365 Days of Color Halloween Box

I got my 365 Days of Color Halloween Box in the mail today! There are still a few left (as of this moment!) so don’t delay and run over to the site HERE to get one! I seriously love this. It was worth every penny. Everything smells divine and I feel like this is a ton of product for $22.






In this box, you get a Hand Sugar Scrub which smells just like pumpkin pie! As you scrub, the beads soften and moisturize. It was divine!

Boogie Man Cuticle Therapy is a lovely cuticle oil. Poison Pie Hand Cream is also soooo delicious. It moisturizes super well. A little goes a long way!! Werewolf Oil is going right in my purse! Bite Me Miracle Balm is a multi-use moisturizer. I used it on my nails and it was fantastic.

I’m so happy I was able to snag one of these boxes! The products are high quality and the smells are wonderful!!

Giveaway!!!! Ellison’s Organics Bigger on the Inside

I am pleased to announce that Ellison’s Organics is giving away a brand-spakin’ new bottle of Ellison’s Organics Bigger on the Inside to our mutual followers!! Huzzah!! This is the nail polish that is going to be at New York Fashion Week! Can you believe how awesome that is?!?!




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NYC Logo


THINK: Fun, fearless fashion for your face and nails.


WHAT IT IS: Metallic and jewel-tone beauty products that bring runway style to the street. This fall, get the designer look with the new Fashion Queen collection from NYC New York Color. With shimmering topcoats, rich polishes, and silky eye palettes, this collection is the perfect accessory for the most stylish outfit. Famous for delivering uptown style at down to Earth prices, NYC New York Color will glam up any makeup look this fall, tailor-made for those who live for all things fashion.



The latest eye-catching favorites include:

  • In a New York Color Minute Topcoat ($1.99): Add a stunning shine to your nails with this sparkling topcoat in six shades. Large specs of glitter suspended in color make it perfect on bare nails or for layering over your favorite polish. The special formula dries quickly, and the flat control flow brush gives a professional application every time. With royal shades like Ruby Queen, NY Princess, Fashion Queen, Blue Majesty, Queen’s Jewels, and Rule the City, this polish adds noble glam in a flash.


  • In a New York Color Minute Nail Polish ($1.99): Specially formulated to dry quickly, this nail enamel has a hint of shimmer for depth of color and brilliant shine. Three limited-edition hues are packed with pigment and infused with magnesium, iron, copper, and calcium to strengthen nails, with a no-fade finish that dazzles. Shades include Royal Chic, Queen of the City, and Crown Gold.


  • Individual Eyes Custom Compact ($4.99): Get runway glam with these sultry shadow collections, specially coordinated to intensify and enhance your eye color. With a formula that contains nourishing Vitamins A and E, and Green Tea extract, these silky powders blend smoothly and evenly. Each shade can be worn alone or blended, and kits include a double-ended professional applicator and step-by-step instructions to help you highlight, contour, and define your eyes. The two limited-edition sets include Queen B and Manhattan’s Elite.




















WHERE TO FIND IT: Chain drugstores and mass merchandisers nationwide. To find a retailer near you, please visit www.newyorkcolor.com


NYC Eyeliner Review

{Press Sample}

I was sent three New York Color’s Showtime Velvet Eyeliners from their new velvet collection to review and test out for you! They sent me all three colors: Black, Black Wine, and Black Brown.


From their website:


Long wearing
Smooth and even application
Soft velvet effect
Intense color and coverage
Dermatologist tested

Key Ingredients

Vitamins C & E

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Guest Post at Newsie Nail Novice!

I am honored to be guest posting today at Newsie Nail Novice! To break through the brick wall and see this mani, click the picture to go to Newsie Nail Novice!



Watermarble Nail Art – Neon Green!

For this month’s He Picks My Polish challenge, my husband so lovingly picked Salon Perfect Loopy Lime (which I received as a press sample here) and China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener, from the City Flourish Collection. It’s been a while since I did a watermarble and I thought a two-tone marble could look interesting. I like how this turned out, I just wish my camera was better friends with neon polishes!


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Skittles Nail Art for FingerFood’s Theme Buffet

I get a lot of good inspiration from FingerFood’s Theme Buffet. This week’s prompt is skittles nail art! I really like things to look as cohesive as possible so sometimes skittles can drive me a little batty. I decided to do something a little different on each nail, but still use the same sort of theme. I grabbed my MoYou Artist Collection Plate 08 which has a bunch of different partial frames on it. Then, I used some of my new Mentality jelly polishes to add a splash of color to each nail.

I started with two coats of Sally Hansen White Beaches. Once it was dry, I used Konad Special Black to stamp the various images on my nails. After a few minutes of dry time, I used Mentality Jill, Kacy, and Rachel to fill in parts of the design.


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10 Household Items that are Surprisingly Useful for Nail Art

I’ve noticed throughout my travels in the nail art universe that there are many things we use for nail art that people wouldn’t normally think of! I picked out the 10 I personally use the most to share with you. Please note, I’m not the original idea-woman behind these items. I’ve just picked up these tips along the way from various Facebook groups I belong to! These are the actual items I use, though! :P

  1. Toothpicks
    Used for: Watermarbling! I like using toothpicks for this because it’s nice and small, they’re cheap, and you can use it more than once before it gets too dirty.

  2. Eyeshadow brush or other type of cosmetic brush
    Used for: Cleaning up around your cuticles after you’re done polishing. You have to figure out what style of brush is best for you. The ELF Eyeshadow brush is  very popular. I like a stiff brush, but others like a softer brush. It’s personal preference.

    French Tip Brush

  3. Sauce cup
    Used for: Holding acetone for your cleanup! You’ll use the brush from above and dip it into the sauce dish to get acetone.


  4. Scotch Tape
    Used for: Taping off designs for nail art. I use this the most for basic french tips. But, I’ve also used it to make squares, triangles, and patchwork manicures. P.S. An adorable tape holder makes it more fun to look at on your workstation. :P


  5. Q-Tips
    Used for: Cleanup around the cuticle after the manicure. I used Q-Tips in addition to the brush above. I use the Q-Tips for the big work, like if I got a big drop on my finger, whereas I use the brush for more delicate work that might actually be on my nail and/or cuticle.


  6. Lint roller
    Used for: Cleaning your stamping head after pressing the design on your nail. The lint roller removes all the polish without damaging the stamper’s head. It’s also super easy to use, even when your nail are still wet!


  7. Tampon
    Used for: Cleaning your stamping plate after you pressed the image on your nail. I will dip the slightly extended tampon into acetone (using the sauce dish above) and then I’ll rub it on the stamping plate. As you can see, I was recently stamping with purple polish!


  8. Credit Card/Hotel Room Key Card
    Used for: Scraping your stamping plates. The ones that come in the kits that are made of metal will terribly scratch your plates. Plastic cards are more gentle on the plate, but still remove all the excess polish. In fact, I think they do a better job because they’re a little flexible.

    I will also use these as a spot to drip polish on when I’m doing dotting, gradient, or lines. It’s much easier to use this as an artist’s pallet than it is to try and dip the dotting tool or sponge in the polish bottle!


  9. Makeup sponges
    Used for: Gradient nail art, galaxy nail art, and I’m sure more! I use these sponges because they’re easy to cut, meaning that I can use each one for many, many mani’s. You can see in the second picture that I cut this one already from the last time I used it.

    Makeup Sponges Bag

    Makeup SPonges

  10. Painter’s Tape
    Used for: Custom nail art designs. You can cut the painter’s tape however you want to create custom stencils for nail art. I don’t like scotch tape for this because it’s too flimsy and will usually rip. Painter’s tape is stronger but won’t ruin what’s already on your nails!

    Painters Tape

    Did I miss something? Is there a common household item that you use to do nail art. Something that nobody would expect? Share your tips in the comments!

NYC City Samba Collection

{Press Sample}

Introducing the NYC City Samba Collection – a collection available nationwide starting from June – September 2014. I was sent two of the polishes, a bronzer, and a lipgloss for review! I’m excited to tell you guys about this collection. I’ve only ever used one other NYC product – the Big Apple Lip Balm which I’ve almost used up!! (Using something up is a mark of a good product!)

Let’s take a look at the makeup first. I was sent Liquid Lipshine Lip Gloss in Guava. This will be available in three limited shades – Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Guava. I love the color I got because it’s exactly the color I like to wear. It smells divine and goes on well. I reapplied a few times during the day, as would be expected of any gloss. These will retail at $1.99.



I was also sent the Sun N’ Bronze Bronzing Powder. This is a smooth, lightweight bronzing powder with the tiniest tint of shimmer. (Not a lot at all.)  This will retail for $4.99.




Here are hand swatches of the gloss and all three colors from the bronzer. They went on smoothly. They aren’t too opaque, which is good considering I’m so fair that most bronzers look like clown makeup on me.


And now for the fun part! SELFIE ALERT!! I used the bronzing powder on my cheeks, but I also used it as my eyeshadow! I LOOOVE it as my eyeshadow! LOL! I also like this as a bronzer because it’s not too dark for me. The coral color adds a much more natural look. I really like this as a contouring product. I’ve had it for a week now and I’ve used it everyday since I got it.  The liquidshine gloss is on my lips too, of course!



Finally, the City Samba collection includes 8 polishes. They will be retailed for $1.99. When I put on the first coat of each of these, I was worried because it looked so sheer. I thought I might need at least three coats. However, when I put on the second coat, I was good to go. It self leveled very well and came out quite vibrant in the end.


NYC Jacaranda Flower is a lovely dark lilac purple.  I was playing with my camera settings trying to make my pics better and it backfired. So I apologize that these look a little fuzzy. The color is accurate, though!




NYC Palm on the Beach is a true Kelly green. This color will be perfect for St. Patty’s day next year! But it’s also a great green to wear for the summer!


Enchanted Polish Ice Castle Giveaway!!!

That’s right! You read the title right! I’m giving away Enchanted Polish Ice Castle!!! Please note that this polish is used. I swatched it on four fingers and a swatch stick. So, if you don’t want to win a slightly used EP, then please don’t enter this giveaway. ;) There is no visible fill line. These bottle pics are after my usage. USA Only. Good luck!!! Ice Castle is a holo top coat that looks great over tons of polishes. Scroll down past the entry form to see it swatched over four different cremes.





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My Last Four Empties

One of the best ways to know if someone really likes a product is if they actually use up a whole package…and then buy it again! In this post, I’m going to show you my last four empty containers and I’ll let you know if I will re-buy them! I got the idea for this style of post from Anastasia at the Magnificent Road.

Before we take a look at my empties, don’t forget to enter my May giveaway by clicking here!


Mane ‘n Tail Hoofmaker Hand and Nail Therapy

Where to buy: I get mine in a 3-pack from Amazon.
Will I buy again? Yes! I love that this lotion dries quickly and moisturizes well. I need lotion that dries quickly because then I can move on with my life! LOL! And usually that means painting my nails! I hate having to sit and wait for lotion to dry before I can paint my nails.

Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil Refill Bottle

Where to buy:
Will I buy again? OMG YES. YES. YES. This is a REFILL bottle which means I’ve gone through a ton of cuticle pen applications. This stuff is amazing and wonderful AND the creator is wicked nice. You can see my before and after pics of my cuticles here. That was before I bought a lightbox, so I hope you’ll excuse the poor lighting.



Julep Facial Cleansing Oil

Where to buy: Julep.com
Will I buy again? No. I don’t think it was that amazing and it’s not cheap. I think my Cetaphil does way better than this oil. I didn’t think this oil did a very good job of getting my eye makeup off.  The good news is that I have super sensitive skin and this worked well with my skin. I just don’t think the benefits justify the price.

Julep Party’s Over Glitter Removal Kit Refill Pads

Where to buy: Julep.com
Will I buy again? Yes. I use these little remover pads when I’m swatching. I know a lot of bloggers use acetone, but that stuff really kills my nails. These Julep remover pads have aloe in them and I think that makes a big difference. I’ve swatched up to 12 polishes (that’s a lot!) in one sitting and my nails didn’t get dried out. I think these pads are the reason. I will buy them as long as Julep sells them!



And those are the last four things I emptied!

May Giveaway! Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit!

I won this Sally Hansen Gel Manicure Starter Kit from Influenster. Since I don’t use gel polish (I change my mani every day), I thought that I could give it away to my loyal readers! At this time, this giveaway is open only to people with a US address. This giveaway is not affiliated with anyone. :)




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Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Nail Art

Today, I have a little Zoya Tickled and Bubbly Nail Art to show you! I used 10 of the 12 polishes from the combined collection. I started with one color of Tickled on each finger, put down some striping tape, and topped each nail with a corresponding color from the Bubbly collection. You even get to see my thumb in these pics! My rarely seen thumb!!! :P
Pinkie: Kirtridge and Harper
Ring: Link and Muse
Middle: Rooney and Binx
Pointer: Rocha and Jesy
Thumb:Tilda and Staasi




GOT: Texture Polish – Julep Tracy

Time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday! This week’s theme is “texture”. I pulled out Julep Tracy which I’ve owned for a loooong time and never even used! I also grabbed Julep Bess. While Bess is new to me (I got her as the mystery polish in this month’s Maven box), it is clearly an elderly polish. It came to me from Julep super dusty and in the old shrink-wrapped packaging instead of a box. So…that counts, right??? :D I used chevron decals as stencils from Vinyl Boutique to create this chevron nail art design. It kind of reminds me of the ocean! Maybe I should have drawn some little fishies. :P



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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Swatches

I have recently become obsessed with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. I heard a while back that they were good for stamping and that totally holds up. I picked up these four at the store the other night. Three of them will be good for stamping. Grape Going is metallic and unfortunately doesn’t seem like it will be a good stamper. It needed two coats for full coverage while the other three needed just the one. But it’s still a gorgeous color and my husband picked it out so of course I like it!


Sally Hansen Jade Jump is somewhere in between mint and jade. This is one coat! It’s unusual that a light polish would only need one coat so I’m pretty happy I picked this one up…and technically my husband picked this one out!



Sally Hansen Grease Lightening is a dark purple-gray. Again–one coat! This one will be fantastic to stamp with! Good thing I love stamping so much!Sally-Hansen-Grease-Lightening


Sally Hansen Expresso [sic] is a rusty brown red. And…you guessed it…one coat! I really want to stamp this over a milk chocolate brown color. Is that too fall for the spring/summer??




And lastly, Sally Hansen Grape Going! is a metallic purple with hints of blueish. This color is super gorgeous and I’ve already done nail art with it. It’s just not likely to be a good stamping polish. But that’s ok!Sally-Hansen-Grape-Going

Zoya Bubbly Collection

The Zoya Bubbly Collection was sent to me as a press sample. You can get a set at Zoya.com. The Zoya Bubbly collection consists of 6 polishes that are all jelly formulas with glitters and shimmers. Each one is shinier than the last! I did find that I needed three coats for each one and that even then, some still showed visible nail line. However, that is typical and expected for jelly style polishes. The other thing all of these 6 have in common is they almost have a duochrome effect due to the golden shimmers in them. I’ve never really heard of or seen a jelly with a duochrome effect, so to me, these polishes are quite unique! The great thing about these polishes is that even though they have glitter in them, they are not top coat eaters. I just did my one usual coat of HK Girl and the polishes was smooth, glittery, sparkly, and gorgeous!

From left to right:
Zoya Staasi
Zoya Binx
Zoya Jesy
Zoya Alma
Zoya Harper
Zoya Muse


Zoya Staasi is an emerald green color.


Zoya Binx is a lovely almost-royal purple.


Zoya Jesy is a cheerful tangerine.


Zoya Alma is a golden light orange and my husband’s favorite of the collection. :D


Zoya Harper is a joyful hot pink color and my personal favorite of the collection.


Zoya Muse is a sea-blue and is in a neck-for-neck race with Harper to be my favorite. :D


What do you think of this lovely Zoya Bubbly Collection? Do you have a favorite?

Zoya Tickled Collection

I received the Zoya Tickled Collection as a press sample from Zoya.com. It is part of the Tickled and Bubbly collection. The Tickled part consists of 6 creme shades that go very well together. In fact, they all went so well together that I decided to showcase all 6 in a skittle nail art mani!

Polishes used from left to right:
Zoya Tilda
Zoya Rooney
Zoya Rocha
Zoya Wendy
Zoya Kirtridge
Zoya Ling


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Pretty and Polished May 2014

I am so happy that I discovered the Pretty and Polished boxes. And the Pretty and Polished May 2014 box is no exception! You can see what I got in last month’s box by clicking here. This month, we received two full-sized polishes, two mini polishes, small nail art bottle, toe separators, and sugar scrub. OMG! So much amazing stuff!


Pretty and Polished Pebble is my least favorite of the four, so let’s start with that. It’s a white milky polish with neon, different shaped glitters. The neon pink heart glitters were my favorite. :D This is three coats.

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Llarowe Mystery Bag April 2014

Yes, you read that  right! I have another Llarowe Mystery Bag to show you! You can see my other bags here and here. This bag contained:
Darling Diva Seduction
Darling Diva 1999
Liquid Sky Lacquer New Beginnings

The New Beginnings is a dupe from my last bag. You can see swatches of that one here. The Darling Diva polishes are both toppers so I thought I would show you what it looks like over four different colors. That way, you can get a good sense of what it would look like for you! :D


First, here is Darling Diva Seduction. This is a white holo topper that can really make a polish pop. My favorite is it over black. It looks like a good start to galaxy nails! :D




Next, here is Darling Diva 1999. This glitter topper is so much fun! It has circle pink and circle silver glitters in a couple different sizes. Then, it has small black bars. All of this is suspended in a very light purple jelly base. Because of the purple tint, it changed the white to a very light pink on my pinkie! I kinda like it!




While I was writing this post, I was watching Deadbeat which is a new original series on Hulu. It’s hilarious! But not for everyone…there are some pretty racy jokes in there, but I think it’s funny!

Enchanted Polish March 2014 and April 2014 Swatches!

Hooray! My Enchanted Polish order is here! I got March 2014 and April 2014. To make it even more special, these are my 500th and 501st polish! :D :D :D I could help but make a “Swatches of Enchanted Polish March 2014 and April 2014” post IMMEDIATELY!

Now let’s take a look at these amazing, gorgeous holo’s.


Let’s open those boxes!!!

Enchanted-Polish-March-2014-April-2014Did your eyeballs just explode? Because mine did! Especially for March 2014! What a stunner! If you don’t believe me yet, check out the swatches below!

Enchanted Polish March 2014: HOLO MADNESS! This is two coats.




And here’s Enchanted Polish April 2014. Not as crazy of a holo, but this one is very classy and elegant. This is two coats.Enchated-Polish-Swatch-April-2014



What do you think? Are you expecting either of these gems in the mail?

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

Today’s mani is part of the tri-polish challenge as presented by The Crumpet. Last week was the first time I participated. You can see that mani here. For this mani, I wanted to use my new MoYou Stamping Plate from the Artist Collection. I purchased plate three which has a lot of really pretty designs.

Don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway by clicking here.

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

For the challenge, I have to use pink, blue, and yellow. I picked Andrea’s Choice Circus Somesault for the yellow, Michael Marcus Barely There for the pink, and Zoya Yummy for the blue.

It’s amazing what the camera picks up that the eye does not…in other words, I now see that I could have cleaned up my edges a little better! I didn’t even see that in real life!

Zoya Yummy

Tri-Polish Challenge

MoYou Stamping Plates

Michael Marcus Barely There

Andrea's Choice Somersault

I hope you liked today’s mani! If you did, then please subscribe so you don’t miss any! :D Have a great day!

Cross Tied

For this mani, I started with two coats of Pretty and Polished Anigami which I received in the April 2014 Pretty and Polished box. Then, I used striping tape and painted Color Club Cloud Nine on top. Finally, I placed a black rhinestone in the center of the intersection. I like how these turned out! A striping tape mani is usually my favorite mani. :D What do you think?

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April Orly Giveaway!!!!

It’s time for my April giveaway!! HOORAY!!!

This month, I’m giving away THREE brand new Orly polishes! I went and bought them just for you, my faithful readers! They are:
Orly PassionFruit
Orly Skinny Dip
Orly Elsbeth’s Rose

In addition, I’m giving away a dotting tool and some nail decals!!! Woo!!!

Orly Giveaway
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(USA Only. International people can enter, but you must have a US address I can mail to.)