Loki’s Nail Vinyls Review

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A few months ago, there was a lot of e-chatter about Loki’s Nail Vinyls so I thought I would pick up some of my own! I ordered a variety pack as well as a few selected designs (like the TARDIS, obviously). Today’s mani uses starburst decals from the variety pack.

I am highly impressed with Loki’s customer service. My first package actually got lost on its adventure from Australia to the US. It either fell off a plane or out of a boat! :P When I let Loki know that the package was MIA, she was super nice about it and sent me a replacement package post haste. (Pun intended.) I was so happy she did! I got the second package safe and sound. And the vinyls have been sitting in my nail art supplies drawer now for way too long! I finally busted them out and I’m super pleased with them.

I posted on Facebook a while back asking if anyone knew about any super sticky stencils. I have such curved nails that if it’s not sticky enough or the vinyl is too thick, it won’t lay flat on my nails. These decals were a dream. They suctioned themselves to my nails and I got clean, crisp lines. Hooray!


 I started with two coats of China Glaze Grape Juice which is a gorgeous dark purple shimmer. I nabbed this one out of a basket at Sally Beauty. It called to me from across the store. Then, I used the vinyls (Which has both the regular design and the inverse) and stuck it to my nail. Then, I generously applied Nabi Flamingo which is a hot pink holo. I have no idea where to get Nabi polishes and Google is no help. I picked this guy up at a polish-lovers meet up in my area.




Funky French Dotticure

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Today’s mani starts with two  coats of OPI Purple with a Purpose. I used stencils from Vinyl Boutique that are a large chevron to tape off my tips. Then, I used OPI Vampsterdam on the tips. Finally, I used OPI Push and Shove to dot chrome accent dots down the middle and along the ‘v’. You can get dotting tools wicked cheap on Amazon. They take a while to arrive because they ship from China, but it’s way cheaper than buying the tools in a retail store.


OPI Vampsterdam is a dark purple. I’m going to have to use this guy as a base color for some nail art because it’s so darn pretty that I want to see it on a full mani!


OPI Push and Shove has been one of my favorite chrome polishes since I first got it at Sally Beauty. It’s the most mirror-like chrome polish I’ve ever seen! I even have a back up bottle of it…..just in case something terrible happens.


I picked up OPI Purple with a Purpose at CosmoProf when my mother-in-law got me in with her top-secret handshake. We were just walking down the OPI aisle when she points to this one and said, “that’s one of my favorites.” Since she’d been a nail tech for 20+++ years, I grabbed it without even a second thought! I’m glad I did! This purple is gorgeous! It’s a metallicy shimmery purple with blue undertones.



Holo French Tips

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I decided to take a little break from stamping and I did a french tips mani using scotch tape as my guide. I used KB Shimmer Young Thing and Nicole by OPI Pretty in Plum.



KB Shimmer Young Thing is a strong linear holo. This is beautiful and I’m really glad I stumbled upon this one!



Blue and Red Stamping

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where? and I used a design from Cici&Sisi Yellow collection and Mundo de Unas Lavender to create this look.



Here is a plain swatch of OPI Red Lights Ahead…Where? It is a very creamy red with orange undertones. I think this one is super flattering and I’m really happy I have it!


Dollish Polish The Angels Have the Phonebox

{Purchased By Me}

Earlier, I showed you Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside, so you should have assumed that I also purchased Dollish Polish The Angels Have the Phonebox. TAHTP is a lighter blue than IBOTI. TAHTP is a scattered holo. I actually got honked at because of this polish. I was staring at its beauty in the sun and didn’t realize the light had turned green! Oopsies! I was mesmerized!


You can start to see the holo-goodness in this photo, but you really need to see this baby in real life. Just go ahead and buy it. Everyone needs a good blue holo named after Doctor Who!


OPI This Color’s Making Waves Fishnet

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I have a wonderful mother in law who used her professional nail tech card to get me into CosmoProf! I picked up a few selections from the new OPI Hawaii collection. Today’s feature is OPI This Color’s Making Waves. This is two coats. Making Waves is a hard color to describe. It has a duochrome element to it. There is a shift between green and blue. BUT, it also has a subtle shimmer to it! So I hereby dub this finish as duochromimmer.




I wasn’t feeling too well the night I did this mani, so I opted for the lazy girl’s nail art – water decals! These fishnet decals are from Pueen. Decals can be a real lifesaver because they give you a nail art look without the effort of nail art.



Two Tone Green Stamping Nail Art

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This green stamping nail art starts with two coats of OPI My Gecko Does Tricks from the Hawaii collection. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Military Green and the design is from Pueen Plate 74. I was lucky enough to snag Gecko when my mother in law used her top-secret handshake to get me into CosmoProf. At first, I wasn’t that impressed, but when I saw new OPI bottles for half price…well…let’s just say I’ll be extra nice to my mother in law from now on! ;)


One of my favorite stamping combinations is a two-tone one. This is also one of my husband’s favorite manicure’s I’ve done. That cracks me up because sometimes I feel like two-tone stamping is my easy way out of having to think too hard. :P To really make a two-tone mani pop, mix different shades of the same color, but also different finishes. I like this look because the cream jumps off the metallic background and has a nice contrast.


Here’s a plain swatch of OPI My Gecko Does Tricks. It’s a metallic green and one that I might just have to wear on St. Patrick’s Day since it’s so pretty. I used two coats and I have no formula issues to report. (Obviously…I have never had formula issues with OPI.)


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Yellow Flowers Nail Art

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Today’s mani is two coats of Sally Hansen Velour which is from their Velvet Texture Collection. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Cream and a design from Cici&Sisi’s Yellow Collection to create this look. There’s something pleasantly spring-like about this mani. I know spring isn’t for another few weeks, but isn’t it kind of nice to think about? Sitting outside, reading a book, petting my dogs, and looking at holo polish in the sun!



Here is a plain swatch of Sally Hansen Velour. I’m a huge fan of this collection! I really love the textured look that Sally Hansen came up with!


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Finger Paints Endless Wear Swatches

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For the month of February, Sally Beauty had all Finger Paints as buy one get one free! So obviously I had to pick up some more of the Finger Paints Endless Wear collection. I did a review and a wear test of the new formula here. I’ve seen people asking around the internet how to apply Finger Paints Endless Wear polish and the answer is – like any regular polish. It doesn’t need anything special and it removes like regular polish, too! :)

This is Finger Paints I Louvre You which is a light, shimmery pink. I used three coats because at two, I still had a visible nail line. VNL’s are just as bad as visible panty lines. We all know you have on underwear. You didn’t need to prove it. I guess that’s why thongs were invented. Too bad there’s not a fingernail version of a thong. Or maybe there is? Perhaps a tinted base coat or something? Oh. Sorry. You came here to look at pretty things and here I am talking about underwear. Well…let’s get on to the nails!



Second, we have FingerPaints Abstract Amethyst. This is a creamy purple with some ninja shimmer in it….meaning that I didn’t notice the shimmer in the bottle, but I did when I applied it on my nails! This one is pretty thick and was hard to work with.



 The following two polishes are not from the Endless Wear collection, but they asked nicely if they could be in this post so I let them. This one is FingerPaints You Can Crayon My Shoulder which is a red jelly full of red glitters. I think this is absolutely gorgeous! This formula was easy to work with and I only needed two coats.



This guy is FingerPaints Art You Wondering? which is a clear jelly base with teal microglitters. I needed three generous coats on this one to get full coverage but since it’s in a clear base, you could also use this as a glitter topper over a variety of colors.



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Word Nail Art

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For today’s mani, I started with two coats of Smokey Mountain Lacquer Pleasure in Your Base which is from the February 2015 Beauty Quartet Box. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Copper and the foreign words are from Pueen Plate 86.


There are a number of different languages on this plate–but I’m naive and can’t identify them! How embarrassing is that? I’m pretty sure there is french and Russian or German. No full words are showing, though. The night before I did this mani, I trimmed my nails down quite a bit. Too much, I think. I miss my longer nails! I still have quite a bit of free edge here, but not what I’m used to. I guess the plus side is that it’s easier to type now?


Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside

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When I discovered that Dollish Polish had a polish called It’s Bigger on the Inside, I had to buy it, of course! This mani is two coats of It’s Bigger and then I used Mundo de Unas Fuchsia and a design from Pueen Plate 84.



Here is a plain swatch of Dollish Polish It’s Bigger on the Inside. It looks just like a starry night sky which is totally perfect for a polish inspired by the TARDIS!! I’m rewatching all the revamp episodes of Doctor Who now. Matt Smith drives me bonkers. I pine for David Tennant! At least I like Peter Capaldi as the Doctor. He’s quite a bit more sophisticated than Smith.



One Polish, Three Ways: Dollish Polish Seduce Me

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I’m going to test out a new type of post – showing you one polish, multiple different ways. Please let me know what you think in the comments! Today’s guinea pig is Dollish Polish Seduce Me. I got Seduce Me in the limited edition Dollish Polish Valentine’s Day Box.

First, we have Seduce Me with a glossy topcoat. This is how the polish is ‘meant’ to be worn.


It’s a lovely hot pink crelly with pink and blue shimmers.  This quickly became one of my favorite pinks in my collection.


Then, I put a matte topcoat on this girl and she took on a whole new life! I can’t decide if I like it better glossy or matte because I seriously love it both ways!



Lastly, Here is Seduce Me as a base for some nail art! This stamping polish was Mundo de Unas Lilac and the design is from Pueen Plate 82.



What did you think of this post? Did you like seeing a single polish a variety of different ways? If you liked it, please let me know in the comments and I’ll do more like this!

Geometric Nail Art

{Purchased By me}

Today’s nail art is for this week’s “geometric” prompt from the Crumpet’s 52 week pick and mix challenge. I started with three thin coats of Mango Bunny Polish Ninja Bunny. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Mexican Pink and the design is from Vivid Lacquer Plate VL034. The pink covered up more of the Ninja Bunny than I would have liked but at least I adore pink!



Here is a plain swatch of Ninja Bunny. It’s a black jelly with small white glitters and white triangles. You can see the white triangle best stuck to the lid. LOL! I guess I can be a little messy! I think I’m going to leave it there. Just for fun.



I’m trying to figure out what sets my blog apart from others – if there is anything at all. I’m always working on trying to improve my photography and hand position. I worry that it gets boring when I do 99% stamping manicures. But that’s also what I enjoy the most and what I’m best at. So, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know! I want you to keep coming here! I enjoy your company. :)

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Pure Ice New Year, New Hue Swatches


{Press Sample}

Pure Ice sent me their New Year, New Hue collection to show you! They sent me 7 polishes and a matte topcoat. The collection has quite a range with 3 jelly shimmers, two glitter toppers, a cream, and a metallic!

Pure Ice Rosy Glow

Rosy Glow is a pink jelly with shimmery glitters. I layered this over a white polish. This is a typical jelly with a lot of sheerness. This would be great for leadlighting and for layering over various colors.


Here is Rosy Glow with a matte topcoat. I think the matte gives this a really interesting twist!


Pure Ice Blue Hue

Blue Hue is the second jelly in the collection which I have also layered over white.


Here is Blue Hue with a matte topcoat. Again, I think this looks pretty cool with a matte topcoat.


Pure Ice Purple Haze

Purple Haze is the third jelly in the collection. My application on this one is a little messy. I think I was getting tired the night I did this!

pure-ice-purple-hazeAnd here is Purple Haze with a matte topcoat.


Pure Ice Dollface

Dollface is a lovely peachy cream polish. This is two coats with a shiny topcoat.


Here is Dollface with a matte topcoat and I just adore it! I love it matted. It looks very chic.


Pure Ice Poppin Bottles

Poppin Bottles is one of the glitter topcoats. It has tiny golden shimmers with bigger hex glitters. I really love this topper. It gives the base polish a really cool golden sheen.


Pure Ice Flawless

Flawless is a metallic gold. It does show the brushstrokes but that’s typical of metallic polishes. This is two coats with a glossy topcoat.


And here is Flawless with a matte topcoat. I also love this matted!


Pure Ice What’s the Splatter

What’s the Splatter is the second glitter topper in the collection. It has tiny shimmers and then mixed size black and white glitters. I really think this one is fun and might be my favorite in the collection!


Pure Ice is available at Wal-Mart. Will you be looking for any of these new beauties in your area?

Valentine’s Day Nail Art!

{Purchased By Me}

I thought that I could do some Friday the 13th nail art for you today, but March also has a Friday the 13th so I’ll save it for then! Instead, today, you get some Valentine’s Day Nail Art! I started with two coats of OPI The Power of Pink which is a light pink milky polish with pink and gold hex glitters. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Red and a design from Pueen Plate 84.



For your viewing pleasure, here is a swatch of OPI The Power of Pink.



Valentine’s Day Nail Art using Cupcake Polish Elizabeth

{Purchased By Me}

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I thought I would show you some Valentine’s Day nail art I wore this week! It starts with two coats of Cupcake Polish Elizabeth. I used two designs from the pink Cici&Sisi collection (plate10).




Look at how gorgeous Elizabeth is! It’s a beautiful golden linear holo. This is my first Cupcake Polish and I am quite impressed.



Stamped Marble Nail Art

{Purchased By Me}

Today’s nail art looks a little like a watermarble, but it’s not! It’s a stamp from Vivid Lacquer Plate VL009. The base polish is Nabi Cinnamon. I have no idea where to buy Nabi! I googled it and couldn’t really figure it out! I got this at a polish swap with some local polish girls. The stamping polish is Mundo de Unas Black.




Here’s a plain swatch of Nabi Cinnamon. I needed three coats for this. Application was a little tough and I had to wait for each coat to thoroughly dry so that I didn’t get too much dragging or bald spots. I would be disappointed if I had to pay for this, but for a freebie, it’s not too bad!



I hope you liked today’s stamped marble nail art!

The Beauty Quartet Box February 2015

{Purchased By Me}

I couldn’t help myself and purchased another Beauty Quartet Box! I was especially sold when I found out that the box was Parks and Rec themed! That’s one of my favorite sitcoms ever!

Here’s the box in all its beautiful glory. This is exactly what I saw when I opened it up. Isn’t the packaging lovely? It’s practically like it’s gift wrapped! What a treat!


Smokey Mountain Lacquer Pleasure in your Base is a shimmery cobalt blue.


I have a lot of blues like this one….most of them are named after Doctor Who… :) The formula on this was lovely. I’m wearing two coats.


Southern Fancies Rose Body Whip smells delectable and is so creamy!


Love, Angeline Emeralds Are a Girl’s Best Friend is aptly named as it does look a lot like emeralds!


This is my first-ever Love, Angeline polish. It is very pretty but the formula seemed a little gritty–if that makes sense. You can’t tell in the pictures or in real life though so I will likely try Love, Angeline again.


We also received a sheet of heart stencils. I’m not entirely sure which maker these are from. This is just a portion of the sheet – there are actually 12 boxes this size. (A little larger than a quarter)


Philly Loves Lacquer The Best Day of the Year is a jelly pink with various glitters in it. PLL also included a lip scrub!


I did three coats of this one because at two coats, my nail stains were still showing I wasn’t able to get any of the bigger glitters out but I still really like this polish. It’s a lovely purpley-pink jelly!


Digital Nails Chocolate Waterfall is a brown holo. I didn’t think I was going to like this one, but it actually might be my favorite!



Chocolate Waterfall needs two pictures so you can see the glorious rainbow holo that happens in direct light. Isn’t it gorgeous?! Who would have thought that brown could be this pretty?


Finally, the box comes with Digital Nails Remover Improver. You put this in a bottle of acetone and it helps nourish your skin and nails while the acetone removes your polish! This is one of the reasons I got the box this time. I’m very eager to try this out!


I’m pretty happy with this month’s box! These are available every other month. I recommend following Philly Loves Lacquer on Facebook to find out details on when the next one is released.

Orange and Gold Nail Art using BP-L-005

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I was sent Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 to show you some of the designs and to review for you! You can see all their available image plates here: BornPrettyStore Stamping Image Plates. I picked this plate because I can see myself using pretty much every image on it!!

Wave & Texture Patterns Nail Art Stamp Template Image Plate BORN PRETTY L005 12.5 x 6.5cm

For this mani, I started with two coats of OPI Rollin’ In Cashmere (plain swatches at the end) and then used Mentality Orange Opaque as my stamping polish.


I either need to take some length off my nails, or I need to start paying more attention to image sizes!! These are exactly the length of my nails so I had to be super careful when lining them up. And as you can see, I didn’t do so great on my middle one!



Thanks again to BPS for sending me this to review! You can find these supplies and more in the nail art section of the Born Pretty Store. Use code FYL91 to receive 10% off all your supplies at BornPrettyStore.com


Here are some plain swatches of OPI Rollin’ in Cashmere. Isn’t she gorgeous?!?!?!?!




OPI Pompeii Purple

{Purchased By Me}

I can’t quite remember when or where I got this little guy but I noticed it was on my untried lists for a while and I thought it was high time I tried it! Boy oh boy am I glad I finally dusted this off! After literally one stroke I exclaimed, “Oh my God.” This was love at first stroke!! The color is absolutely stunning and the formula, of course, is awesome. I can’t imagine my collection without it!


Right?! Right?! I can’t believe how much I love this. It’s like a purple and blue flame. I didn’t do any nail art on top of this because it is just so amazing on its own. I couldn’t bear to cover any of it up!


Dollish Polish Valentine’s Day Box

{Purchased by Me}

I’m all about boxes of stuff! When I saw that Dollish Polish was putting out a Valentine’s Day box, I just had to jump on that bandwagon. The box comes with 4 full-sized products – Sugar Scrub, Hand Cream, Cuticle Balm, and Nail polish. I chose the scent “Leather and Lace” but it is also available in “Red Hot Cinnamon” and “Red Velvet Cake”.


This is a 9oz bottle of hand cream – quite a generous amount!


Dollish Polish Seduce Me is the Valentine’s Day polish. It’s a gorgeous red-maroon with stunning shimmer.


This is two coats. I’m always impressed with the Dollish Polish formula. It makes it so easy to get a clean application!



Sugar Scrub in quite a large jar!


Cuticle Balm – this is creamy and feels very good going on.


I really wanted to get the cinnamon scent but I thought that I should break out of my comfort zone and get a scent I wouldn’t normally try. So I ended up with Leather and Lace. I’m really sorry to report that I can’t stand the smell. It’s really not for me and I should have gone with cinnamon like I originally wanted. (Damn you comfort-zone and your comfortableness!) To me, it smells like really strong bathroom cleaner. That is not really a smell that I want to walk around with. Although, then it might fool people into thinking I actually clean my bathroom!

Please don’t get me wrong, these products are high quality and I will absolutely be purchasing from Dollish Polish again. But I won’t be adventurous in my scent selection!

Finger Paints Endless Wear Review

{Purchased By Me}

I had been seeing Facebook promos from Finger Paints for their new Endless Wear formula these last few weeks and then when I went in to Sally Beauty to celebrate the weekend (per my usual weekly tradition), I saw the Finger Paints Endless Wear display! I decided to get one as a duty to my dear blog readers so you can know what my opinion of this new formula is! The color selection was limited and they was mostly cream finishes with a shimmer here or there. I didn’t officially count, but I think there were about 10-15 colors to choose from. There is also an Endless Wear top coat so I purchased that as well so my review would be as real as possible for the formula.

I picked Finger Paints Be Still My Beatnik He-Art as my color since I love teal polish. There are a lot of pinks and reds in their color selection but I was trying to mix it up a little.


The formula is definitely thicker than standard polish formulas. On the first coat, I did get some dragging and bald spots which made me a little nervous. However, those easily went away on the second coat. This self-leveled quite well and despite my experience with the first coat, I really like this formula.


The top coat seemed to dry relatively quickly. I watched an episode of Friends and then I was able to stamp on top of this for another post I’m working on. I did these nails on a Friday night and decided to forgo doing my nails Saturday afternoon like I usually would. I really wanted to see if this would chip after a day or two of wear. Saturday was a very busy and hard-on-my-nails day. I taught two dog training classes (puppy teeth are killer on polish and nails!!!), cleaned the house, and had guests with their baby over. That’s a lot of hand use! On Sunday, we did our grocery shopping and we walked the dogs before I could change my mani. So let’s see how this held up.


I have a bit of tip wear, especially on the middle two nails. This tip wear is approximately the same as any other polish I would wear for a few days. I think it held up well, but “endless” is probably a bit of an exaggeration. This teal stained my nails a little bit, but I am highly prone to stains from blue polishes. If you’re prone to stains also, then you’ll want to double up your basecoat for this one.


All in all, I liked this polish. I will probably buy more of this line if there are promos at Sally Beauty.

Zoya Delight Collection Spring 2015


{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their Spring 2015 collection which they are calling the Zoya Delight collection! This collection contains six polishes, three cremes and three subtle shimmers. These colors totally scream Spring to me and I can see a lot of Easter manicures in their future!! Don’t they look like little ducks and bunnies should be stamped on top of them?

Zoya Lillian

Lillian is a gorgeous robin’s egg blue. This is two coats. On the first coat, it was patchy, thin, and streaky. However, on the second coat, everything worked out beautifully. As Russell Wilson says, “It’s not how you begin, it’s how you finish”.



I wouldn’t want you to get bored looking at plain swatches, so just for fun, I stamped on top!! This is Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-005 stamped using Konad White.





Zoya Daisy

Daisy is a cheerful yellow with subtle green shimmers. I didn’t think I was going to like this, but I actually did! It’s too cheerful not to like!



Zoya Tiana

Tiana is a creamy pastel green. This is not my favorite from the collection, but I can appreciate what a perfect green this is for spring!



Zoya Rayne

Rayne is a shimmery light blue. I had some application issues  with this one as you can clearly see in the pictures.





Just for some more fun, I stamped over this using Mundo de Unas Metallic Purple and Born Pretty Store Plate BP-L-006


Zoya Leslie

Leslie is a shimmery light purple. This one might be my favorite from the collection! The shimmers are a subtle blue and it really is quite pretty!



Zoya Eden

Eden is a medium creamy pink. I thought that this was going to be my favorite, but there isn’t anything too unique about it. It’s a gorgeous pink, but there’s not much that makes me say “Wow! I must have THAT pink!”





Overall, I think this is a perfect collection for spring. It has all the basic colors you would expect  for a spring collection. What do you think of this new spring collection? Will you be seeking out any of these colors?

Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine Stamping

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I managed to snag up Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine in the last EP stock. I’m not a huge fan of glitter toppers, but this one is pretty great. I started with two coats of Andrea’s Choice Circus Tightrope which is a purple neon. Then, I topped it with two coats of EP Freeze Machine. To make it even more interesting, I stamped using Konad Black and a design from Pueen 92. This mani also fits both prompts for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week pick and mix challenge! This week’s prompts are flowers and pale blue. Freeze Machine is full of pale blue, iridescent glitters. And later on in the post, I stamped a swirly  flower design on top!

I love all the different shapes and sizes in Freeze Machine. It has some flakies in there which are all the rage right now. But it also has hexes and dots!  I’m pretty sure I see a ton of microshimmer in there, too! Winning!



And not to neglect my stamping plates!!! I decided to stamp on top of the whole lot. I like how it turned out!




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Indie Day!

{Press Sample}

Are you ever in the mood for just a simple mani? And then you do one and decide to add glitter? Well that’s what happened to me today! In the past, I was sent both these bottles as press samples. I started with two coats of Ellison’s Organics Bigger on the Inside which is a cobalt jelly polish. Then, I did two coats of Sweet Heart Polish DisneyLand or Bust! I think it’s fun and festive and super easy to do!