Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018

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The Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 might just be the best smelling bubble box yet! I had to really control myself from trying to take a big bite out of the bath bombs because they smelled so freaking delicious!


Sky Organics is starting to make cute shapes with the products. This is the first box I’ve gotten where there were shapes. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a heart and the bottom left is a cupcake!


I love this monthly bath bomb subscription because it reminds you to pamper yourself AT LEAST once a month! Self care is so important, but it’s so hard to remember to do! When this little box of delightfulness shows up on your doorstep each month, it’s a wonderful reminder to take a few minutes and enjoy an luxurious bath!

To sign up for the monthly bath bomb subscription, head over to

Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Review

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fliexi-clip-reivewRebecca from Lilla Rose sent me this gorgeous flexi clip to review for you!

Every month there is a special Flexi that comes out, which is called our “Flexi of the Month” (FOTM). It comes out usually on the 1st of every month (sometimes early if it is a special holiday, like Christmas or Valentines) and is available until it either sells out or the last day of the month hits, which ever comes first. There are many times that the FOTM sells out within hours or days! So, it’s best to be connected with a Stylist, if you want to know the newest hair accessory designs, as well as awesome sales.
In the past few months, Lilla Rose has had 2 Flash Sales, which last only a couple hours and the prices are equivalent to Black Friday, which this past year, were up to 60% off.
If you want to earn some hostess rewards, there are 3 ways to have parties; In-Home, Catalog (“Style Boutique in a Bag”), and social media. The “Style Boutique in a Bag” is one of Rebecca’s favorites.
Rebecca has a bag that she gives to the Hostess, which contains at the very least, 1 of each size Flexi, XXS to Large and a set of our Strong Hold Bobbies. Then you can go anywhere and collect orders.
For February, corporate brought out 2 Flexi’s of the Month, Darlene and Amorette. They can be worn as is, or you can put a picture in the frame. Another use could be that anyone who diffuses essential oils can wear an XS or Small on a scarf (depending on the scarf thickness) and put a piece of cotton batting in the frame to put a drop or 2 of their oils on.
There is also an online Customer Special in February. During the month of February, receive 1 free Bobby Pin with an order of $40 or more, or 2 free Bobby Pins with an order of $50 or more.


I actually own about 7 Flexi-Clips by now so I’ve been a Lilla Rose customer for a while! They are a great way to quickly put your hair up without having to use one of those butterfly clips that are straight out of the 90’s.

Thanks for reading my Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip Review! If you’d like to order one, make sure to get in contact with Rebecca!



Color Street Love Scene

Color Street Love Scene is from the limited edition Valentine’s Day Collection.
Speaking of….Happy Valentine’s Day! Let me know if you have any fun plans in the comments below!

color-club-love-scene color-street-love-scene-nail-wraps

Color Street Vegas Crush

Today I’m wearing Color Street Vegas Crush from the limited edition Valentine’s Day Collection. You can’t really see it in my pictures, but the white actually has tiny shimmers in it. It’s really super gorgeous in the sun!

color-street-vegas-crush color-street-vegas-crush-nail-wraps

Color Street Pretty in Helenski

Today, I’m wearing Color Street Pretty in Helenski. This is a limited edition glitter from the Valentine’s Day nail polish collection. This is a lovely soft pink with silver holo glitters.

color-club-pretty-in-helenski color-club-pretty-in-helenski-nail-wrap

While you won’t be able to get this design before 2/14, this is a wrap you could wear really any time.

Pretty Serious Consider Outer Space

{Press Sample}

Pretty Serious nail polish sent me their recent collection to swatch for you! There is one additional polish not shown here….it was an orange that did not survive the mail. :( RIP Dorado!

This collection is the Pretty Serious Consider Outer Space collection. Each one is a holo glitter that is extremely rich in color.

Pretty Serious My Immortal is actually my favorite of the collection. This blue has a teal shift. It’s freaking gorgeous AF.

pretty-serious-my-immortal-swatch pretty-serious-my-immortal

Pretty Serious Lyra

pretty-serious-lyra-swatch pretty-serious-lyra


Pretty Serious Ara

pretty-serious-ara-swatch Pretty-Serious-Ara


Pretty Serious Serpens

pretty-serious-serpens pretty-serious-serpens-swatch


Pretty Serious Hydra

pretty-serious-hydra-swatch pretty-serious-hydra

Pretty Serious Pyxis

pretty-serious-pyxis-swatch pretty-serious-pyxis

Pretty Serious Carina

pretty-serious-carina-swatch pretty-serious-carina

The colors in this collection are very rich and vibrant. I think it’s gorgeous and each one is unique. I’m so sick of polish companies putting out collections where half of the polishes are a similar color. This collection has diversity in shades, but it’s also cohesive! That is exactly how a collection should be!

Color Street Downtown Romance

Color Street Downtown Romance is part of our limited edition Valentine’s Day Nail Art collection. This set lasted forever on my nails. PLUS it is freaking gorgeous. So sparkly in the sun! Look at the glittaaaaah!!! To order your set of Color Street Downtown Romance, head over to or, if you’re not sure about this whole “are they really that good” situation, click here to request a free sample from me! :)

color-street-downtown-romance color-street-love-park-nail-wraps

Color Street Love Park

Color Street Love Park is a Valentine’s Day nail art design. It’s limited edition so if you like it, don’t wait! Valentine’s day nail art designs are buy 3 get 1 free so you can get Love Park along with three other of our limited edition designs. (Or designs from the regular collection for that matter!)

color-street-love-park color-street-love-park-nail-wrap color-street-nail-wraps-love-park

Color Street Sugar Factory

Color Street Sugar Factory is part of the limited edition Valentine’s Day collection. This is a cherry red polish with chunky glitters in it. The Valentine’s Day Nail Art is buy 3 get 1 free so you can definitely stock up on these gorgeous looks!

color-street-nail-wraps-sugar-factory color-street-sugar-factory color-street-sugar-factory-nailwraps

Color Street Broadway Glimmer

Today I am wearing Color Street Broadway Glimmer. My favorite thing about Color Street’s glitter wraps is that the glitter actually lays flat. You don’t have to worry about “taco” glitters or snaggy glitters or hungry glitters that eat all your topcoat. Nope! This lays flat and stays gosh  darn flat!


Color Street nail wraps are currently buy 3 get 1 free (or buy one get one for french mani wraps). I don’t know how long this promotion is going to last. They keep saying it’s temporary. So, if you want to try some for a great price, don’t wait! Especially since the new Valentine’s Day designs just got released and they are freaking gorgeous!color-street-broadway-glimmer-nail-wrap

Color Street Serengeti Stripes

Today I’m wearing Color Street Serengeti Stripes. You’ve probably heard me go on and on and on about how great Color Street nail wraps are and these ones are no exception.  Since these are made of real, actual nail polish, it makes their application, wearability, and removal soooo easy. Folks who have worn these and compared them to Jamberry have sworn allegiance to Color Street! <3 If you haven’t tried them yet, check out my VIP Facebook group here: Lazy Girls’ (and Guys’!) Nails

color-street-serengeti-stripes color-street-serengeti-stripes-nail-wraps

Sky Organics Bubble Box January 2018

{Press Sample}

Sky Organics sent me their January 2018 Bubble Box . I got last month’s also and was extremely pleased. This month, everything smells like amazing delicious candy. The whole thing makes my bathroom smell divine. I kinda don’t want to use them because they are making such an effective bathroom scent. LOL.


Every month, the Bubble Box comes with two bath bombs, a shower steamer, and a bubble bar.

These are very quality products. I thoroughly enjoy every single bath I take with a Sky Organics Bath Bomb. If you haven’t checked these out yet, you’re going to want to. They make baths bubble-box-jan-2018

Zoya Kisses Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Kisses collection to swatch and review for you. This is a collection of light jellies. These are going to be perfect for spring so I’m glad Zoya released them now. Gives us all time to get them and have them before spring actually gets here!

Zoya Vickie is my least favorite of the collection. It’s just a little too gray for me. It’s on the awkward line where it’s not gray, but it’s not purple. A weird hybrid of the two.

zoya-vickie zoya-vickie-swatchZoya Princess is my favorite of the bunch. Not only because of the bangin’ name but because it’s a rich, juicy pink!

zoya-princess-swatch zoya-princess

Zoya Libby is a light lavender jelly. This one is ok in my opinion. It’s not terrible, but I wish it was….juicier. Gimme the juice!

zoya-libby-swatch zoya-libby

Zoya Leia is a beautiful pink shimmer topper. I have it layered here on top of Princess. This topper will get a lot of use from me! Look at it! Just LOOK AT IT.zoya-leia zoya-leia-swatch

Sky Organics Bubble Box

{Press Sample}

Last month, Sky Organics released their monthly Bubble Box subscription. Each month, you will receive 2 bath bombs, a shower steamer, and a bubble bar.

This box may be my favorite thing to receive. It smells SO freaking good. Like amazing. I kept it in my bathroom for a few days before I could use the products and it also worked as an air freshener! My whole bathroom smelled delightful, but not in an overpowering way, ya know? It was just the right amount of “smell good” for the small space.
Bubble-Box sky-organics-bubble-box

The Sky Organics bath bombs are delightfully colorful and very moisturizing. My skin feels SO GOOD after taking a bath with one of these bad boys.

I would highly recommend checking out the Sky Organics Bubble Box. I got my January box in the mail earlier this week (yes! this post is a little late! This is the December box pictured!) and it smells like amazing candy.

The added bonus of the monthly subscription box is that it encourages you to take a bath once a month. (I mean….I hope you bathe more often than that….but what I mean is that it’s a great monthly reminder for some self-care and relaxation. ;) )

Have you tried any Sky Organics products yet? What do you think of their new subscription for bath bombs?

Valentine’s Day Nail Art

{Affiliate Links}

Color Street Valentine’s Day Nail Art is available! WAHOO! I’ve ordered one of each for myself. LMAO. Getting 25% off and B3G1 Free kicks butt. Everyone gets B3G1 Free, but consultants get an extra 25% off.

I’ll be posting these on my actual nails as I wear them, but I wanted to give you enough time to order them from these photos if you were interested in having some pretty bad-ass nails between now and V-day.

These also make great GAL-entine’s Day gifts for your friends!

Downtown Romance
Love Park
Belgian Delight
Vegas Crush
Southern Belle
Sugar Factory
Pretty in Helenski
Love Scene

Click Here to order.

Weigh-In Wednesday 1-3-2018

Happy New Year, y’all!

It’s been a couple weeks since I made my usual Weigh-In Wednesday post. The holidays distracted me! I was out of town and away from computers. The good news is….since last weigh-in a few weeks ago, I’ve lost 1.5 lbs. During the holidays! Woohoo! That means I’ve lost a total of 20.5 lbs since starting this iteration of a weight loss journey.

Weigh-In Wednesday 1-3-2018

Today’s vintage-inspired outfit is put together by Gywnnie Bee and Amazon. :P Get $10 credit at Gwynnie Bee when you use my referral link. ;) The black cardigan is from Amazon.

I’ve started noticing that my pants are looser and I’m having to size down in my Gwynnie Bee clothes. Hooray! I’m also kind of getting a waist back which is nice. Now, I just have to keep up the good work to keep on reducing that waistline!

Essie Gel Couture Swatches

{Press Sample}

Essie sent me three of their new colors from the Gel Couture formula. Normally, I freaking love this formula so I jumped at the chance to swatch a few more colors. (I swatched a collection for them in August of 2016.)

I don’t know if someone I’ve forgotten how to paint my nails (not likely) but these swatches are absolutely terrible. The polish kept flooding my cuticles and I Is anyone else having this problem with these polishes??? The two creams I was sent were especially bad flooders.

Essie Amethyst Noir

essie-amethyst-noir essie-amethyst-noir-swatch

Essie Gold Gildingessie-gold-gilding essie-gold-gilding-swatch

Essie Rue de la Rubyessie-rue-de-la-ruby essie-rue-de-la-ruby-swatch

I’ll be the first to admit that these are not cute swatches. I don’t know if it was me or the formula so I’d love to hear from some other people that have tried these polishes!

Weigh-In Wednesday 12/13/2017

Holy crap on a stick it’s Wednesday already. Time has seriously been flying lately! My gracious!

Well, let’s not beat around the bush. I lost 3 lbs this week. More than I was expecting! I’m down a total of 19lbs since my official start back in October. It feels good! I never thought I’d be one of “those people” but earlier this week, I legit forgot to eat dinner. I wasn’t hungry, I was having a grand time chatting with a cute boy online (teehee) and then it was bedtime. It wasn’t until I was brushing my teeth did I realize I never ate. I always judged people who said they forgot to eat. LOL. LIKE HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? I guess if you’re not hungry there is no law that you have to stuff your face. Who knew???

Weigh-In Wednesday 12-13-2017

I need to try on the same outfit I’m wearing in the “before” photo and see how it looks now. Maybe I’ll do that in the next couple weeks. :)

Weigh-In Wednesday 12/6/2017

Wednesday already? I almost wore lazy clothes today….but then I remembered I had to take a full body shot for today’s post. :) And then it took me forever to pick out a dress because I couldn’t remember what I’d already worn. LOL. First world problems are really, really hard!

This week has been strange and has felt like an eternity. That must have been a good thing because I dropped 2 pounds this week. I hate to say it….but I wasn’t even trying. It’s amazing what NOT binge eating most nights will do for the scale and your waistline!

Weigh-In Wednesday 1262017

I’m actually starting to get my waist back a little and I’m really excited about that. Perhaps I’ll be able to start seeing my feminine figure soon! :P

In dating news…I went on a date with a guy last weekend who spent 45 minutes showing me his vacation photos. Are.You.Kidding.Me??? I thought everyone knew that you never, ever do that to someone. Especially not someone you’ve literally just met who doesn’t give to fucks about your vacation. Gaaaaaaaah.

Zoya Party Girl Collection

{Press Sample}

Oh man! This post has been a long time coming! The Zoya Party Girl Collection has been out for a while now and I finally finished swatching all of them! :O This is a great collection of really fun fall/winter colors.

Zoya Blake

zoya-blake zoya-blake-swatch

Zoya Kelsey

zoya-kelsey zoya-kelsey-swatch

Zoya Delaney

zoya-delaney zoya-delaney-swatch

Zoya Sheri

zoya-sheri zoya-sheri-swatch

Zoya Daniellezoya-danielle-swatch zoya-danielle

Zoya Nadia

zoya-nadia zoya-nadia-swatch

Zoya Solstice

zoya-solstice zoya-solstice-swatch

Zoya Fallon

zoya-fallon zoya-fallon-swatch

Zoya Landonzoya-landon zoya-landon-swatch

Zoya Tawny

zoya-tawny-swatch zoya-tawny

Zoya Mingzoya-ming-swatch zoya-ming

Weigh-In Wednesday 11/29/2017

Phew! What a week, what a week! I went and visited my family for Thanksgiving weekend. My adorable nephew made me play Candyland for 6 hours straight. If I never see that game again, it will be too soon. (Ok, maybe not SIX hours, but it felt like 60, so give me a break. LOL)

I kinda stuffed my face on both Thanksgiving and the Friday after….oopsies! But, I did go on a walk with my mom so that good karma showed on the scale this week as I dropped 1 pound. Phew! I was kinda worried how it was all going to shake out after all those carbs and pie and booze!

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-29-2017

I was talking to my sister about what my body looks like now. I actually weigh more today than I do in the 2010 picture at the beginning of the collage. But, I feel like I look better in today’s picture. I think the difference is that I’ve learned better how to dress for my body. Nearly everything I own nips in at the waist so it gives me a more feminine figure, despite all the extra poundage. Both the dress and the blazer I’m wearing today are things I got from Gwynnie Bee. All of their clothes are designed for sizes 10-26++ so they really know how to dress a larger woman. If you’re a size 10 or larger, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s basically like Netflix for clothes, but you can buy the items you love and want to keep. (Like I did with both items I’m wearing today.)

Lastly, how about another mini horror story from my online dating adventures? Last night, a guy tried to hit on my by saying a joke about mentally disabled people. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Are you kidding me right now?! Not only is that not ok, but that is what you START the conversation with?! What the hell is wrong with people?!

Anyway….have an amazing Wednesday and don’t forget to come hang out with my in my VIP Facebook group!

Color Club Head in the Clouds and Online Dating Stories!

{Purchased by Me}

Hey there and happy Tuesday! I have a little lazy nail art for you today. I started with two coats of Color Club Head in the Clouds which is a thermal polish. Unfortunately, the thermal change is from medium gray to light gray…so it’s really not noticeable. Then, I used Nail Hugs to press on the chevron design on top.

nail-hugs-chevrons color-club-head-in-the-clouds-swatch color-club-head-in-the-clouds-thermal-polish color-club-head-in-the-clouds

I have received a couple VERY WEIRD questions during my online dating adventures. Here are the two most recent ones….

A guy asked me what my birth month and date were so he could check our compatibility with his numerology and supreme math….(WTF, dude. No. #blocked)

Another guy asked if I was Jewish. When I told him no, he asked if I would be willing to get a DNA test to prove my background. I don’t know if he is a total racist, was trying to make a very very bad joke, or if he only dates Jewish women…. But, needless to say, I blocked that guy!

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-22-2017 plus Thoughts on Online Dating

Hello again! Since last week, I’ve lost 1 lbs. I think it would have been more….but I ate a bit too much for dinner last night. LOL. Oops! I’m starting to get my waist back which is nice. And the pants I’m wearing in today’s picture used to be skin tight but now they’re fitting comfortably. Yay!

I went up to Seattle last Saturday with my dad and got 13,000 steps. I think that really helped. LOL. Turns out, walking all over Seattle quickly makes your FitBit very happy. Today, if this sunny weather holds up, I’m going to take one of my dogs for a walk when I get home from work. It’s been pouring rain nearly nonstop for a week. I like walking my dogs….but not in the pouring rain. That’s a bit much even for a crazy dog person like me.

As you probably know by now, I’ve starting exploring the fascinating world of online dating. A friend of mine asked me for the download on what it’s like. Here was my response:

First, everyone is much more mature (for the most part…) When you find someone who is actually looking for a relationship and not a casual hook-up, their needs/desires are a lot more solidly formed than in their 20’s. Additionally, everyone has been in a very serious relationship already so they have learned a lot from their past. Everyone has either been married or suuuuuper close to getting married before. This means they are a lot more clear on who they are and who they want in a partner.

With online dating, you skip the first few months of a relationship. The “I like you, you like me” part is a lot more straight forward. You don’t have to go ask your friend to ask his friends if he likes you. You’re just talking straight to each other.

You also get to vet things out a lot faster by reading their profiles. I see a cute guy, read he loves hiking and kayaking, and then I move on. In the ‘real world’ it would take longer to move past that cute guy. There are some sites (OKCupid is my favorite right now) that tell you answers to some pretty hot button topics. For example, their stance on gay marriage, if they are super religious, if they are messy or neat, how often they shower, if they like kissing, if they like dogs, etc etc. In the real world, it would take months to get all that information out in the open.

For these reasons, online dating moves you through a lot more guys a lot faster.

Each different dating site has its own subculture, just like any social media. So, you have to find the one that feels right for you and has an interface that you like. I like the culture of Match but I hate the interface, for example. Luckily, there are 1,001 dating sites so you can keep looking until you find a site you like.

Additionally, my sister recommend a book to me that everyone has heard of….He’s Just Not That Into You. I would highly recommend giving this a read to anyone who is in the dating arena. At first, I thought it was full of shit. The basic premise is that if a guy truly likes you, there is no excuse or barrier that will prevent him from trying to see you. I thought that was a big extreme….people can genuinely be busy, after all. However, I then met a guy who really is into me. And everything I read in the book made total sense. I literally said to myself, “OOOOOOh. THIS is what the difference is. This is a huge difference.” How often he texts/calls, what he says in those calls, etc. A guy saying “I had fun, I’d like to see you again” is nice….but if he’s really into you, he’ll say, “I had fun, I’d like to see you again. What are you doing on Saturday?” See the difference? The guy that really likes you is going to make a solid plan to see you again…not just talk about it in the abstract. THAT’S what the book is talking about. Give if a read if you’re in the dating market! Or, if you’re in a relationship and you’re not totally happy…

Until next time…

Lazy Betty signing off.

Color Club Happy Go Lucky

{Purchased By Me}

Color Club Happy Go Lucky is one of Color Club‘s amazing thermal changing polishes. This one has one of the more extreme changes I’ve seen. It goes from yellow to peach!

color-club-happy-go-lucky color-club-thermal-polish color-club-happy-go-lucky-swatch color-club-happy-go-lucky-cold

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-15-2017

Well hey there. Been a while since I last posted about this topic, eh? Well, it’s time for me to get re-focused. If you’ve read any of my posts the last few weeks, you know that I am in the process of getting divorced. Not so surprisingly, this has also re-motivated me to get back in shape. I gained all the weight back since my last weigh-in post, so basically I’m starting from scratch and all those other posts didn’t matter. LOL.

I count this weight loss journey as having started on October 15, 2017. It’s been one month since I got re-motivated and I have lost 11.5 lbs. YAY! I’m trying very hard to get back into the habit of walking in the morning, but my pesky brain refuses to get up any earlier than 5am. I would need to get up at 4:30am or earlier to get any sort of walking in before I have to start getting ready for work. Maybe I can trick my brain by getting up at 4:59…and then 4:58…and then 4:57…. Think that will work??