Holo Watermarble

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From the vault!! I’ve been sitting on this post for a while. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to publish it or not. It even has my old watermark!

It’s high time I did another watermarble! This one uses Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic, Sally Hansen Night Fright, and Sally Hansen OMGhost. Once again, I used my decals technique to make this mani.


On my pointer finger, you can see a few bald spots close to the cuticle line. This happened when I was trimming the decal. I thought I’d cut it all the way off but I hadn’t. So, when I pulled the excess to discard it, it pulled on the polish that I wanted to keep! I repaired it as best as I could. It’s not very noticeable in real life, but the gosh darn camera doesn’t miss any errors!! It’s really too bad because my pointer finger decal was my favorite one. Isn’t that always the case??



I had a hankering for an actual holo mani but holo polishes aren’t usually opaque enough to watermarble. So, I used Enchanted Polish Djinn in a Bottle to top this off, giving all three colors a bit of a holo spin. Djinn doesn’t show up very well on the white (so if you need a white holo, keep looking!) but it gives the black a really nice rainbow look.




Yellow Flowers Nail Art

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Today’s mani is two coats of Sally Hansen Velour which is from their Velvet Texture Collection. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Cream and a design from Cici&Sisi’s Yellow Collection to create this look. There’s something pleasantly spring-like about this mani. I know spring isn’t for another few weeks, but isn’t it kind of nice to think about? Sitting outside, reading a book, petting my dogs, and looking at holo polish in the sun!



Here is a plain swatch of Sally Hansen Velour. I’m a huge fan of this collection! I really love the textured look that Sally Hansen came up with!


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Watermarble using the Decals Technique

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Another watermarble!! I know, I know, I did one just a week or so ago! I’m crazy and wanted to do another one. I figure the only way to get awesome at them is to do them over and over again. Just like with stamping, things like this take practice! So for today’s watermarble practice, I used three Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Polishes: Petal Pusher, Mint Sprint, and Plummet. I used the decal technique which I described in my post earlier this month. And of course, at the end, I put some China Glaze Fairy Dust on top!


If you’ve been struggling with watermarbling, I recommend reading my how to make watermarble decals post. It totally changed my watermarbling desires! I hated it before, but now I’m kinda enjoying it. I need to practice the making of the design in the cup part, but otherwise, it’s easy and breezy!


One of the keys of watermarbling is having room temperature water. If it’s too cold, then the polish acts like a crazy person.


A lot of polishes are good for WM’s. You’ll want to look for polishes that are nearly one-coaters with a traditional mani. Since you can’t really layer it to make it opaque, you want coverage in one coat. If you’re going to use polishes that are more sheer, you can start with a white base coat before applying the decals. That will help the colors pop.


Double Stamping Modern Nail Art

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This is the first double stamping mani I’ve done that I wasn’t embarrassed to show you! I started with two coats of Enchanted Polish Paint it Black. This is certainly a high quality black creme but you could use any of your favorite black polishes for this look. Then, I used Sally Hansen Sterling Silver and Titanium Flush which are both from last year’s color foils collection. I used my firm Konad stamper for these ones since that’s the only stamper that I can get to pick up these polishes. The design is from Pueen Plate 77.

Here is a plain swatch of Enchanted Polish Paint it Black. It went on quite smoothly.


And here’s my design! I have some smudging on my pointer finger. I feel like that’s the finger that always gets smudges. I’m going to have to have a firm talking to that finger to see why it’s always misbehaving.


I like how it looks like fun doodles…but in a controlled way. Yes, I was the kid that only colored in the lines!!



I took a picture before I did the double stamping just in case it looked horrid.  Again, you can see my pointed finger is being a jerk.


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Glitter!!! Using OPI 50 Shades of Grey Shine for Me

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Today I’m featuring OPI Shine for Me which is from the OPI 50 Shades of Grey collection. I had actually promised myself that I would not buy anything from this collection because I really hated the book. It wasn’t the subject matter, mind you, it was the horrid writing and zero character development. I promise I’m not trying to offend anyone that likes the book. It is just not for me – not by a long shot! Buuuut when I saw this gorgeous glitter at Sally Beauty, I just needed it!

I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Vinyl which is from the Patent Gloss collection. Then, I used some zig zag nail vinyls and painted Shine For Me on top. Shine For Me has silver and blue glitters but in some light, it also has a purple essence two it.


This guy is very full-coverage so if you wanted to do a full-on glitter bomb mani, you would not need any base color to support it. Two coats of this, and you’d be shining away!


Brown Lattice Nail Art

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For this mani, I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Regal which is from the new Velvet Texture collection. I stamped using Mundo de Unas Pinon stamping polish. The design is from Cici&Sisi Plate 05mundo-de-unas-pinon


Striping Tape Nail Art

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For this mani, I started with two coats of FingerPaints What a Night from their Bright Lights Big City collection. Then, I used striping tape and painted Sally Hansen Vinyl on top. Vinyl is from the new Patent Gloss collection.


I think it’s important to note that I did not do a final topcoat for this. That is how crazy glossy the Sally Hansen Patent Gloss collection is! I love the creamy black paired with the shimmery duochrome polish. I think it makes the design really pop.


I’m so glad it’s Friday!! This week has been craaaaaaazy and the weekend is a welcome respite. I can’t wait to relax with my darling and wonderful husband and snuggle in the soft fur of my doggies!

Stamping Over Texture with Sally Hansen Velvet Texture

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I picked up a few Sally Hansen Velvet Texture polishes from the drugstore a few weeks ago. These are some very lovely mildly textured polishes. This is two coats of Sally Hansen Velveteen stamped with Sally Hansen Presto Pink. The design is from Pueen plate 76. I can’t get enough of pink and black together!


I did not use a top coat for this because it would have totally ruined the the velvet effect! I’m pretty happy with how this turned out even if the design does remind me a little of a grandmas couch! :P


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Kirby wants to know if you can still see him if he hides behind my treadmill and exercise ball…


Striping Tape Nail Art French Tips

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A little while ago, I swatched the FingerPaints Bright Lights Big City collection for you. The FingerPaints Paint the Town Purple was my least favorite….until I made this mani! Then I really loved it. I used silver striping tape and Sally Hansen Vinyl which is from the Patent Gloss collection.


There is just something about this that I really like. It’s very much my aesthetic – well, at least when I’m not doing stamping!! The problem with Paint the Town Purple was that visible nail line, even after two generous coats. That was quickly solved with black french tips! I used silver striping tape to give it that added extra edge


Plaid Stamping Mani

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Today’s mani is not one of my favorites. I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Chic which is from the Patent Gloss collection. Then, I used Mundo de Unas Velvet as my stamping polish. The design is from Vivid Lacquer plate VL015. This is the first time I have not liked a design from VL.  I think it’s a little too messy looking. (And after 10 nails, I know it’s not me.) Also, I think the squares and lines are too big.  I would have loved to double-stamp this design so it looked even more like plaid, but when I double-stamped, it just completely covered up the lavender color.  Another thing I don’t like about this mani is the color combo. I’m really just not feeling it! Good thing I stockpile acetone!!!



Two Tone Green Stamping

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet which is an awesome mint creme. I purchased what I thought was Konad Black on Amazon but it turned out to be Konad Gold Black which reads more like a dark green. I decided to pair the greens together to create a green two-tone stamping mani. The design is from Pueen Plate 81. Unfortunately, the stamping smeared a little when I put topcoat on which made me pretty sad.



Here is a plain swatch of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet which went on very smoothly and self-leveled quite nicely.


Sally Hansen Patent Gloss Chic

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These polishes flew off the shelf and jumped in my shopping cart! Oops! These are the new Sally Hansen Patent Gloss collection. My store only had three of the colors left. I’m sad I missed out on the red one! I managed to pick up Chic, Slick, and Vinyl. I swatched Slick and Vinyl for you here.

Sally Hansen Chic

Chic is a nude creme. This is two coats with no topcoat. That’s right! NO topcoat! These are so ultra shiny it’s amazing! This is a nice nude that almost gives me mannequin hands. (that’s the dream, right?)






Seahawks Nail Art

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Well, it’s official! The Seahawks are in the playoffs! Woo hoo! I’ve never been a big football fan, but there is something about the Seahawks that just make me wild about them! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t have a little crush on Russell Wilson?? In honor of the fabulous Hawks, I did two coats of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (new formula) and once dry, used striping tape and painted Sally Hansen I-Rush Luck on top.


I hope that if any of you are Panthers fans that you’ll still stick around after that post! And that goes for Broncos fans, too! :P


I’m looking forward to tonight! I think we’ll make some chicken wings and chill on the couch and root for the home team! Woo hoo! Who’s with me?

Sally Hansen Patent Gloss Swatches

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I’ve been gaga about Sally Hansen’s special collections lately so when I saw the Sally Hansen Patent Gloss, I just had to grab some! Sadly, my store only had two colors left – the black and the blue. If I see the other colors, I’m totally going to get them!

Sally Hansen Vinyl Patent Gloss is a dark, rich black. This is with NO topcoat on! It is this shiny and satiny without any topcoat. I think it’s super gorgeous.



Sally Hansen Slick Patent Gloss is a dark, dark blue. Again, this is two coats with no topcoat! The blue did flood my cuticles a bit and it was super hard to try and clean up! So, you’ll want to be careful so you don’t end up with alien cuticles like me! :P



How to Make Watermarble Decals

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Today I’m going to show you how I make watermarble decals! After I accidentally discovered this method, I vowed to never dunk my finger in water again! My watermarbles aren’t perfect, but they are a far cry better than what they used to look like and on top of that, clean up us a lot easier!

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More Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Swatches!

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I swatched a couple of the Sally Hansen Velvet Texture polishes for you in this earlier post. I was bummed that I didn’t purchased the black one so when I went back to the store and saw it was still in stock, I snatched it up! Along with the blue one….

This first one is Sally Hansen Velveteen. This is a tar black but it applied quite nicely. Nothing like tar. :) I really enjoyed wearing this. It’s a very unique black texture and I can’t wait to do some nail art on top! This is two coats shown.



Sally Hansen Regal is a cobalt blue. This color really pops! This is also two easy coats.



If you don’t like texture, then these aren’t for you. But, if you’re like me, and you love texture, then you might want to be on the lookout for these little guys!

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Nail art

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For this mani, I started with Sally Hansen Crushed which is from their new, limited edition, velvet texture collection. This dries super fast and into a cool matte finish which makes it perfect for nail art. I used a design from this Cici&Sisi stamping plate set and used Konad Black as my stamping polish. I know it’s not a very seasonal design, but I don’t want to flood your eyes with snowflakes. LOL. It’s not winter in all parts of the world, so this mani is for the southern hemisphere folks! Or for folks in the northern hemisphere that wish they were in the southern!



Thanks for stopping by my blog today! I know this time of year is super busy for everyone. The fact that you’d make time for little ol’ me gives me the warm fuzzies.

Christmas Sweater (?) Nail Art

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This mani is a twist on the traditional Christmas sweater – both with the colors and the pattern!! I started with two coats of Sally Hansen Plush which is from their new velvet textures collection. Then, I used a design from Vivid Lacquer plate VL 035 which is full of sweater designs. I don’t know if this counts as Christmas sweater nail art…if anything, it’s Halloween or Valentine’s Day! But here it is and you get to see it today. I stamped with Sally Hansen Rapid Red from their Insta-Dri line. I love stamping with SH Insta-Dris because they are easy to find and quite reliable in their performance.




Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Swatches

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I saw a new display from Sally Hansen!! What a great day! :) This is their new velvet texture collection. I picked up three of the colors that spoke to me.

Sally Hansen Plush

Plush is an aqua color. I love the texture of these polishes. It’s a mix between a super fine texture and a satin finish. It’s very unique and I am so glad I decided to pick these up.



Sally Hansen Crushed

Crushed is a medium purple. This is two coats.



Sally Hansen Lavish

Lavish is a dark, dark purple. It’s almost an oxblood color.



For something a little extra for this post, I did some stamping over Lavish. I used Pueen plate 73 and Sally Hansen Sterling Silver. The velvet texture shows through the stamped polish which I really like. I have more stamping using Plush and Crushed coming up later this month so make sure you’re following me somehow so you don’t miss it!



Red and Green Christmas Art

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I saw this Sally Hansen Royal Shyness in a display at Target a few weeks ago. I’m not sure if it’s part of a new collection or an old one, but I’m a sucker for matte polish so I picked it up. Tis the season for Christmas nail art, so I grabbed the Cici&Sisi holiday plate and my Konad Red to stamp the designs on my nails.

Before we look at the nail art, here is Sally Hansen Royal Shyness on its own. This is two coats without a top coat. This will also be perfect for manicures in March!


And now here is the mani with the holiday designs stamped on top. The red looks a little black on top of the green, but I still think it looks pretty festive!



I promised I won’t do Christmas nail art all month! :) I have some awesome swatches from a new indie collection for you tomorrow. :) Also, don’t forget to enter my current giveaway by clicking here!

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Sally Hansen Red Carpet

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I saw this Sally Hansen Red Carpet polish on display at Target a few weeks ago. Seeing as I’m a sucker for jellies and for reds, it found itself in my shopping basket. I’m so glad it did!!! This is two coats. Sally Hansen Red Carpet is a deep red jelly with red shimmers packed in it. It is so beautiful!!



Frilly Music Notes Nail Art

Today’s mani starts with a base of CDB Lacquer Sunsweet Berries, which I originally received as a press sample. Once dry, I stamped a design from this Cici&Sisi Set using Sally Hansen Fuchsia Flare. I kinda love how the purple subdued the pink. I was drawn to the music notes nail art idea and I liked how this one wasn’t just notes. It has fun, frilly swirls also!



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Press Release: Sally Hansen and NYC Color Sparkle for the Holidays!

Press Release: Sally Hansen and NYC Color Sparkle for the Holidays!

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Sequin Overcoat Collection ($7.99): Layered over your favorite Complete Salon Manicure Color, the  seven chic shades of shimmering sequin polishes will instantly amp up your manicure. The polish features a Precision Brush that’s rounded to fit the curve of your cuticles and perfectly shaped to hug the contours of your nails. Available shades are: Blush Over Hue, Crown Jewels, Over the Rain Blue, Radiant Royal Blue, Strawberry Shields, Open Mica Night, Cheery on Top










Sally Hansen Big Glitter Top Coat (4.99) : Craving more sparkle and shine? These multi-dimensional top coats add a big, bold glitter effect and show-stopping shine to any of your favorite Sally Hansen nail colors. Brush it over a solid color for a healthy dose of glitter, or take even shimmery colors to the next level of shine. Available in Goldi-Flecks, Blue Moonlight and Meteorlight




NYC New York Color Big City Dazzle Sparkle Topcoat ($1.99)Take your nails from the office to after-hours with a quick-drying coat of sparkle from NYC New York Color. Apply to bare nails for sheer shine effect or layer it over your favorite nail color for a bold, eye-catching look.


Winter Butterfly Nail Art

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I don’t care if it’s almost winter, I want some Butterfly Nail Art! LOL!! I hesitated to post this because of the season, but I decided that I don’t care! I like it too much not to share. I started with CDB Lacquers Warrior Spirit which I originally received as a press sample. Then, I used a design from this Cici&Sisi plate set and Sally Hansen Petal Pusher to stamp the butterflies on top. Some of the wings are cut off so they actually look more like leaves, but I really like how it looks anyway.



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80’s Horror Movie Mani!

Today’s mani is a double-duty one for two challenges. First, is Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. The Crumpet’s Challenge prompt is 80’s. I could have done a crazy, neon, colorful mani but I decided to go with an 80’s horror movie, Halloween! I loooooove 80’s horror slasher flicks. Just love them. I can’t get enough of them. I don’t think this mani does Michael Myers justice, but it’s the best I could do with my inept free hand skills.

Also, this mani is for Lacquer Legion After Dark prompt! You do not want to be caught after dark if Michael Myers is in the area!! Watch out!



Many polishes were used in the making of this mani:

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