HPB Oct. Halloween Mani Link-Up: Graveyard Nail Art

I am a member of the Hobby Polish Bloggers Facebook group! It’s a great resource to get ideas and help troubleshoot with other bloggers! Today’s nail art is part of our new monthly linkup post!

I started with Sally Hansen Wax Poetic which I think is limited edition….at least it was in a special display at the store! It dried quickly and into a gorgeous matte/wax finish. Then, I used the special Cici&sisi Halloween plate to stamp different graveyard nail art designs on each nail. I used Bundle Monster Black as my stamping polish.

First, here’s a shot of Wax Poetic all on its own. I really love the look of this!



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Konad vs. Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

On my Facebook page, a fan asked me to compare the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri to Konad. She reported that she noticed the SH was much lighter than Konad and asked if that’s normal. I decided to do a side-by-side comparison to find out!

Konad is a special polish made specifically for stamping. In fact, they don’t even recommend using it as a regular painting polish (per their online instructions). I buy mine on Amazon.com

Sally Hansen is found in drugstores. Only recently did SH release a black and a white Insta-Dri, and even then, it’s still limited edition. SH Insta-Dri is notorious for being good for stamping so when I saw the display, I bought all of them!

The design show is from Vivid Lacquer plate 036.

Let’s see how they compare side-by-side:



I didn’t even bother labeling the nails because I think the difference is clear. The SH is much lighter than the Konad.  I think the crispness is about equal.


So why buy one over the other? If you’re looking for a quick fix, SH is the way to go. It’s easy to find (except for limited edition colors) and it’s inexpensive. If you really want the opaqueness and you can wait a week or so for shipping, then Konad is the right choice for you. You have to order online, but that is worth it for the right product.

Me? I use both. Usually which one I pick just depends on which one is closer! LOL! You really can’t go wrong. If you didn’t have them side-by-side, you wouldn’t know how different they are.

China Glaze Breast Cancer Awareness Mani

China Glaze recently released a Breast Cancer Awareness collection. Most of them are re-promotes. I saw the display in Sally Beauty and saw one I couldn’t live without. China Glaze Strawberry Fields! It’s freaking gorgeous and I don’t know how my collection was surviving without it. It’s a hot pink creme jam packed with golden shimmers. Just stunning! I’m not going to blibber blab at you about it, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves.







I used Sally Hansen Liquid Gold to stamp on top. This polish is no longer available, at least not in most places. I used a design from Cici&Sisi and my new firm stamper from Messy Mansion.


I picked gold stamping to complement the gold shimmers in Strawberry Fields. I hope you like today’s nail art and don’t forget to do self breast exams! If you need to, ask your significant other to help. At least that’s what my RN told me! ;) :P

Guest Post at The Musing of the Wife of a Jedi!

I’m guest posting today!!! This post can be found on The Musings of the Wife of a Jedi! I have been following and admiring Jen’s work for a while now, so I was honored when she asked me to do a guest post! I hope that you’ll click on the picture to go visit her site, see my art, and see all the gorgeousness that she posts as well!!


Guest post preview

60’s Nail Art

This week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts prompts are 60’s and textured/matte. I decided to break up the two prompts this week so this post is just 60’s inspired. I googled “60’s Fashion” and found this dress which looked like it would make a pretty cool manicure.


I picked out these five polishes: Sally Hansen White On, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Sally Hansen Black Out, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (original formula), and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original formula).


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French Spiderweb Nail Art

Ready for some more Halloween nail art?? For this mani, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Cinna-snap which I think is from their limited edition Halloween collection. I then taped off the tips and used Sally Hansen Scaredy Matte which is for sure from the limited edition collection. Finally, I used the spiderweb design from Cici&Sisi Plate 01 and Bundle Monster White to create this design.

First, here’s a swatch of Cinna-Snap all on its own. It is a creamy, vampy blood-like color. Perfect for the season.




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Press Release: Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 Collection

I just got the official press release for the Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 collection! If you follow me on Facebook, you already saw my excited post about this! But here is the OFFICIAL announcement for you. :)

Sally Hansen Halloween 2014 Collection


Insta-Dri Fast Dry Nail Color ($4.99): Fast Dry Nail Color for high-speed style. Available in  Pumpkin Queen, Scaredy Matte, Omghost and Night Fright,

unnamed unnamed2 unnamed3 unnamed4

Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips ($9.99):  The no dry time nail polish strips now available in Skull and Crossbows, Hallowscene, Kiss my face and Little Black Lace

unnamed5 unnamed6 unnamed7 unnamed8


Big Glitter Top Coats ($5.99): Top coats that bring extra dimension and style to your nail color. Available in Dressed to Thrill and Costume Glitters




Fuzzy Coat Textured Nail Color ($5.99): Transforms yoru nails with 3-D fabric finishes and amazing texture. Available in Witch-ful Thinking and Fur-ankenstein


unnamed10 unnamed11

Halloween Watermarble Decals

I first discovered the watermarble decals technique on accident in this post. I know I’m not the first to ever do this, but I did discover it on accident on my own! I decided to try again. While the results aren’t perfect, I feel like I’m getting better and better. Plus, cleanup is slightly easier than a traditional watermarble! There still is some, but you don’t get polish all over your fingers like you do when you stick your finger in the water (with or without tape!).

I used Sally Hansen Night Fright and Sally Hansen Pumpkin Queen, both of which are from their Limited Edition Costumize Your Nails Halloween collection. I hope they make the black part of their regular collection because the Insta-Dri line really needs a black (and white!) as a regular offering!



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Believe in Angels? Believe in Me…. Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck

Happy Thursday, everyone!! It’s time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday. Today’s prompt is brown. I was scrolling through my polish excel file and saw Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck. YES. YES. This is the one. I haven’t used it for a year. I swatched it for you originally here. That was a long time ago and I have grown a lot since then!! It was time to bring this beauty out of its box. Vampires Suck is a brown linear holo. This is two creamy, delightful coats. I was actually able to snag a backup bottle in the recent restock so I don’t even have any guilt using it! That’s the perfect storm! I picked a design on my Cici&Sisi plate that would let the majority of Vampires Suck show through. I love pink and brown together, so I selected Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic as my stamping polish.

I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It took me a long time to even like any other vampire lore. I did read some Anne Rice, which I enjoyed. I also watched True Blood through season 4. It just kinda got stupid after that! But I will rewatch Buffy over and over and over again. This means I will officially say that I do not think vampires suck, but I do love this polish!





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Nude Ivy Nails Stamping

I’ve never really done a nude/negative space style nail art. So, I thought I would step outside of my comfort zone and try one out! I got Zoya June from Lisa at Insomniac Manicures. She is the biggest Zoya fan on the face of the planet! It was very nice of her to part with June, even though she already has one. :) This is two coats of June. As you can see, she is a very sheer nude. It’s kind of like “your natural nails, but better”. Then, I used Cici&Sisi plate 07 which came with the most wonderful squishy stamper. I stamped with Sally Hansen Mint Sprint to create the natural leaves effect.




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Love is a Crime

Today’s nail art started with two coats of NYC Fashion Queen, which I originally received as a press sample and swatched for you here. I applied two coats of Fashion Queen and once dry, stamping it using Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare. I picked a design from my Cici&Sisi stamping plate 07. In the pictures, I think it looks like I actually stamped with the gold, which I find interesting. :)

As a reminder, here’s what the beautiful Fashion Queen looks like on her own.


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Fall Leaves Nail Art

This is one of those manicures that looked way better in my head than on my nails. I wanted my nails to look like fall leaves and instead I think they just turned out looking like a mess! I thought I would “help” by painted leave veins on….not sure it helped at all! LOL! I truly love the fall in the Pacific NW so I might try again with a different style. I absolutely love the gloom and the rain. It’s like this weather was meant for me. I was made to live in this city! I am so much happier when it’s raining…and so much crankier when it’s sunny!! The only downside is the trouble with taking pictures of holo polishes, but that’s just a small price to pay for the glorious rain!!!




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Watermarble Nail Art Decals

Today’s mani was an experiment for me. If I can get the technique down a little better, I’ll write (and film?) a tutorial. I discovered this technique on accident. I was trying to do a watermarble and I got frustrated. I had the design in the water, but it was just ugly. So I left my desk and went out to do yard work, leaving the polish in the water as punishment for its misbehavior. Upon my return, I dumped the water out in the trash and the polish slid right off it like it was made of plastic. I was like….What? What is this chemistry magic? It had the consistency of a decal! And then a lightbulb went off above my head. I thought, “I wonder if I could recreate this decal on purpose with a pretty design!” It certainly would save on headache and cleanup!

So that’s how I did this watermarble today. I made the design in the water then let it sit while I ate lunch, folded laundry, etc. Then, I came back, applied a base coat and gently pulled the polish out of the water. (I did one nail at a time so the basecoat is still wet when you apply the decal, otherwise the polish won’t really stick to your nail). I cleaned up and voila! Here is my result. The pinkie nail is a bit messed up, but each nail thereafter gets better and better. I’m excited to try this technique again!

I used Sally Hansen Lively Lilac, Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic, Sally Hansen Black Out, and China Glaze Fairy Dust (of course!).


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Texture Stamping Nail Art

I love stamping over texture for a number of reasons. First, and most importantly, I love the look of it! But I also like how texture polish dries really fast so there’s little waiting time. Also, it can help mask mistakes that creme polish just draws attention to. That’s a win-win-win! :D For this mani, I started with two coats of OPI Magazine Cover Mouse which is a red texture polish with golden shimmers. I got it at TJ Maxx for super cheap. I recently realized that they frequently rebottle and rename OPI polishes to sell at TJ Maxx. That makes my heart sad. I like to know the original collection. I think this one was NOT rebottled though. I’m pretty sure it’s from last year’s Minnie Mouse collection…but I’m sure someone will tell me if I’m wrong!


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Purple Roses

For today’s nail art, I started with two coats of NYC NY Princess which I originally received as a press sample, which I swatched for you yesterday. Once dry, I used my new (and very awesome) Cici&Sisi Stamping Plate 07. I selected Sally Hansen Purpelling as my stamping polish so that I could achieve a nice two-toned purple look. I can’t state enough how much I enjoy stamping with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes!!! I hope you like today’s nail art! :D


First, here’s a reminder of how gorgeous NY Princess is on its own.



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The Steel Sky

For today’s mani, I started with two coats of Mentality Spaced which is a graphite colored polish. I then selected Sally Hansen Sterling Silver and Pueen Plate 73 to stamp  curly-q’s on top. I like how this turned out! I love stamping with the Sally Hansen Color Foils and I’m going to cry when I use them all up!! The Pueen stamping plate comes in a back of about 20 of them and I haven’t even used half of them yet! It’s a great deal!


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Polka Dot French Tips

I’ll start right off the bat saying that I’m totally in love with this mani. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Titanium Flush which was from their recent limited edition color foils collection. It dries wicked fast without a top coat so I didn’t have to wait very long before I taped off my nails and applied Sally Hansen Black Out to the tips. Since it’s easy and safe to dot on top of wet polish, I didn’t wait at all and I dotted Sally Hansen White On to the black tips. I just adore black and pink together and I adore polka dots. Plus, these polishes dry so fast so the wait time was minimal! Win win win!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the polka dots so before I potentially ruined it, I took pics when it was just a plain frenchie.


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Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet – Science and Technology!

I’m very excited about today’s post! It’s for Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet and the theme for this week is science and technology! I’m a huge geek. And I don’t mean that I just wear glasses and like to read. I mean I wear a smart watch. Yep. A super awesome smart watch by Samsung.

That is just how I roll. And of course by now you’ve figured out that I’m wildly obsessed with Doctor Who. But it doesn’t stop there! I love the Twilight Zone, the original Doctor Who, gadgets, and gizmos, a plenty. My day job is also very technology heavy – writing report coding, investigating data problems, etc. So this theme really speaks to me. I wish my stamping was better, but I did this mani on a 96 degree day so my patience was a minimum!!!  I started with three thin coats of Sally Hansen Ivy League. Here’s a plain swatch of that gem:



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Stamping where I Don’t Know What It Is

I joined a new Facebook challenge group where the concept is that you pick one plate from your stamping plates and you have to use each design by the end of the month. Most people picked theirs at random, but I thought it would be fun to have my husband pick! After much deliberation (and comments about how I had millions of plates), he settles on My Online Shop MJ XII. Funnily enough, this was the first one he looked at…. This is the plate that has a few Doctor Who images on it, so you just might see some more Doctor Who in the near future! This plate also has a lot of images that I don’t know what it’s referring to. I’m sure it’s based off some TV show or fandom thing, but I’m not in the loop. Today’s mani is one of those. I picked the faced and the airplanes images. I have no clue if it’s “from” something, but it’s cute so here we go!



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Striping Tape Nail Art for Golden Oldies Tuesday!

Happy Thursday! This week’s Golden Oldies Thursday prompt is stripes! That pretty much left it open for any color I wanted! I just got my new Julep box, so I started with two coats of Julep Avni.  Once she dried, I taped it off with my trusty striping tape and applied a thick layer of Sally Hansen The Real Teal on top. I love the look of purple and teal together! Lastly, I added some rhinestones, but totally should have skipped that step!


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Glitter Tips Nail Art for Golden Oldies Thursday

It’s Thursday and you know by now that  Thursday means it’s time for Crumpet’s Golden Oldies Thursday! This week’s prompt is glitter. As it turns out, I have a ton of glitter polishes in my collection. The one I chose for today is special because it was given to me by a friend when I had surgery in 2012. I haven’t used it in a long, long time so I was pleased when this prompt came up. The glitter I picked is Sally Hansen Wedding Crasher. It’s a purple jelly base packed full of small purple glitters. I love the look of purple and blue together, so I paired it with Sally Hansen Batbano Blue which is new from the runway collection this year.


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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Stamping for Tri-Polish Tuesday!

It’s the last Tuesday in July, can you believe it? This also means that it’s the last tri-polish Tuesday of my favorite color combo ever! This month’s combo for Crumpet’s Nail Tarts is pink, green, and purple. I always gravitate toward my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polishes when I want to stamp. I just wish they made a white and a black in this formula! Could someone contact their CEO and let them know that for me? Thanks! This week, I picked Sally Hansen Jade Jump, Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic, and Sally Hansen In a Haze. (In a Haze was originally given to me as a press sample here.) I picked Vivid Lacquer Stamping Plate VL 010 which has a kind of camo-like design on it.

I started with one (yes, ONE!) coat of Jade Jump and then mixed Sumac Sonic and In A Haze together on the plate’s design. This is what transpired. Let me know what you think in the  comments at the bottom!



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Doctor Who Nail Art Second Regeneration

I just can’t get enough Doctor Who nail art! When I did my first mani, found here, Fixin to Faff told me there were MORE Doctor Who Stamping Plates! Um….I obviously had to buy them. My original first generation Doctor Who nail art used one from My Online Shop (it’s not mine, that’s the name of the shop :P) She actually sells two with Doctor Who images on it so I bought that and the one made by Vivid Lacquer.

I started with two coats of Emerald & Ash Cherenkov Radiation which I bough with a gift card I won from Polished Pathology. (BTW, second only to Bliss Kiss Pure Nail Oil, I LOVE Emerald & Ash Cuticle Oils. Especially the one called Monkey Farts.) Then, I used Sally Hansen Liquid Gold to stamp the Cyberman and Sally Hansen Sterling Silver to stamp the rest. I hope you like it! :)


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Watermarble Rainbow for Fingerfood’s Theme Buffet

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week, the FingerFood Theme Buffet Prompt is Rainbow! I wanted to do a different spin on this, so after some thought, I decided to do a watermarble!



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Vivid Lacquer Stamping for GOT – Yellow

Happy Thursday, everyone! Boy oh boy has it been hot here!!! Today’s prompt is yellow. I have to be honest, I totally hate yellow polish. In my collection of 750, I have like 5 yellow polishes. Seriously. I just can’t stand it. One yellow polish that I can stand is Nicole by OPI Lemon Lolly from last year’s Gumdrops collection. This is a sparkly textured yellow. I love it because it’s sparkly. :D I started with two coats of Lemon Lolly.


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