Fantasea Checkerboard

I got this idea from one of the many beautiful manicures from Chloe’s Nails. I used Orly Fantasea which is a gorgeous holo that goes from pink to purple to gold. Then, I taped it off and used ManGlaze #Matte is Murder. It got smudged a little bit since I couldn’t use a top coat, else ruin the matte effect. But I still like it! Hope you do too. Enjoy!

China Glaze Running in Circles

I went into Sally Beauty today and guess what collection was buy one, get one free?! That’s right, the China Glaze Cirque du Soleil collection! So I picked up Running in Circles and Get Carried Away.

Running in Circles is a wonderful green shimmer that is very eye-catching. It went on easily with two coats. This will be a great color for Christmas manicures as well as some in the spring–especially St. Patrick’s Day! I can’t tell you how much I’m loving this polish!

QVC New Beauty Test Tube Winter 2013

I finally bit the bullet and re-subscribed to the QVC Test Tube. It’s such an amazing service with such great products to try! This quarter’s tube is no exception.

Here’s the whole lot. Nothing to sneeze at, right?

Mally High-Shinw Gloss in Mally’s Baby. This is not my favorite brand of lip color, but I do really like the look of the gloss. This one is very rosy and natural looking and will be perfect for a lot of my favorite makeup looks. The only reason I don’t really like these Mally glosses is I find myself having to reapply incessantly.  (In other words, not long lasting at all.)

Tarte emphasEYESy Eyeliner  in purple. This color looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to try it tomorrow morning!

Ole Henrickson Truth Creme. This is your basic face cream. They have included this brand a number of times. I’m not super impressed by it and will stick with spending money on Cetaphil, but it’s perfect as a backup or for traveling! 

Nick Chavez Conditioner. I recently gave up the ghost and trying to get Wen to work for me, so I’m super excited to try this conditioner! Plus, it smells aweeeesome. If the scent lasts for a few hours, I won’t even need perfume!

Philosophy Miracle Worker cleanser and mask. This is one of my favorite brands of all time. All of their stuff really seems to do what it says on the bottle. I have been breaking out a little lately and this one looks to promise clearer skin! Woohoo!

Julep Nail Color in Alicia.  The picture doesn’t do it justice. This is more of a peachy color than the picture shows. This is a dupe for me so I will stash it away and some lucky girl will receive it as a gift. :)

Bliss blood orange hand cream. Another brand that I absolutely love! As expected, this smells great. Almost like you just peeled a fresh orange and didn’t wash your hands!

Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. I can always use more eye cream!

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. This is just the classic foil packet of sample. Test Tube will typically throw some of these in.

And, of course, the magazine. Which I actually hate! Why? Because it has a huge focus on cosmetic surgery! What?! I know! You’re surprised, too! You’d think a company that sounds like they promote natural beauty with the name ‘New Beauty’ that they would promote…natural beauty. Sometimes I’ll flip through this to look at the pictures but I typically just throw it in the recycling because it’s all about plastic surgery. I haven’t even cracked this quarter’s issue, but I guarantee you that cover story on “Anti-Aging Secrets” is about botox, face-lifts, and skin tucks. No thanks!

Overall, I love Test Tube. Look at all the fun products I got today!!

Ipsy MyGlam Bag January 2013

Ipsy (formerly known as My Glam) is far and above my favorite subscription service. I always have at least one item I’m thrilled to try and I always, always, always feel like I got my money’s worth.

In this month’s bag, I’m really excited about everything!
Here we go! 

Here’s a shot of everything. This month’s actual bag was a plain black one. I like that it’s bigger than the ones we’ve received in the past.

Nailtini Frappe. This looks like it will be an off-white, lightish pink guy. I can’t wait to swatch it for you!

Big Sexy Hair Hairspray. This is a great size for a good, multi-week trial. They’re not giving you wussy samples over at Ipsy!

Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter.  I can’t even describe how wonderful this smells. Think orange creamsicle!

Josie Maran Argan Oil for hair. If I had to rank them, this is the item I’m least excited about. The only reason is that I have like 12 hair oil samples and I’ll never be able to use them up!

SoHo London Concealor Brush. Who doesn’t need more brushes?! Ipsy received some flack because they recently had another SoHo London brush and I guess you can get this brand at Wal-Mart and other drug stores. But guess what? That one is one of my favorite go-to brushes. So, basically they saved me a trip to the store. Thanks, Ipsy! :)


Funky French

I was going out with some friends so I wanted a fun, french manicure for the evening. I started off with two coats of Julep Kate which is a pearlescent white. Then, two coats of Vivid Lacquer Your Princess is in Another Castle. Finally, I taped off the tips and did one coat of Sally Hansen Black Out.  I got a ton of compliments!

(Obviously still working on getting my tape exactly straight on my nail! :) )

Julep Viola and China Glaze Luxe and Lush

For this mani, I started with two coats of Julep Viola which is a deep, dark purple. It almost looks black if you don’t look closely. Then I put one coat of China Glaze Luxe and Lush which is from last year’s Hunger Games collection. It’s a white flakies glitter that catches almost ever color in the light!

Resolutions Cravebox January 2013

I was selected to receive the January 2013 Resolutions Cravebox! You can find out more at
This looks like it will be a fun one. Lots of snacks!

Please pardon my ugly kitchen counter. :)

There were a couple sodas in the box, some Pantene Mousse, Mary Kay eye cream, and a lot of snack bars! As always, Cravebox also included a lot of coupons for included and related products.