Cult Cosmetics December 2013 Blackbox

I got my Cult Cosmetics December 2013 Blackbox in the mail today. I’ve decided this is going to be my last one. The formula is good, but the colors aren’t anything special. Additionally, I received some nail art dotting pens that are identical to the ones I got in the July box. So, I’m just not that impressed anymore.

Colors from left to right are: Stay Gold, Boneyard, and El Matadore.

Cult Blackbox November 2013

The Cult Blackbox November 2013 features three of their new line of polishes as well as one Color Club nail art polish. I’m not that wild about the colors this month. I find them to be a little drab.

The colors from left to right are: Rose Bowl, Runyon, Color Club Black Nail Art Pen, Mullholland

Here’s their suggested nail art using everything from this month’s box:

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox October 2013

The Cult Cosmetics Blackbox for October 2013 was a hit with me. They released their own polish line, called “Cult” and this month we got three of their polishes and their base coat.

Their marketing states that all their polishes are one-coaters. I decided to try it out. I did not find this to be true. It was a little streaky with just one coat. HOWEVER, the application was awesome. It was smooth and creamy and it was easy to get clean application. So what if I still want two coats? I am very happy!

The basecoat reminded me of Orly Bonder. Once it dried, it was a little rubbery looking. I won’t know how I like it until tomorrow. I have to see if if changes how much polish gets chipped. :)

 From left to right: Base coat, Weho (black and silver glitters), Point Dume (creamy blue), and Joshua Tree (creamy khaki).

I decided to try out Joshua Tree for the test described above. I think the color is a very nice, flattering neutral.

Cult Cosmetics Blackbox September 2013

The Cult Cosmetics Blackbox for September 2013 is waaaaay better than the last one. I am super happy. Even though I got a dupe, I think it was well worth the money.

Mash Rhinestones Wheel. This has 12 different colored rhinestones.

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps in Grey/Black Rattlesnake

From left to right: Essie No Baggage Please, Color Club Eternal Beauty (dupe for me), and Orly Black Pixel.

And here’s the mani I used using all supplies from Blackbox! (Except for tape and topcoat. :) )

Cult Cosmetics Black Box July 2013

What? Another July 2013 box? Yep. I cancelled, immediately regretted it, resigned up, and they sent me another July 2013 box. This one is slightly different than my first one, which you can see here. 

[Blogger keeps flipping this upside down! Rude, Blogger! Rude!]

Essie The Girls Are Out (Duplicate from my other July 2013 box)
Mash Dotting Tools (I already own a set of dotters, even though these colors are way better than mine!)
Essie Lapis of Luxury (new to me)
OPI Blue Shatter (this is a disappointment. While I don’t own it already, since when is shatter on trend? This is sooo last year!)

All in all, I’m glad I subscribed again even though this box is kind of a dud for me.

Cult Cosmetics July 2013

I decided to try out the BlackBox from Cult Cosmetics. This is a brand new nail polish subscription. I think it’s as new as only 1-2 months (but don’t quote me on that). They were having a promo for I think 50% off your first box so I decided to try it out. I am very happy! I think it was a great deal. I got three full sized Essie polishes, Mash tweezers, a glitter pot, metallic studs, and nail glue.

The colors are from left to right: Essie Bottle Service, Essie The Girls Are Out, and Essie Avenue Maintain. I will remain a subscriber because I am very happy with this box.