How to Apply LipSense


How to Apply LipSense:

Shake tube well before applying. Start with clean, dry lips (no makeup, lip balm, lotion, etc.).

With lips parted, place applicator on lip beginning at the outside corner and apply in  a fluid, sweeping motion to the opposite corner of the lip without lifting the applicator – do not move applicator back and forth.


Apply three layers of one or more colors (different colors can be layered for a custom look) for long-lasting results. Keep your lips parted until the color is “dry” (about 10-15 seconds). If you make a mistake,immediately wipe off or use Ooops! Remover to correct. Your lips may feel tacky until you apply LipSense Gloss.

If your lips are dry and/or cracked, they may tingle when applying LipSense. The Shea butter in LipSense Gloss will help to restore moisture and tingling should subside with regular use. LipSense Gloss will also help your color to last longer and keep your lips moist and plump.

To Remove or Change Color:

Use Ooops! Remover and gently rub onto lip color, then wipe clean.