at the swatches! May as well start with China Glaze Change Your Altitude. This is a creamy gray.



China Glaze My Lodge or Yours? is a creme mauve.



China Glaze Let’s Dew It. One coat over My Lodge or Yours? This is a purple glitter topper but I bet if you did a few coats, you’d get full opacity for a killer glitter bomb mani.



China Glaze Free Bear Hugs is a red-black creme. If you look at the waterfall mani  I did above, you can see it really has a ton of red in it. When you do more than one coat, it becomes blacker.



China Glaze Take a Hike is a deep green creme.



China Glaze Pondering is a purple and green duochrome.



China Glaze Sleeping Under the Stars is a dark blue with purple shimmers. I took these photos with flash so the shimmers would come alive!



China Glaze Wood You Wanna? is a metallic brown and it’s actually one of my favorites in the collection!



China Glaze S’More Fun is a minty neon green creme.



China Glaze Gone Glamping is a green duochrome. I needed three coats for full opacity on this one.



China Glaze Cabin Fever is a raspberry duochrome and it’s another one of the huge standout winners in the collection. It looks like a sunset!!


China Glaze Check Out the Silver Fox is a silver metallic. This is another one of my favorites of the twelve!



Here are a couple more nail art looks I did using some of the gorgeous polishes from this collection.

This first one is a gradient using Wood You Wanna? and Check Out the Silver Fox.



This dotticure was done using S’More Fun and Take a Hike.china-glaze-the-great-outdoors-collection


What do you think of this collection? Are there any you’ll be scouting for?

Pink and Blue Skittle Nail Art

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I seriously can’t get enough skittles lately. I know that I do lots of stamping, and many people enjoy that. Well, if you like skittles and you like stamping, then you’re going to love this mani. ;)

I used China Glaze Seahorsin’ Around from the Sea Goddess collection (I believe in 2013). This polish is actually one of the first texture polishes I ever tried and it made me fall in love. I couldn’t get enough of it! And now I’m super worried I’m going to run out!

I also used China Glaze Don’t Mesa with My Heart from this year’s Desert Escape collection. This polish was sent to me as a sample from China Glaze. Finally, I used Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink which is the closes stamping polish I have to Don’t Mesa with my Heart.

The stamping designs are both from Pueen Plate 29 which has a number very girly designs.





China Glaze Desert Escape Skittle

{Press Sample}{Purchased By Me}

This skittle mani uses three colors from the China Glaze Desert Escape collection, which was originally sent to me as a press sample. China Glaze Meet me in the Mirage (copper), China Glaze What’s she Dune? (nude), and China Glaze Don’t Mesa with My Heart. I used decals from Polished Vino on each nail to create this look.


These polishes were very easy to work with and I’m happy with how this skittle turned out! I think my favorite nail is the dotted ruffian. What’s yours?



Summer at the Beach Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Affiliate Links}

The Born Pretty Store surprised me with a package of summertime nail art essentials!! They sent me stamping plate BP-L017 which is full of summertime fun! They also sent me some seashell rhinestones! I wanted to show off more than one thing at a time and the best way to do that is skittle nail art! I used China Glaze What’s She Dune and China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away which were both sent to me by China Glaze from the Desert Escape collection. For my stamping polishes, I used Mundo de Unas Fiji and Mundo de Unas Tulip.



I think this look is really fun, even if my starfish got a little smudged!




Thanks again to BPS for sending me these to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com

Also, thanks to China Glaze for sending me their Desert Escape Collection!


China Glaze Desert Escape Swatches

{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their new Desert Escape collection. The collection consists of four creams and two metallics. The availability of this collection is a bit different than usual CG collections — The individual shades sold  will only be available on LockAndMane.com. Sally Beauty Supple will only carry select nail art kits; they will not retail the individual colors. Ulta is not carrying this particular collection at all.

The formula for all of these was great. I know that sometimes China Glaze polishes have some formula issues, but that was not my experience with this collection. I had a great time swatching this set!

China Glaze Meet Me in the Mirage

Meet Me in the Mirage is a rose-copper metal polish. The formula on this one was simply dreamy. I loved applying it! I also love the color. This one is a win all around.



China Glaze The Heat is On

The Heat is On is a classic red. This one has almost a jelly texture to it, which I really like. It looks creamy and squishy all at the same time.



China Glaze What’s She Dune?

What’s She Dune? is a very pretty nude. This is the perfect color to convey desert sand! I needed three coats for this one as it was a little patchy on the first coat, but after three it looked great.



China Glaze Don’t Mesa With My Heart

Don’t Mesa with my Heart is another one with a slightly jelly finish. I did three coats of this bubblegum pink polish for full coverage.



China Glaze Rain Dance the Night Away

Rain Dance the Night Away is a beautiful turquoise color. This really is the same color as turquoise jewelry you might have! This is two easy coats.



China Glaze Don’t Desert Me

Don’t Desert Me is a metallic dark pinkish-purple. I really am loving this color! This is two coats.



I have to say that I’m a fan of this collection! If you’re to order it from LockAndMane.com, I think you’ll like it, too!

China Glaze Road Trip Collection Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

I picked up a mini set of the China Glaze Road Trip Collection at Sally Beauty a little while back. The set came with the collection of 6. Today’s nail art features five of them.

I started with three coats of China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer. I needed three coats because the formula was super tricky. It was very thin and hard to work with. The end result color is pretty, though. It’s a very light blue with hints of shimmer.


Then I used nail vinyls to stencil the designs on my nails. This is a shot posing with Boho Blue which is the blue… (Obviously!)


This shot is with My Way or the Highway which is a lovely teal. This is my favorite in the collection. I’m a big sucker for teal!


I Brake for Color is an orangey-red.


Finally, Trip of a Lime Time is a neon lime and is the most entertaining name.


Sadly, my topcoat smudged the nail art. You couldn’t really tell in real life, but with up-close pictures like this, it’s pretty obvious! This collection has pretty colors, but it’s nothing earth shattering. I was a bit disappointed in the formula all around.

Glitter Topper Mani

{Purchased By Me}

Ever get tired of fancy designs and just want some good, old-fashioned glitter? Well that’s how I feel today!! This is three coats of China Glaze Pinking Out the Window from the 2015 Road Trip collection. Then, I topped it with FingerPaints Peacock Portrait which is a gorgeous blue glitter topper.

I think this glitter topper from FingerPaints is pretty darn fun.



While I like the color of Pinking out the Window, the formula was a little atrocious. I needed three coats (for a creme!!!) and it was still pretty splotchy. (Which is an extra great reason to put on a glitter topper!)



Leadlight Nail Art Using China Glaze Electric Lights Collection

{Press Sample}

As I was swatching the China Glaze Electric Lights Collection, I kept thinking they would be pretty cool to use in a leadlight style manicure! For this nail art, I used China Glaze White on White, Red-Y to Rave, Daisy Know My Name, Glow with the Flow, and DJ Blue My Mind. All but White on White are from the Electric Lights Collection. The stamp design is from Vivid Lacquer plate VL036 and the stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Black.

Now who’s ready for some adult coloring??!! :)


I think this mani is pretty darn fun, if I don’t say so myself.  I liked leadlighting with these neons. They were opaque enough where I didn’t have to go back and re-do sections and you can tell the colors apart. (IMO, some jellies are so sheer that you can’t even tell what color it is sometimes!)





I need your opinion! I want to start putting my new branding on my photos. I’ve named the blonde girl Betty – hopefully for obvious reasons! Do you prefer the full-body or just the head for branding my pictures? I can’t decide! Help!!

China Glaze Electric Nights


{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their Electric Nights collection to swatch and play with for you! This post is super pic heavy so I hope you have good wi-fi or a good data plan. ;)

First, I want to show you some nail art I did using three polishes from the Electric Nights collection. Neons typically watermarble well so I did this one using Glow with the Flow (pink), Plur-ple (purple), and UV Meant to Be (blue). I think all the fingers turned out great except my pinkie which is a little smudged.  I used the watermarble decals method that I describe here.



I almost stopped when I just had two fingers done. What do you think? Should I have stopped here?


Now let’s take a look at the swatches! All of these are shown over white, two coats, with a glossy top coat. I enjoyed the creaminess of all of these. I don’t have any formula issues to report!

China Glaze Red-y to Rave

Red-y to Rave is a bright orange. Think traffic cones. I’m not entirely sure why it’s called Red-y to Rave as this is much more orange than red.





China Glaze Glow with the Flow

Glow with the Flow is my favorite of the collection! A hot pink that will catch the attention of everyone from across the room. Trust me. It literally happened all day when I wore this one to work.




China Glaze Daisy Know My Name

Daisy Know My Name is literally the yellow highlighter equivalent for polish. I remember in middle school, I would paint my nails with white out, then highlight them with yellow. The effect is remarkably similar!





China Glaze Can I Get an Untz Untz

Untz Untz is a yellow, green, and pink glitter in a clear base. I did have to help out the glitter a little bit with some of my placement, but I think it’s a super fun one!





China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind

DJ Blue My Mind is bright, bright, bright blue. My pictures do not do it justice. It was so bright that it scared my camera. This is my husband’s favorite of the whole collection. So it’s also boy approved! :)




China Glaze UV Meant to Be

UV Meant to Be is the little sister of DJ Blue My Mind. She’s not as saturate with color so this is a nice alternative if you don’t need to hail a taxi from across the city.




China Glaze Point Me to the Party

Point Me to the Party. If I was a fan of glitter, this one would be at the top of the list! Multi-colored neon glitters? It’s just too fun not to love.




China Glaze Plur-Ple

Plur-ple is a vibrant purple. This is another one that scared my camera. This one is almost blinding in real life.




China Glaze Let the Beat Drop

Let the Beat Drop is a pink and orange neon glitter in a clear base. I also think this one is super fun and perfect for summertime manicures.




China Glaze Violet-Vibes

Violet Vibes is also another bright purple. This one is a different tone than Plur-Ple.



China Glaze Home Sweet House Music

Home Sweet House Music is another vibrant orange. This one is more tangerine than the previous one.




China Glaze Treble Maker


Treble Maker is slightly darker than this in real life. My camera was washing it out a little bit.




All in all, I think the Electric Lights collection is pretty awesome and I’m glad that China Glaze sent it to me for review. I would recommend any of these colors so it will depend on what your favorite colors are…or which colors you might not already own!

Loki’s Nail Vinyls Review

{Purchased By me}

A few months ago, there was a lot of e-chatter about Loki’s Nail Vinyls so I thought I would pick up some of my own! I ordered a variety pack as well as a few selected designs (like the TARDIS, obviously). Today’s mani uses starburst decals from the variety pack.

I am highly impressed with Loki’s customer service. My first package actually got lost on its adventure from Australia to the US. It either fell off a plane or out of a boat! :P When I let Loki know that the package was MIA, she was super nice about it and sent me a replacement package post haste. (Pun intended.) I was so happy she did! I got the second package safe and sound. And the vinyls have been sitting in my nail art supplies drawer now for way too long! I finally busted them out and I’m super pleased with them.

I posted on Facebook a while back asking if anyone knew about any super sticky stencils. I have such curved nails that if it’s not sticky enough or the vinyl is too thick, it won’t lay flat on my nails. These decals were a dream. They suctioned themselves to my nails and I got clean, crisp lines. Hooray!


 I started with two coats of China Glaze Grape Juice which is a gorgeous dark purple shimmer. I nabbed this one out of a basket at Sally Beauty. It called to me from across the store. Then, I used the vinyls (Which has both the regular design and the inverse) and stuck it to my nail. Then, I generously applied Nabi Flamingo which is a hot pink holo. I have no idea where to get Nabi polishes and Google is no help. I picked this guy up at a polish-lovers meet up in my area.




Silver and Mint Stars!

{Purchased By Me}

I recently did a comparison post for some mint polishes (here). Since I was short on time that night, I decided to do artwork right on top of the comparison mani, even though the mint colors didn’t exactly match! In the end, I actually really liked the effect of different mint shades!!! I used Enchanted Polish Sweet Mint, China Glaze For Audrey, and China Glaze At Vase Value. (For a rundown on which is which, see the comparison post.) Then, I used some triangle decals I purchased from Vinyl Boutique. I had to use multiple triangle vinyls on each nail to get this star nail art effect. The silver polish is OPI It’s Frosty Outside which is a gorgeous silver texture polish.



I’m pretty excited for this weekend. I have NO plans. My calendar is completely blank! Wahoo!! I’m going to stop by Sally Beauty tomorrow and take advantage of their BOGO sale on FingerPaints and I also have a 30% off coupon. I already warned my husband that I’ll be coming home with loooooooots of polish from Sally’s….but that it won’t cost a lot of money! I’m pretty excited. I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

Then, I’ll probably spend a good chunk of Saturday and Sunday swatching those polishes and getting a nice backup of posts. I like to be a few weeks ahead on my posts just in case life happens. I want to make sure you have something to read, right?!


Thanks for stopping by today. Leave me a note in the comments to to tell me what you thought! Have an awesome day!! :)