Fairy Tale

I received Vivid Lacquer Fairy Tale in one of her Christmas-time promotions. I put on two coats of Sally Hansen White On and then followed up with three layers of Fairy Tale. I had to use that many layers to make sure it wasn’t streaky or see-through. This is not one of my favorite applications. Luckily, I really like the color. It’s a blue-gray with gold micro shimmer. It’s very pretty!

I Daglaze With Wine

The last day of 2012! I’m actually glad this year is over. It wasn’t the best year and I’m excited to see what wonderful things 2013 will bring my way!

We have another Vivid Lacquer glitter to look at today. :) I put two coats of I Daglaze with Wine (because isn’t that what we’ll all be doing tonight?) over Orly Dazzle. Dazzle is a silver polish that goes on very well. Daglaze is fuchsia glitters of different sizes in a clear base.

Julep Maven January 2013 Bombshell

Second post for today! I couldn’t resist because…I just got my January 2013 Julep Maven Box in the mail! I was a little sad that all the colors were neons this month, but I am really happy with the box I chose. I’m normally the American Beauty profile, but I changed to Bombshell this month.

Here’s a shot of the entire box contents.

There were three neon twist bands included as a surprise. These little guys are cropping up in almost every monthly beauty subscription box!

Two polishes: One is Ava and she is a gorgeous light pink with shimmer. The second is Bette who is a neon purple. It reminds me a lot of Andrea’s Choice Circus Tightrope so maybe I’ll have to swatch those two next to each other.


The lids each came with a swatch sticker on top.

Julep has redesigned their tops so you can pop it off and swatch the lid of the polish. I think it’s a really neat idea! A lot of the time, you can’t really tell what a polish looks like just by looking at the bottle. They can really dry differently!

We also received a hand and cuticle stick.  AS with all their hand-care products, it smells divine. I will probably pop this into my purse because it’s a lot less messy than their cuticle oil (which I also love).

Lastly, we got a sheet of the swatch stickers. There are 20 stickers on this sheet so I can make swatches for 20 different polishes. Should I just pick my favorites? Or save it for the weird ones? I don’t know!

If you’re interested in joining the Julep Maven program, please click here for my referral link.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Pick Your Portal

For today’s mani I started off with one coat of Sally Hansen White On and put two layers of Vivid Lacquer Pick Your Portal. This was from the video game inspired collection. It kind of reminds me of birthday cake! Yum!

This is another one of those polishes that will be really fun to try over a lot of different colors.


Julep Sienna Swatch

I received Julep Sienna in the New Year’s Mystery box but you may have seen it in a past Maven box. At first, I thought it was more of a light brown when looking at the bottle, but now that I have it on my fingers, it’s definitely a gold. It is very pretty and reflective. If it was silver, I feel like I could almost seen my reflection in it!

Woo! Tangent

Here’s another mani using a little gem from Vivid Lacquer. I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Heart to Heart. Then, I did two coats of Vivid Lacquer Woo! Tangent. This one is for the “ADD” person in you. It has lots of different colors and shapes of glitter. It should look really great layered over almost any color! I picked red because it’s the holidays. :)

I think it’s awesome and the more I use Vivid Lacquer polishes, the more of them I want!


Julep New Year’s Mystery Box

The mailman brought me my Christmas present one day early. :) Today, I got the Julep New Year’s Mystery Box!

As always, I got my money’s worth but I won’t say it’s the best one I’ve ever received. I got a lot of polishes, but most were dupes. I guess that’s  the problem with being a long-time maven who buys lots of add-ons. :)

Everything was inside their tote bag:

Here is a shot of the whole lot (minus the tote). As you can see, the value is worth way more than the $21 I paid for it.

A few samples of their remover pads, hand scrub, and hand lotion.

I LOVE their hand-brightening lotion. This stuff is amazing and I’m very pleased that I received a second full sized tube. (I received another one in a past mystery box and I fell in love.)

I received 5 polishes. Three of them were dupes for me so I just added them to the Christmas present for my sister-in-law. What a lucky girl! ;)

Chelsea: A purple glitter. This is the third bottle of Chelsea I’ve received. Good thing she’s such a pretty girl!

Boris & Nicole. Another dupe. I received my fist bottle in the Halloween Maven boxes.

Mischa. Another dupe. This was in one of the summer Maven boxes. It’s a really pretty orange/red shimmer. 

The first new polish: Sienna. This was in a previous Maven box; just not one I personally received. She looks like a metallic/shimmer neutral. I’d call it beige or possible super light brown. She looks pretty!

Lastly, as promised, Julep included a never-before-seen glitter. They forgot to name her!!! It looks gorgeous, though. Despite the lack of a name. Maybe they’re planning a contest or something?

And last, but not least, I received a glitter pot with easy to follow instructions. I’ve really been into glitter lately so this will be fun!

If you’re interested in becoming a Julep Maven and receiving their monthly boxes, please use my referral link: http://www.julep.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/9527/

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Frosty French

Here is a wintery mani for you today. I used Zoya Yummy, Vivid Lacquer Snowjob, and Julep Kate. You are going to see a lot of Vivid Lacquer since I got a lot of her colors during a cyber Monday sale. :)

I was originally just planning on doing the Snowjob over Yummy but I wasn’t really happy with it. One way to make a mani better without re-doing the whole thing is to throw some french tips in the mix. Once I did that, I loved it!

Here are the pics. :) (Two coats of everything except just one of Kate.)

The Harlequin’s Adoration

I Love, Love, LOVE this indie polish! It’s made by Vivid Lacquer and is called the Harlequin’s Adoration. This can be layered over nearly any color and will look completely different on every one! I can’t get enough of this polish! I first got it as a mini-bottle and that quickly became not enough! So I ordered a full size on Etsy.com from the maker.

Today, I decided to see what this little beauty looked like over black. So far, I like it best over fuschia so I will post that in the near future.

For this one, I used Sally Hansen Black Out. What you can’t see in the pictures is that it has tiny pink shimmers that give the polish almost a holo effect. That is the reason why I’m in love with it!

Go-To Nail Products

I’ve never done a post on my go-to nail products. Not even on my original blog!
Since I use these items at least once a day, I thought they deserved a little shout-out.

The four things I use daily are:
1. Julep Essential Cuticle Oil. This stuff is amazing! It smells great and softens up cuticles very, very, fast. Then they are soft enough to push back. This is my favorite cuticle oil (I’ve tried a lot of different grocery store brands) because of how quickly it softens my nails.

2.) Julep Reveal. This is meant to strengthen your nails and promote growth. I notice t hat I have significantly less peeling when I’m using this daily so I really think it works.

3.) Julep Nail Therapy. I use this as my base coat most of the time. If I don’t use this, my next go-to ones are Seche Clear or Orly Bonder. The only thing about the nail therapy is that it won’t bond to your nail if there is oil there. (Say…leftover from your cuticle oil.) So you’ll want to make sure that your nails or dry or else your polish will literally peel right off!

4.) Seche Vite, of course! This is a super popular top coat because it dries so incredibly fast. It’s almost unreal how fast it dries. When I run out of SV, I hate using other top coats because it takes foreveeeeer for my nails to dry and then I get impatient and they get smudged. So it’s SV or bust for me!

Top Row: Nail Therapy, SV, Cuticle Oil
Bottom: Julep Reveal

And if you’re wondering…Yes, Julep is one of my favorite brands!!

Maybelline Color Show Magenta Mirage

Here is Maybelline Color Show Magenta Mirage over Sally Hansen Black Out. This is a beautiful magenta that is very vivid and pigmented. I am excited to try it over a lot of different colors.

In other news, my car is having trouble starting. I hate car troubles! It’s one of those problems where you really just feel helpless and stranded! Fingers crossed that the repairs will be inexpensive!

Thanks for stopping by!

Welcome and a Starry Night Mani

Welcome to my new blog! I’m excited you’re here.

To start us off, I did a starry night mani. The base color is Julep Eloise and the glitters are from Vivid Lacquer’s handmade polish, Wish Upon a Star. You can check her shop out on Etsy.

In other news, I’m excited for next week because I get a lot of days off work. Hooray! Thanks for stopping by. :)