Julep Casper and Bondi Strawberry Fields

Julep Casper is from the October 2012 collection. It glows in the dark! Although, not with a top coat as I learned the hard way. I put it over Bondi Strawberry Fields which turned this pink cream into a gorgeous shimmery coral. Unfortunately, my camera wouldn’t recognize the glow in the dark, but I promise, it does!

Bondi Swatches

I received these two Bondi polishes in the newly launched Bondi Box. You can see the whole thing here.

The application was a little tricky since the formula is very thick. However, you could probably get away with one coat. It is very creamy and the polish is true to the color in the bottle.

Botanical Beauty: A pinkish lilac color

Blue Skies: A light gray blue

First Bondi Box! August 2013

I receive my first Bondi box in the mail today. This is an established company, but a new monthly subscription. After seeing posts around the web, it also looks like there are many different boxes being sent out which does make it more exciting!

From left to right: I’m Vers (clear), Botanical Beauty (baby pink), Top of the Rock (dove gray), and Blue Skies (baby blue)

I will probably try and swap I’m Vers and Top of the Rock for things that are more my style but I’m very happy with my first box!