Avon Nail Polish Review

{Press Release}
Avon representative, Mary, was kind enough to send me 5 polishes and a chapstick to show off for you! I picked one polish from each of their finishes. I wanted to show the diversity and range that Avon offers. In my opinion, Avon polishes are highly underrated in the polish world. You don’t read a lot about them, yet they are always so gorgeous and deliver an excellent formula. Some of my favorite polishes are Avon! Plus, they are quite affordable and frequently go on sale! You can find Mary on Facebook HERE! She also has two blogs: http://beautywithmary.com and http://thinkbeautytoday.com






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Stripes and Dots Nail Art for GOT

Happy Thursday, dear reader!! Today’s prompt for Golden Oldies Thursday is “Ignored for too long”. I feel that I don’t use my Avon holo polishes nearly enough. They not quite as holo as say, a Color Club Halo Hue, but they certainly are pretty! I picked Avon Starburst (red) and Avon Galaxy (blue). I rarely do skittle nail art, so I thought I’d do something a little different on each nail. I used the cheap, but awesome, dotting tools I got from Amazon as well as the striping tape from…you guessed it! Amazon!


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Avon Platinum Brushed Metals

Today, I just have a simple post for you! The day I did this mani, I had a pounding headache! I could hardly bring myself to do a plain mani, let alone nail art. So all you get is a lovely picture of Avon Platinum from the brushed metals collection! This is a lovely silvery blue with a textured finish. This went on easily with two coats.


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Avon Tempted and Avon Untamed Swatches with Art!

I was lucky enough to receive two Avon polish from Jodi at Avon! She sent me Avon Tempted, which is a forest green with super subtle gold shimmers, and Avon Untamed, which is a latte colored cream. It was a joy to receive these two colors because I wouldn’t have picked them out for myself (I’m a super pink and purple girl) but I ended up loving them!

Here is a swatch of Avon Tempted. This is two coats. You can see the gold shimmer better in the bottle than on the nail. But, it does add a nice depth to the green.



Avon Untamed is the latte colored polish. This is two coats. I like how this isn’t the kind of brown that makes your nails look dirty. It’s actually quite pretty and flattering!



I was then inspired to do a little nail art! I’ve really been into the french manis lately but I wanted to do a little twist on it, so I used my dotting tool to make some dots below the line. I hope you like it!





EDIT September 17, 2014: It would appear the Jodi is no longer an Avon representative. If you are looking for some wonderful Avon polishes, please contact Mary at her site here. She also has a blog here: http://www.beautywithmary.com/

Galaxy Nails – First Attempt Ever!

So I thought I should finally try my hand (pun intended) at doing galaxy nails. When I swatched the Avon Eclipse polish, it really reminded me of the night sky, so I started with two coats of him.

I then stamped China Glaze Cosmic Dust, China Glaze Take a Trek, China Glaze Infra Red, and Julep Vanessa in that order. I think my design came out a little too purple to really remind people of space, but I like it anyway! I hope you do, too!

Avon Holo Swatches

Here are swatches from the Avon Cosmo Holo Collection. I am really liking this collection! The holos aren’t craaaaazy awesome like the Color Club holos, but they are more distinct than the China Glaze Hologlam collection.

Starlight: Pea Green, almost yellow.

Celestial: Slate Gray with some green undertones (that you can’t really see in the photo).

Radiant: Light taupe with greenish undertones. 
Super Nova: Dark Pink/Red. 
Starburst: Hot Pink. 

Eclipse: Black. Reminds me a lot of the night sky. 

Saturn: Orange. 
Galaxy: Teal-Blue. Best holo effect of the collection.

Aurora: Purple

Moonbeam: Silver

What do you think of the collection? Have you picked any up?