Purple Nail Art Stamping

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Where are my purple lovers?!?!? This mani is for you!! It starts with two coats of China Glaze Summer Reign. Then, I used It Girl Wisteria and It Girl Plate IG117 for the stamping design.

it-girl-wisteria purple-nail-art

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Blue and Green Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}

Today’s nail art starts with China Glaze All Glamed Up which I got as a press sample from the Summer Reign collection. For the stamping, I used It Girl Sky and a design from It Girl Plate IG117.

it-girl-sky it-girl-stamping-plates

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90’s Nail Art

{Purchased by Me}{Press Sample}

Today’s mani reminds me of the 90’s. Which is perfect because a lot of 90’s stuff is apparently coming back in style! What’s old is new again…

This mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Sultry Solstice which was sent to me as a press sample from the Summer Reign collection. I used It Girl Pomelo which is a full-coverage yellow stamping polish! :O The design is from the new It Girl Plate IG117

90s-nail-art it-girl-pomelo

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Red and Blue Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Hello, hello and happy Saturday! I have some more nail art just for you today. Why? Because you’re my favorite, that’s why!!! I started with two coats China Glaze Flame-Boyant from the new Summer Reign collection. This hot baby was originally sent to me as a press sample from China Glaze.

Then, I grabbed my Mundo de Unas Turquoise because teal/blue and red are like pretty awesome together. This design is from It Girl Plate IG 307.

If you have not tried It Girl stamping plates, then you need to get off my blog right now and get your ass over to her etsy store and get some. I promise you won’t regret. On the off chance that you do, she has the best customer service known to the nail world. But you won’t regret. So there you go. ;)

mdu-turquoise red-and-blue-nail-art

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Doctor Who Nerd Block and Pink and Blue Stamping

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Before we get to the nail art…I got my first-ever Doctor Who Nerd Block in the mail yesterday! Here’s my blind opening! Check out the video to see what I got and what I thought about it all. :)

Now on to the nail art… I started with two coats of China Glaze Simply Fa-Blue-Less which is a crelly from their Summer Reign collection.

Then, I used It Girl Peony and It Girl Plate IG 117 to create the design stamped on top.

it-girl-peony pink-and-blue-nail-art

Green Flowers Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

I did some nail art for you today! See? I’m not 100% lazy. Just mostly lazy. :) This nail art look starts with China Glaze Rose My Name which I got as a press sample from the Summer Reign collection. Then, I used It Girl Spearmint stamping polish and It Girl Plate IG308 for the stamped nail art.

it-girl-spearmint-stamping-polish it-girl-stamping-plate-117

China Glaze Summer Reign

{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their Summer Reign collection to show off to you! Make sure you’re subscribed to me via Bloglovin, Facebook, or whatever platform blows your skirt up, because I have A LOT of nail art coming up using this collection as a base.

The China Glaze Summer Reign collection is 12 polishes with a ton of variety in the collection. This is a well-thought out collection and I could make a case for owning each one of the polishes!

Most of the shades in this collection are neon. The ones that aren’t full-on neon are vibrant and rich. There is a good mix of creams, metallics, and shimmers.

China Glaze Sunset Seeker

china-glaze-sunset-seeker-swatch china-glaze-sunset-seeker

China Glaze Rose My Namechina-glaze-rose-my-name-swatch china-glaze-rose-my-name

China Glaze All Glamed Up

china-glaze-all-glamed-up china-glaze-all-glamed-up-swatch

China Glaze Sultry Solstice

china-glaze-sultry-solstace china-glaze-sultry-solstace-swatch

China Glaze Simply Fa-Blue-Less. This one is actually more like a jelly than a cream. It’s been ages since a mainstream line put out a jelly polish so I’m pretty excited about this one.

china-glaze-simply-fa-blue-lous china-glaze-simply-fa-blue-lous-swatch

China Glaze Sun-Set the Mood

china-glaze-sun-set-the-mood china-glaze-sun-set-the-mood-swatch

China Glaze Emerald Bae. I had a little trouble with this one’s formula, as you can see. It was just too thick to get on evenly and it was difficult to mix properly. This is too bad because this green is super vibrant.china-glaze-emerald-bae china-glaze-emerald-bae-swatch

China Glaze Summer Reignchina-glaze-summer-reign china-glaze-summer-reign-swatch

China Glaze I Truly Azure You. This is my personal favorite in the collection. It’s a stunning blue. I couldn’t even do nail art on top of this one because I didn’t want to cover one molecule of its glory.

china-glaze-i-truly-azure-you-swatch china-glaze-i-truly-azure-you

China Glaze Flame-Boyant

china-glaze-flame-boyant china-glaze-flame-boyant-swatch

China Glaze High Standardschina-glaze-high-standards-swatch china-glaze-high-standards

China Glaze Chroma Coolchina-glaze-chroma-cool china-glaze-chroma-cool-swatch

What is your favorite from the China Glaze Summer Reign collection?

Blue Arrow Nail Art

{Press Sample}

I just found this draft post! It’s been sitting there, being ignored for months!!! Sorry blue nail art! I completely forgot about you. LOL. This mani used China Glaze Good Tide-ings which is from China Glaze’s 2016 holiday collection and was sent to me as a press sample.

The stamping polish is It Girl Sapphire and the plate is It Girl Plate IG 111. Make sure you check out Nicole’s It Girl Etsy shop this week. She’s restocking some plates and rumor has it that there might be some new ones in there, too! :O :O :O I’m really in the mood for some new stamping plates so I can’t wait!!!

purple-and-blue-nail-art purple-nail-art

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Pink and Blue Stamped Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Today, I’ll be straying away from holiday nail art in order to show off one of my favorite color combinations – pink and blue! The pink is China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry from the Seas and Greetings collection (which was originally sent to me as a press sample). The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Turquoise and the design is from It Girl plate IG101.


I’m so happy that my nails are finally starting to grow out from the super bad break I had last August/September! (All my nails turned to nubs!!)pink-and-blue-nail-art

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i only have a kitchen because it came with the house

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The added bonus is that you can order all the way up to 1pm that same day for dinner that night. So you don’t even have to really plan ahead! Munchery is my dream come true.

Neutral Stamping Nail Art

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Happy first day of December! I can’t believe that this year has flown by so quickly. Today’s mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Sand in my Mistletoes which is from the Seas and Greetings Collection. The stamping polish is an It Girl Prototype, but she has them for sale now! (Don’t miss out on these. Nicole spends a crapload of time making sure her products are top-notch.) The image is from It Girl Plate IG 101.

neutral-nail-art-stamping neutral-stamping-nail-art

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december-promo-3 14915640_1061643923946495_34220783683997630_n

Nail Polish Nail Art

{Press Sample}

Good morning and happy Monday for what promises to be a quick work week! Today, I’m wearing China Glaze Seas and Greetings which is from its namesake collection. The Seas and Greetings collection was sent to me as a press sample a few weeks ago.

I used an It Girl Prototype stamping polish, which, by the way, is awesome. If you like stamping in any way, then you’ll want to check out Nicole’s stamping polishes.

For the design, I used one of my favorite plates, It Girl Plate IG112. Who doesn’t need nail polish bottles on their nail polish?!

nail-polish-nail-art nail-polish-stamp

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Purple Nail Art Stamping

{Press Sample}

Happy Friday! It’s getting super chilly in the NorthWest. Due to the crisp air, I thought some nail art China Glaze Snow Way would be the way to go! :) Snow Way is from the China Glaze Seas and Greetings collection. I stamped using It Girl Amethyst and got the design from It Girl Plate IG108.

it-girl-nail-art-stamping it-girl-stamping-polish

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Green Paisley Nail Art

{Press Sample}

Happy (?) Monday! As you saw last week, I got the China Glaze Seas and Greetings collection. Today, I have some nail art featuring China Glaze Warm Wishes from that collection. The green stamping polish is an It Girl Prototype stamping polish. Spoiler alert: It works really great and I love Nicole’s stamping polishes. The design is from It Girl Stamping Plate IG 201, which was also given to me as a sample.

paisley-nail-art paisley-nail-art-stamp

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China Glaze Seas and Greetings Collection

{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me their holiday collection which is cleverly called Seas and Greetings. This is a fun twist on a holiday collection! It is full of ocean-themed colors, but also has a few classic holiday colors that are a must this time of year. The 12-piece collection also has a really nice variety of finishes, making it a really lovely collection for the holidays.

China Glaze Sand in my Mistletoes is a nice nude peachy creme.

china-glaze-sand-in-my-mistletoes china-glaze-sand-in-my-mistletoes-swatch

China Glaze Let’s Shell-ebrate is a golden glitter with larger purple glitters. (This reminds me of the UW colors so Husky fans should be on the lookout for this one!) This is just two coats. It could also be a cool topper color so play around with this one!

china-glaze-lets-shell-ebrate china-glaze-lets-shell-ebrate-swatch

China Glaze Eat, Pink, Be Merry is a gorgeous light pink.

china-glaze-eat-pink-be-merry china-glaze-eat-pink-be-merry-swatch

China Glaze Partridge in a Palm Tree is a matte mint green. I had some issues with this cracking as it dried. I tried to do thin coats and let it dry in between, but there are still some visible cracks, which is disappointing.

china-glaze-partridge-in-a-palm-tree-swatch china-glaze-partridge-in-a-palm-tree

China Glaze Tis the Sea-Sun is an orange-red creme.china-glaze-tis-the-sea-sun-swatch china-glaze-tis-the-sea-sun

China Glaze Seas and Greetings is a really cool purple with a slight golden shift to it.

china-glaze-seas-and-greetings-swatch china-glaze-seas-and-greetings-collection

China Glaze Warm Wishes is a nice coral creme.

china-glaze-warm-wishes-swatch china-glaze-warm-wishes

China Glaze Good Tide-ings is a periwinkle creme.

china-glaze-good-tide-ings-swatch china-glaze-good-tide-ings

China Glaze Snow Way! is a pearlescent white. If you liked Pearl Jammin’ from the Rebel Collection, then you’re also going to really like this. If you see it, buy it! Pearl Jammin’ was nearly impossible to find and quickly became a collector’s polish.

china-glaze-snow-way-swatch china-glaze-snow-way

China Glaze The More the Berrier is a classic holiday color. It’s a pink-toned red with a metallic finish.

china-glaze-the-more-the-berrier-swatch china-glaze-the-more-the-berrier

China Glaze Joy to the Waves is a beautiful duochrome blue. It has a green shift that is so stunning!

china-glaze-joy-to-the-waves china-glaze-joy-to-the-waves-swatch

China Glaze Twinkle Twinkle Little Starfish is a lovely golden green glitter topper. You can see how much it changes Joy to the Starfish, which is what I have it layered on top of.china-glaze-twinkle-twinkle-little-starfish cchina-glaze-twinkle-twinkle-little-starfish-swatch

This is a great collection and I really like how it’s an unpredictable holiday collection. I wish I could have gotten the matte one to work, but maybe I was just being an idiot.

China Glaze Rebel Collection

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The China Glaze Rebel collection is here! China Glaze sent this to me to swatch and review for you. This collection is full of unique and beautiful polishes. Additionally, it has a really 90’s vibe that I’m loving. I’m totally a 90’s girl – Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Scrunchies, Cupcake Dolls, All.Of.It.

This collection really spoke to me and I’m glad that I am now a proud owner of the China Glaze Rebel Collection.

China Glaze Dope Taupe is a one-coater mauve/nude creme.

china-glaze-dopo-taupe-swatch china-glaze-dopo-taupe

China Glaze Y’all Red-y For is a shimmery one-coater red. Ready for what? I’m not sure. But I am, indeed, ready for it.

China-glaze-y'all-red-y-for china-glaze-y'all-red-y-for-swatch

China Glaze Prince-ss is a super light, slightly shimmer pink. I freaking love this one. This was two coats.

china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss-swatch china-glaze-fresh-prince-ss

China Glaze Pearl Jammin’ is like the light blue twin brother of the recently released OPI Oh My Majesty. I am loving the pearlescent trend and I hope companies and makers continue to use this finish!

china-glaze-pearl-jammin' china-glaze-pearl-jammin'-swatch

China Glaze Jagged Little Teal is a dark teal cream. Further proof that I’m a 90’s girl…I was literally listening to this song (Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette) yesterday. Release date? June 1995.

china-glaze-jagged-little-teal-swatch china-glaze-jagged-little-teal

China Glaze Heroine Chic is one that is a must-buy. It looks quite bland in the bottle but once I got it on my nails…hot damn! It’s like this unique gray metallic with maroon microglitters.

china-glaze-heroine-chic-swatch china-glaze-heroine-chic

China Glaze Purple Fiction is another on of those one-coaters and is a beautiful metallic purple.

china-glaze-purple-fiction china-glaze-purple-fiction-swatch

China Glaze Blue-Ya has a tone of depth to it.

china-glaze-blue-ya china-glaze-blue-ya-swatch

China Glaze Holo at Ya Girl took three coats to get completely opaque but it’s worth it because it ends the age-old battle on how to pronounce “holo.” Some say “haw-low” while others say “hoe-low.” Obviously, “haw-low” is correct for two reasons: It’s the abbreviation of the word “holographic” so it should sound like the beginning of that word. Second, China Glaze’s awesome pun doesn’t work if you’re pronouncing it wrong. :P

china-glaze-holo-at-you-girl china-glaze-holo-at-ya-girl-swatch

China Glaze Teen Spirit. This polish is unscented (give me a shout out in the comments if you get this 90’s reference!), but it’s still a beautiful polish!

china-glaze-teen-spirit-swatch china-glaze-teen-spirit

China Glaze Combat Blue-ts was a surprise matte!!! I guess I wouldn’t have been surprised if I read any descriptions on the collection before trying it…but what’s the fun in that?!

china-glaze-combat-blues china-glaze-combat-blue

China Glaze Don’t Mesh With Me is a lovely purple microglitter. I have it shown here over Ciate Spinning Teacup.  I love the addition of this shade because it shows the girlier, Brittany Spears side of the 90’s. china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me-swatch china-glaze-don't-mesh-with-me

I think China Glaze knocked this collection out of the park. They don’t even need to bill it as a 90’s collection because if you were in the 90’s, you are already confident when you say that’s the theme of the Rebel collection!

China Glaze Give Me the Green Light Stamping

{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Links}

I grabbed China Glaze Give Me the Green Light a few weeks ago at Sally Beauty Supply. Even though this is a microglitter, it doesn’t need any undies or anything.

china-glaze-give-me-the-green-light-swatch china-glaze-give-me-the-green-light

For the stamping design, I used Konad Black and Cici&Sisi Plate 25.cici&sisi-stamping-plate

The design is technically supposed to be butterfly wings but the design is pretty big so it wouldn’t fit on my nail and look like a butterfly. Instead, it looks like pretty swirls. I still like it, but I wish you could actually tell it’s a butterfly wing. :)butterfly-wing-stamping

China Glaze Lite Brite Dotticure

{Press Sample}

China Glaze sent me the Lite Brite collection and today I have a dotticure to show you! I started with two coats of China Glaze Lip Smackin’ Good. Then I used a couple differently sized dotting tools to create this effect with China Glaze Whip It Good.


This mani isn’t my normal look but I loved wearing it! It was so cheerful and playful. Every time I looked at my nails, it made me happy. And isn’t that really the whole point of wearing polish?


Chrome Girl Review

{Press Sample}

Chrome Girl sent me a bottle of their new Jaded polish to review for you! It’s an exclusive polish designed by EJ Johnson. The color is called Jaded. The formula was fantastic! I will be buying more Chrome Girl because I liked this formula so much. It went on very smoothly. I did two coats, but really could have gotten away with one. This means that I need to try stamping with it!

chrome-girl-review chrome-girl-jaded-swatch

I also think this color is gorgeous. The chrome finish makes it super duper shiny!


Here’s what happens when you stamp with Chrome Girl…

I started with two coats of China Glaze I Got a Blue Attitude and a design from It Girl Nail Art Plate IG109.


Stamps pretty well, huh? I’m probably going to store this one with my stamping polishes!!


Geometric Neon Nail Art

{Borrowed}{Purchased By Me}{Press Sample}

This mani starts with two coats of China Glaze Whip It Good, which I borrowed from smackerlacquer. I used Mundo de Unas Tutti to stamp this geometric design from It Girl Fashion Plate IG109.


I know you’ve seen me use It Girl Nail Art plates a lot and actions speak louder than words. However, it’s been a while since I’ve actually mentioned how much I love her plates. The designs are well thought out and stamp reliably. What more could you want from a stamping plate? Plus, they are all sourced in the US. In fact, the owner took great pains to ensure she used responsible sourcing.

If you’re in the market for some nail plates, I hiiiiighly recommend checking out Nicole’s plates. They are well worth the money!


40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Pink and Lilac Nail Art

{Press Sample}

Today’s nail art is for the weekly Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is Pink and Lilac. My assigned nail art technique is accent nail. I used two polishes from the new China Glaze Lite Brite collection – I’ll Pink to That and Let’s Jam. I did a french mani and then a reverse of the combo for the accent nail. I also added some water decals for some pizazz.

pink-and-purple-nail-art china-glaze-lite-brite-nail-art

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China Glaze Lite Brite Collection


The beautiful Chelsea from smackerlacquer lent me her China Glaze Lite Brite collection. This is a collection of 12 neons that are not taking their job lightly. They wanted to be neon polishes and they for sure are some amazing neon polishes!

China Glaze Whip It Good is a bright yellow polish.

china-glaze-whip-it-good china-glaze-whip-it-good-swatch

China Glaze Lip Smackin’ Good is a burning pink.

china-glaze-lip-smackin'-good china-glaze-lip-smackin'-good-swatch

China Glaze I Got a Blue Attitude was one of the hardest ones to photograph. It is a classic ‘blurple’ where you really can’t tell if it’s blue or purple. I think it leans more purple, but lots of people call it a blue…so you be the judge!

china-glaze-i-got-a-blue-attitude-swatch china-glaze-i-got-a-blue-attitude

China Glaze I’ll Pink to That is super-duper hot pink. It might be my favorite of the collection. It’s freaking amazing.

china-glaze-i'll-pink-to-that china-glaze-i'll-pink-to-that-swatch

China Glaze We Got the Beet is a deep plum with golden shimmers. This one is just…sigh…so pretty. I really love it.

china-glaze-we-got-the-beet china-glaze-we-got-the-beet-swatch

China Glaze Bite Me is a super sassy orangey-pink.

china-glaze-bite-me china-glaze-bite-me-swatch

China Glaze Lime After Lime is a lime color. Duh! :)



China Glaze Hot Flash is a super neon red. I don’t know how a red polish can be neon, but somehow China Glaze managed to do it.

china-glaze-hot-flash china-glaze-hot-flash-swatch

China Glaze None of Your Risky Business is a neon tangerine. This is another one that was really hard for me to get color-accurate. You can see even in these two pictures that the shade is different. I picked these two pictures because the real shade is somewhere in between! :)

china-glaze-none-of-your-risky-business-swatch china-glaze-none-of-your-risky-business

China Glaze What I Like About Blue is a beautiful teal-blue with golden shimmers. I loved wearing this one!

china-glaze-what-i-like-about-blue china-glaze-what-i-like-about-blue-swatch

China Glaze Papa Don’t Peach is a peachy-orange with golden shimmers.

china-glaze-papa-don't-peach china-glaze-papa-don't-peach-swatch

China Glaze Let’s Jam is a lilac with a fiery blue flare in the light.

china-glaze-let's-jam china-glaze-let's-jam-swatch

Overall, I really think this collection is spectacular. I didn’t have any formula issues and each polish was gorgeous in its own unique way. It’s a well put together collection and I would recommend checking it out for yourself!

Great Nail Art Ideas…Purple Zig Zag Nail Art!

{Borrowed}{Purchased by Me}

For the second week in a row, I’m using polishes borrowed from smackerlacquer! The China Glaze polishes are both from the new Lite Brite collection and both are borrowed. The OPI is Love. Angel. Music. Baby. from the old Gwen Stefani collection.

The dark purple China Glaze is We Got the Beet and the light one is Let’s Jam.

This nail art is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. We’re all doing violet nail art and my assigned technique is zig zag! Here’s what I came up with.

purple-nail-art violet-chevron-nail-art purple-zig-zag-nail-art

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40 Great Nail Art Ideas…Spring Nail Art

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Today’s post is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week challenge. This week’s prompt is Spring! I used two colors from the China Glaze Lite Brite collection which I borrowed from smackerlacquer. China Glaze I’ll Pink to That is the hot pink polish and China Glaze Lime After Lime is the….lime polish! (I totally bet you didn’t see that coming.) The white on the tips is Morgan Taylor All White Now.

I started with two coats of China Glaze I’ll Pink to That. After it was dry, I used scotch tape at varying angles on my nails and painted Morgan Taylor All White Now and then removed the tape. I let that air dry for a few minutes.

I used my dotting tools (one large and one small) to make the flowers and their little dot trails using China Glaze Lime After Lime. While the flower dots were still wet, I plopped Preciosa Nail Crystals into the center. (These were sent to me as a press sample.)

spring-flower-nail-art spring-nail-art-ideas spring-nail-art

I’m really quite partial to this look, if I don’t say so myself. I haven’t done anything ‘fancy’ in a long time so it was nice to get some creative juices flowing.

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How to Make Stamping Decals


{Press Samples}{Purchased by Me}{Affiliate Links}

Today I’m going to go through the step-by-step process of how to make stamping decals. This technique is also referred to as reverse stamping. Once you get the hang of it, it’s actually pretty fun and easy to do. Ironically, I’m not a huge fan of the nail art I made for this specific post. In fact, I even thought of not even writing this post! But then I realized that perhaps this information could be useful, even though I may not like the end result for this specific mani. So please be kind! I know it sucks. :P But I’ll also include some other decals looks I’ve done at the end so you can see I’m not a total dolt and I actually kinda know what I’m doing sometimes.

Step One: Get a slow drying top coat and paint sections on a silicone mat that are slightly bigger than your nails themselves. I’m a huge fan of the Bliss Kiss Miracle Mat.



I like the Miracle Mat because it has measure sections to help you know how large you need to make your decals if you want to cover your whole nail. I do a generous coat of the topcoat. I’ve had the best success when I don’t use a fast drying top coat. Those don’t seem to lay flat on the mat as well. You will need to wait until the top coat has dried on the mat before proceeding to step two.



Step Two: Stamp your desired design on top of the top coat. I used a roses design from Cici&Sisi and Konad Black. I will always make more decals than I need because inevitably, something will go wrong with at least one of them!




Here’s a great example of why I make extra decals. This one was so in love with my stamper, that he decided to come along for the ride after I stamped. This decal is now garbage. This happens most often with a fast drying topcoat which is why I don’t use them for this technique. I’m ok with having one man down at this point because I have extras!! :D



Step Three: This is the most fun part. It’s basically adult coloring! For the leaves, I’m using Revlon Rain Forest and for the roses, I used China Glaze Float On. You can use a dotting tool or a small brush to paint in the design. I will put a dot of the polish in a bare area of the mat and I’ll dip back and forth as I color it. I typically use a dotting tool.

I did all the green leaves first on all of the decals across the mat. You will want to make sure you’re dabbing the polish on and not swiping or brushing at all. Any swiping runs the risk of smearing the stamped design underneath.



Once all the leaves were colored in, I went back and filled in the roses.



It’s time to wait again! You will need to wait until they are dry before proceeding to the next step. I use this time to paint the first layer of my base color. For this look, I used Morgan Taylor All White Now. (Only do the first coat at this point. You’ll see why later.)



Step Four: Use a clean orangewood stick and slide it under the edge of the decal. It should lift from the silicone mat fairly easily. Once you get a corner started, you can also grab tweezers to lift and pull at the same time. Just be very gentle. These are going to be delicate and a little brittle.



When you flip the decal over, you’ll see the stamping design with the coloring behind it.



Step Five: In this step, you’re going to do one nail at a time. You will paint the second coat of your basecolor and wait a few moments for it to dry a little. It needs to be tacky for the decal to stick. If it’s too wet, it will smear the polish on the decal. If it’s too dry, it won’t stick on the nail.


Gently press the decal so it lays flat and covers your nail. Then, use cuticle clippers or small scissors to remove the excess decals. For more detailed cleanup close to the nail, I use the Elf Concealer brush dipped in acetone.



Step Six: Top coat! You’re allowed to use a fast drying one this time. :) This will seal the decal to the polish and will make everything gorgeous and shiny!



Step Seven: Repeat steps four through six nine more times. :D



Like I said at the beginning, this isn’t my favorite look and I can see a number of flaws. But I hope you’ll let that slide! Scroll down for some more looks I did using this technique.



Here is a Marilyn Monroe decal I made for challenge post, which you can see here.



This one is my favorite look I’ve ever done with a decal. It’s the TARDIS!!! I also did this look for a challenge. You can see the details of that here.



I hope you found this tutorial helpful! Making decals really opens up another level of nail art for those of us that can’t draw. I couldn’t draw a stick figure to save my life! Decals are a great way to get detailed looks without needing to be a master artist. :D