Nailtini Blushing Lady and Garden Jubilee

Here’s another mani using the Nailtini Garden Party Mini-Bar set. This one started with three coats of Blushing Lady. Even with three coats, it wasn’t opaque, as with Blue Carnation. So far, I am unimpressed with this collection. The “straight up” colors are unwearable by themselves.

Once I put Garden Jubilee over it, I liked the mani but I think Garden Jubilee is too opaque for a top coat ‘mixer’. It covers nearly the entire color of the polish beneath it. I really like the other nailtini products I’ve tried so I think this set is just a fluke.

Julep Sally Swatch

Here is a swatch of Julep Sally which was in the February 2013 Maven Box. It’s a beautiful creme, light, yellow.
I thought  it would be pretty with Vivid Lacquer I Daglaze with Wine.

Again, I used the new Julep Polymer Top Coat. It’s official. I’m in love. Yep. Better and quicker than Seche. Not only does it dry faster than Seche but it also doesn’t get the classic tip wear/pull back that Seche does. I will be stocking up on this top coat!


Julep Rebel Swatch

Here’s another one from the February Maven Box collection. Rebel was in the It Girl box and I’m super glad I got her! It’s a gorgeous silver holo polish.

I have used the Julep Polymer Top Coat twice now. I’m still getting a little used to it. You can see what kind of looks like some cracks in the polish. I now believe this is actually the brush from the top coat making a mark. Next time, I will wait until the polish has dried for a minute or two before I apply the top coat.