Pepper Pot Polish Christmas A-Go-Go

{Purchased by Me}

Today, I have some nail art to show you! I started with two coats of Pepper Pot Polish Christmas A-Go-Go. Then I used this star stamping design with black stamping polish to create this nail look.


And here is Pepper Pot Polish Christmas A-Go-Go plain.pepper-pot-polish-christmas-a-go-go-swatch pepper-pot-polish-christmas-a-go-go

Sally Hansen Reflection Pool

{Press Sample}

Today I just have a quick polish swatch for you! This is Sally Hansen Reflection Pool which was sent to me as a press sample. It’s a lovely duochrome polish that has green, purple, and blue shifts.

sally-hansen-reflection-pool sally-hansen-reflection-pool-swatch

Stamping on top of Color Street French Riviera

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As you know by now, I’ve been using a ton of Color Street nail wraps. Well, I wanted to see if I could actually do nail art on top of them. I picked Color Street French Riviera because it’s a lovely blue to silver glitter ombre. I thought it would look pretty underneath a black line stamping design.

I chose Cici&Sisi Plate 13 and Konad Black as my stamping supplies. The awesome thing about this technique is it really cuts down on the time it takes to do some nail art because you don’t have to wait for the base color to dry!! This is going to be a huge time saver for me, yet I still get to be creative and do my favorite nail art technique!! I used Seche Vite to seal in the nail art. It works well on the Color Street wraps as a base because they’re actually made of real polish so they don’t act weird under other nail polish stuff.


Here is what Color Street French Riviera looked before I did nail art on top. It’s a lovely glitter look.color-street-nail-wraps-french-riviera color-street-french-riviera

Color Streetis buy 3 get 1 free!

Sky Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

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Sky Organics sent me their Dead Sea Mud Mask to review for you! This face mask is sourced from the Dead Sea and promotes smooth, rich skin. The mask removes toxins, improves circulation, and features anti-aging properties.


The Sky Organics Dead Sea Mud Mask contains Shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera, and a number of other organic oils. With their powers combined, these ingredients adopt a dense texture that can be applied to the skin. sky-organics-dead-sea-mud-mask-review

The mud mask also features vitamins and nutrients in high

My skin was noticeably softer after cleaning off the mud mask. I will work this into my regime at least once every couple weeks! Especially when it’s so hot and dry in this state this time of year!dead-sea-mud-mask-review


Bump It Off

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I got sent the Bump It Off to review for you! Being a beauty blogger, I obviously had to try this to clean my makeup brushes. Check out this video to see what I thought of the Bump it Off!


Color Street Southwest Dream

Today I’m going to show you Color Street Southwest Dream. This design is inspired by the turquoise jewelry that is common in the Southwest. The finish is a gorgeous shimmer. Normally, polishes with this vibrant of a teal color would stain my nails. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that with Color Street. I still have stains on my nails from polishes I used months ago! :Ocolor-street-Southwest-Dream


Color Street is buy 3 get 1 free for all nail art and solid designs. If you have any questions about how easy these are to use, pop me a comment!

Color Street Crossroads

Today I’m going to show you Color Street Crossroads! Color Street can help you get a super-fast, gorgeous mani so you don’t feel like you’re spending all your free time at your nail art desk! Oh, and did I mention it’s pretty chip-resistant, too?!

Color Street is made of real nail polish so it removes just as easily as nail polish. That way, you don’t feel like you’re ruining your nails when you want to change your mani!

color-street-crossroads color-street-review

As a side note, you can pick up Nail Extend here.

Got a Case of the Sunday Blues?

At last count, there are a bajillion memes going around about the Sunday blues. Here are just a few examples!

sunday-blues sunday-blues sunday-blues sunday-blues

Why do we all get sadder as Sunday progresses through its day? Because Monday is tomorrow. That’s why! What if I told you there’s a better way?

If you’re interested in learning more, fill out this contact sheet and I’ll be in touch STAT!

Giant Nail Polish Destash!

It’s time for me to reduce my collection!!! I’m having a giant destash sale. All mystery bags are $30 but the value is waaaay over $30. Basically, anything you’ve seen on my blog is fair game to show up in a mystery package!!

There will be a mix of indie and mainstream brands. Brands might include Enchanted Polish, Glam Polish, Literary Lacquers, OPI, and more! :O :O

If you’re interested, simply click on this PayPal link here. Make sure your shipping address is correct on your paypal account before paying. That’s the address the shipping label will default to. :)

If that link doesn’t work for you or you don’t have paypal, send me a quick message and I’ll get you a personalized invoice!

How to Fix LipSense Waterline Wear

As we all know, LipSense is basically the best lipcolor ever invented in the history of womankind. However, throughout the day, you might experience some wear on the waterline. In this video, I’ll show you how to fix your waterline so the wear and tear isn’t noticeable anymore! Enjoy! :)

Color Street Florentine Mosaic

Good evening, y’all! Tonight I’m going to wear Color Street Florentine Mosaic. I’ve had me eye on this design for a few weeks but I was waiting for a special occasion! Well, today is my husband’s birthday and we’re having a big get-together tomorrow. I figured it was finally the time to pull out these bad boys!

These are glitter nail wraps from Color Street which are buy 3 get 1 free! :O

color-street-review color-street-florentine-mosaic

Let’s hear your thoughts. Pop me a comment in the old comment section!

Color Street City of Love

Today I’m going to show you Color Street City of Love! This is one of the french manicure designs offered by Color Street. These are actually buy 1 get 1 free so it’s a fabulous deal.

You start off my doing the tips and filing off the excess. Then, you put the full nail clear strips on top. These would look a lot better if my nails weren’t stained. LOL. But, I think you’ll get the idea!

color-street-city-of-love color-street-city-of-love-mani

I’ve been getting asked a lot how to join Color Street. It’s actually super easy! Simply go to and click the button in the upper left-hand corner that says “Join.”

The commission structure can be a bit confusing for this company. There is a biannual minimum order of $300. You could stay active by ordering $0 for 5 months in a row and then putting in a $300 order in the sixth month.

The Commission is actually paid weekly! Every Thursday, they deposit the 25% commission directly into your checking account. This is the base commission. You can earn bonus commissions by selling more. For example, if you sell $600 in one calendar month, you get a bonus 3% commission at the end of the month. So for that month, your actual commission would be 28%.

Your personalized Color Street site is $10/month. If someone orders off the site, Color Street takes care of all the shipping and you just get a magical deposit into your account the following Thursday. Then, the person is added into your contacts list in your account so that you can follow up with them. (That way, it’s not some sort of mystery person and you can provide personalized customer service to them.)

Let me know if you have any questions about joining Color Street. It would be fabulous to have you on the team. We only launched on June 12th of this year! So it’s going to be a hot market!

SeneGence Sunday: Is direct sales all just a scam?

Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on my SeneGence business. The company won’t let us share our income publicly anymore so that kind of put a damper on these posts. LOL.

As you may know, I also started selling Color Street earlier this month. I was (and still am!) looking for bloggers who hate nail wraps but would be willing to try Color Street. (If you’re one of those people, let me know!) During my internet research, I got sucked down into a vortex of some really intense articles slamming direct sales companies.

One article in particular accused direct sales companies of intentionally “preying” on stay at home moms and “suckering” them into dreams of riches. Well, here’s the thing. Most direct sales companies aren’t “preying” on anyone. And, we’re also not trying to sucker anyone into doing anything. As it turns out, people have free will and are able to make their own grown-up decisions.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts of direct sales:

It’s a legal business model.

Back in the day, there were absolutely pyramid schemes and scams. That’s why there are SO many laws governing what direct sales companies can do. There is also a national association that regulates direct sales companies to ensure they are legit.

No income promises; no hype

There is a reason SeneGence won’t let us share what kind of money we’re making. Because we don’t want to dazzle people with riches and have the illusion of ‘get rich quick.’ Direct sales is a simple concept, but it is hard work and money doesn’t just come in magically. If you’re looking at a direct sales company, make sure you’re looking at the quality of the product and not getting swayed by any income promises.

own your own business

The beauty of direct sales is that you get to own your own business, set your own ours, and be in business for yourself, but not BY yourself. The host company does all the heavy lifting while the direct sellers get to do the fun parts – marketing and interacting with people. Many of you know that I also own a dog training business. I have no ‘host’ company there; it’s all me. And while that is rewarding, it’s also a shitload more work than having a host company. Direct sales is kind of the best of both worlds.

No nepotism, favoritism

And finally, my absolute favorite part of direct sales is that it does not matter what your background, education, or skill level is. You get paid for how hard you work. Period. You will never be sitting in a cubicle wondering why the person across from you gets paid more when they are an idiot and you work harder and better than them.

This is what attracted me to direct sales in the first place! I wanted something where my success was in direct relation to my effort. Traditional jobs can have that, but there are ceilings, caps, and politics to deal with. If you work hard and provide good service to your customers, you are going to be successful. I find direct sales more rewarding intrinsically than a traditional job for this reason.

Your business goes where you go

There is a reason a lot of military people like to join direct sales. Their business moves with them when they get restationed. This means they don’t have to job search over and over again every time a spouse moves. There isn’t another business model that allows for that kind of location flexibility.

So, is direct sales a scam?

No, it’s not. There are some less-than-ethical distributors in every company who might prey on unsuspecting people, but that is not the rule nor the norm. Direct sales is a non-traditional business model that removes politics and rewards effort. Average people with above average ambition can achieve an above average lifestyle without having to wait for “open positions” or for anyone in the company to retire.

If you’ve thought about joining direct sales, but you’re wary about it for any reason, let’s chat! Even if you’re not interested in joining one of my teams, I still love to talk about this business model. I was a business and economics major in college so all of the inner workings of these businesses fascinate me.

Color Street Sakura Festival

I have another gorgeous Color Street manicure to show you today. The polka dots go well with my new branding! LOL. This mani is called Color Street Sakura Festival. After doing this mani, I still have four wraps left which means I can still use these as accent nails in other manicures or on my toes! :O All you have to do is store them in an airtight container to keep them from drying out.  color-street-sakura-festival color-street-sakura-festival2

What do you think of today’s Color Street manicure? All designs are buy 3 get 1 free so you can be set for the whole month or longer!

Feature Friday: The Perfect Shade of Concealer

Did you know that you can get the exact perfect shade of concealer with SeneGence? We have this sassy little product called the SeneGence White Highlighter/Concealer. What you do is mix a dab of the concealer with your foundation. This thickens it a touch and lightens it 1-2 shades for perfectly covering up those under eye circles and blemishes. Check out the video to see it in action! You can pick up yours at

Makeup Drop Silicone Makeup Sponge Review

{Press Sample}

I was sent this Makeup Drop Silicone Makeup Sponge to review for you! I decided to film my first time using it so you could get a genuine look at how this works. Check out the short video below to see what I thought!

Color Street Wraps VS Other Wraps

Today I’m going to show you a new Color Street Wraps design and I’m going to show you proof as to why I love them so much more than other wraps.

The application instructions for all brands are the same – Press on to the nail and file off the excess. It really can’t get much more simple than that. Some brands say you can get better results if you get the wraps warm first. Otherwise, the instructions are the same across the board….But the results of the different brands tell another story.

On the left is another brand of nail wraps. I’ve had a lot of practice with wraps and the one on the left is a pain in the ass. It doesn’t sit flat on my super curved nails. It puckers at the apex and at the edges. I can barely even wear them.

On the right are the Color Street Wraps in Mauna Loa. As you can see, there is NO pucker; it’s completely flat against my nail, even at the edges. I didn’t use a heating device or anything. No top coat or basecoat needed. It is so easy-peasy-mac-and-cheesy.


Here are the Color Street Wraps from the usual angle. This design is super pretty. It looks like a glittery watermarble. This design is called Mauna Loa and you can find it at

These wraps are buy 3, get 1 free for all but the french tips. The french tips are buy 1 get 1 free!! :O color-street-mauna-loa-review color-street-mauna-loa

I can’t believe how quickly I can do a gorgeous manicure with these wraps. There is no headache and they last much longer than polish. Even when you play with doggies all day!color-street-review

And here is my husband shaming our puppy. His name is Doctor.

Color Street Brooklyn Beat

About a week ago, I posted that I was in love with Color Street nail wraps. I finally got my new distributor package in the mail and I’ve made a demo video for you!

But, first, let’s take a look at what OTHER nail wraps do on my super curved nails. The would pucker in the middle and peel at the edges. I’ve tried tons of different brands and different application techniques. I got lost in the dark side of the internet googling “How to troubleshoot nail wraps.”

As it turns out, my nails weren’t the problem, the wraps I was using were!


When I first got Color Street nail wraps on my nails, it was like I finally found what I was looking for. This design is called Brooklyn Beat and you can check it out at

Here is a demo video. I also explain a lot of cool features about the wraps so make sure to listen! :)


Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

I got my hands on the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette about a month ago….and then I forgot to post about it! Oopsies! Hopefully, this is better late than never!

The shades are all very warm toned. (If you didn’t know that from the name, then….well…I don’t know what to tell you.)

urban-decay-naked-heat-review urban-decay-naked-heat-palette

I did a couple eye looks with this. All of them were very red looking or brown-red looking. I actually kind of like it, but it’s not something I’m going to gravitate toward every day.urban-decay-naked-heat-palette-review

As usual, the formula was great. I’ve come to expect that from Urban Decay. If they slap “Naked” on the labelling, I’m going to buy it for sure.urban-decay-naked-heat-palette-reviews urban-decay-naked-heat

Have you tried this palette yet? What do you think?

Toppik Hair Building Shampoo Review

{Press Sample}

I was sent some Toppik Hair Building Shampoo and Conditioner to review. I was pretty excited to get these because I have super thin hair and anything that’s going to make it bigger is a godsend. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with these. They made my hair really dry and brittle.


I even tried mixing the conditioner with castor oil to help put some moisture in my hair, but it didn’t help. I used these for 3 showers before I couldn’t do it to my hair anymore.

I think if you’re prone to oily hair, then Toppik shampoo and conditioner might work really well for you. In fact, I’m going to give these to my dear friend Chelsea over at smackerlacquer for her to try out. She might review, but she might not. Only time will tell…

Even though these didn’t work out for me, I appreciate Toppik sending them my way!

Purple Nail Art Stamping

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Where are my purple lovers?!?!? This mani is for you!! It starts with two coats of China Glaze Summer Reign. Then, I used It Girl Wisteria and It Girl Plate IG117 for the stamping design.

it-girl-wisteria purple-nail-art

You know what’s fun? Hanging out in my Facebook group. Why? Because it’s not a one-way conversation. Come join us and get in on the beauty conversations! :) Find it HERE.

How to Get that Damn LipSense Off

I keep seeing reviews on major websites (eg Allure and the Today Show) reviewing LipSense. They have been giving us great reviews, with one problem. Everyone complains about how hard it is to get off. In response, I have made this very helpful video showing you how to get that damn lipsense off!

Hope you enjoyed it! To get LipSense, all you gots to do is head over to

Pretty Serious Swatches

{Press Sample}

Pretty Serious sent me quite a few lovely polishes to show you!

Pretty Serious Cherry Bomb is a bright pink with golden shimmers. The shimmers are so fine that my camera washed them out a bit. This polish is 1,000x more gorgeous in person.



Pretty Serious Stupid Cupid is a seafoam green creme.

pretty-serious-stupid-cupid-swatch pretty-serious-stupid-cupid

Pretty Serious Misty is a light, dusty green creme.pretty-serious-misty-swatch pretty-serious-misty

Pretty Serious Heartbreaker is a shimmery purple.pretty-serious-heartbreaker-swatch pretty-serious-heartbreaker

Pretty Serious Petrichor. Petrichor is a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. Fun fact: the world always smells like that, but water makes scents more pungent. It’s why dogs exhale snot balls onto things and then quickly inhale it back in. It’s one of the many ways they smell so well. Trap those scent particles in! This is also why it’s a terrible idea to fart in the shower. #science

pretty-serious-petrichor pretty-serious-petrichor-swatch

Pretty Serious Precipitation. Obviously, I love this one because it’s named after my favorite weather. :) I do have to tell you that it stained my nails, though. So you’ll want to have a good nail bleach scrub handy when you remove this one. Or, just cover up those stains with more polish like I do!pretty-serious-precipitation pretty-serious-precipitation-swatch

Pretty Serious Overcast. Is it shallow to just love something because of its name? Because this color could have looked like dog diarrhea (too vivid an image?) and I still would love it because overcast days are the best days. Get outta here, sun!

pretty-serious-overcast pretty-serious-overcast-swatch

Pretty Serious Cloudburst. This is a lovely calm green. pretty-serious-cloudburst pretty-serious-cloudburst-swatch

Pretty Serious Pluviophile. I did not know what a Pluviophile was, so thank god for Google, amiright? It’s a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


pretty-serious-pluviophile-swatch pretty-serious-pluviophile

Yours in love,

A die-hard pluviophile.



Mermaid Nail Art

{Press Sample}{Purchased by Me}

Who doesn’t love a mermaid-inspired look? I started with two coats of Zoya Winnie which was originally sent to me as a press sample. Then, I used It Girl Emerald and It Girl IG119 to make the mermaid fin design.

it-girl-plate-119 mermaid-nail-art

I hope you enjoyed today’s Mermaid Nail Art look!

I have resolved to start going live more often in my Facebook group (found HERE) and since I’m pretty shameless, who knows what sort of antics I’ll get up to! :) Additionally, I’ll probably try whatever people ask me to try (you know…short of breaking the law) so feel free to come on over, hang out, and watch me make a complete moron of myself!

Sleep Styler Review

In classic #lazybetty style, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my life easier and more efficient. So when I saw my sister post about the Sleep Styler after seeing it on Shark Tank, I knew I had to try it. Here is my video review (spanning two days) of what I think.

In short, I actually really like it and would recommend it – especially if you’re a lazy mofo like me.

My sister called and was mad that the first half of the review didn’t show with my hair completely dry. SO, the takeaway from that part is I think it would have looked even better if it was dry. It looked decent and I’m for sure going to keep using these!

Thanks for reading my Sleep Styler Review! Have you tried these yet? What do you think?