Icy Blue Nails

Today’s nail art is much more wintery than the season calls for, but I decided that I can do whatever kind of mani suits my fancy! :D For this mani, I started with two coats of Julep Jeanne. I used some chevron nail vinyls on my ring finger and scotch tape on the tips of the others to create the different pattern. I used OPI This Gown Needs a Crown which I recently scored at TJ Maxx for super cheap! TJ is one of the best places to score polish if you don’t care that it’s from an old collection. Good thing it’s right next to GameStop so my hubby has something to do! :)


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Julep Demi for Golden Oldies Thursday

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope your day is going awesomely. :) Today’s challenge for Golden Oldies Thursday is “red”. One of the first polishes I ever bought (once this obsession started) was Julep Demi. That was in December 2011! It’s been a long time since I’ve used this beauty. It’s an oxblood red that has many hints of brown in it. Therefore, I paired it with Zoya Nyssa (which I originally received as a press sample).


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Dotted Nail Art for He Picks My Polish!

I can’t believe how fast this month is going by! It’s time for another round of He Picks My Polish!! My “he” is my husband who patiently puts up with this little routine. LOL. This month, he picked Julep Ginger, Julep Evangeline, and China Glaze Sci-Fly By. I started with one coat of Ginger and then used a makeup sponge to create a gradient with Evangeline. Once it dried, I used Sci-Fly By to dot blue dots on top. It’s a color combo I never would have picked myself, but that’s the point, isn’t it? Hope you like it at least a little!!



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Julep August 2014 Wanderlust Collection

I haven’t gotten a Julep box in a long time, but when I saw the August 2014 Wanderlust collection, I just had to have the whole thing! I’m a greedy little polish pig! I ordered the Core Classics box with the Polish Lover’s Upgrade. I also added a few add-on items. Julep has been doing a promotion where if you buy three add-ons, they throw in something free. This month, it was two of the eye primers. Nice!

Edit: After I published this, Julep contacted me to let me know that they have recently re-vamped their colors page.  If you’re interested in perusing their full collection, you can check it out here: http://www.julep.com/shop/nail-polish.html


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Striping Tape Nail Art for Golden Oldies Tuesday!

Happy Thursday! This week’s Golden Oldies Thursday prompt is stripes! That pretty much left it open for any color I wanted! I just got my new Julep box, so I started with two coats of Julep Avni.  Once she dried, I taped it off with my trusty striping tape and applied a thick layer of Sally Hansen The Real Teal on top. I love the look of purple and teal together! Lastly, I added some rhinestones, but totally should have skipped that step!


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Domestic Life

It’s Tuesday AND it’s a new month which means it’s time for new colors for tri-polish Tuesday!!!! This month’s prompt is blue. yellow, and red. I started out with two coats of Julep India which is from the new August Wanderlust collection. I think Julep might have tweaked their formula, because this month the polishes aren’t as goopy as they normally are. I’m in a stamping plate challenge as well. The idea there is to pick one stamping plate and then by the end of the month, you have to use all the images from the plate! My plate is MJ XII from My Online Shop.  The yellow I used is a prototype from a hopefully soon-to-be indie maker of stamping polishes. The red is Konad Red.

I picked two images for today’s mani. One is a conglomeration of domestic kitchen supplies and the other is lanterns.  Because what good housewife doesn’t have good lanterns???


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Julep Nail Mask Review

I recently purchased the Julep Nail Mask as an add-on to my August 2014 subscription box. I was very curious if this would do anything for my nails. The instructions say to leave it on for 20-30 minutes. I lasted 25. :) Before you scroll down, I have to warn you that my nails are pretty badly stained. I have OPI Tiff

any Case to thank for that! So please try and look past the yellow/blue  tinge! Thanks!! :)


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Sally Hansen Color Foils Stamping

When I first tried stamping with the Sally Hansen Color Foils, I couldn’t get it to work. Then another blogger (I can’t remember who right now! If you tell me, I’ll update this to credit her) let me know that she used a hard Konad stamper and she was able to stamp with them. I really wanted it to work, so I decided to give it another try…and lo and behold, it worked!!! Hooray! These are gorgeous polishes to stamp with!!!

I started with two coats of Julep Cleopatra and did not top coat it. Luckily, it dries super fast on its own.




I grabbed my MoYou Artist Collection Plate 08. This is the first time I’ve used it because I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. :P But I saw the floral pattern in the bottom right and thought it would be perfect for this design.


I stamped with Sally Hansen Cobalt Chrome and I really like how it turned out.



Then, I wanted a little extra pizazz so I took my dotting tool and dotted Sally Hansen Rose Copper on as an accent.


Father’s Day Mani – Inspired By His Art

My father is a very important person in my life. He is an incredibly hard worker and instilled in me a work ethic that I never would have summoned up on my own. For his living, he makes beautiful, usable ceramic pottery. The wonderful thing about his pottery is it’s all functional. In fact, my entire dish set was made with his two hands. In honor of Father’s Day, I have attempted to re-create his signature look on my nails.

Here is what his pottery looks like.



Here is the mani I did to recreate the look of the plate:



To recreate the look of the plate, I started with two coats of Julep Anne and let it dry.


Then, I sponged on Nailtini Admiral Perry. I waited until Anne was dry because I wanted a harsher line than you would usually see in a polish gradient.



Then, I used a nail art striping brush to sweep on the squiggly lines in three different colors: Julep Kate (white), Nailtini Bordeaux (wine), and Sally Hansen Jade Jump (green).







I did do one last sweep of Anne and I think I should have skipped that step. Oh well!


Don’t forget to call your dad today! I’m off to call mine. :P

GOT: Lilac Prompt using Julep Alice

Happy Thursday!! This week’s Golden Oldies Thursday prompt is “Lilac”. I had a hard time finding a polish I hadn’t used in a year because I love purple and use it all the time! I finally managed to find Julep Alice which I haven’t touched in a year and it was the perfect lilac! So, I started with two coats of Julep Alice. Once dry, I applied some striping tape to create a funky french mani design and used Nail Polish Indie Brand Giles from the Buffy Collection. If you like what you see, check out this new indie brand at http://nailpolishindiebrand.com/ where you can get a 10% discount by using the code bettysbeautybombs. :)








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GOT: Bling using Julep Paris and Julep Coco

This week’s Golden Oldies Theme is Bling!! I decided to use two polishes that I got exactly a year ago. In the May 2013 Julep Maven box, I received Julep Paris and Julep Coco. They are still two of my favorite polishes and they go quite well together! I decided to use them both in today’s mani. I also used striping tape to add a little extra flair to the mani. I bought a bunch of striping tape for super cheap on Amazon. If you’re interested in joining Julep, please use my referral link by clicking here. :)

Before you take a peak at the pics, don’t forget to enter this month’s giveaway by clicking here.




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GOT: Neon Nail Art – Julep Lauren

It’s Thursday! Happy Friday Eve! This week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Golden Oldies Thursday Theme is: Neon Nail Art! The only polish I own that’s neon and hasn’t been used in a year is Julep Lauren. Lauren is a hot pink neon. I actually like it a lot which you can tell because the bottle is halfway empty! But I still haven’t used it in a year! That’s why these challenges are great – you are prompted to use old, but loved polishes. I decided to stamp black designs over Lauren because I love black and pink together. I picked MoYou London Fairytale Collection Plate 06 so I could do a different design on each nail. I simply used Konad Special Black for stamping.





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Julep Maven Bombshell May 2014

I got my Julep Maven Bombshell May 2014 box in the mail today. I added on two colors from the May 2014 collection in addition to a mystery polish. May 2014 is also the month where Julep introduced the highly debated plie wand. If you’re interested in signing up for Julep, please consider using my referral link by clicking here.


From left to right, we have Maddy (add-on from the Classic with a Twist Box), Paulette (add-on from the Boho Glam Box), Laree, Saaya, and Bess (mystery add on). It’s clear that Bess was old inventory which I should have known. All of Julep’s mystery items and boxes are old inventory. It was so old, it was literally dusty! LOL! At least I don’t already own it, so that’s a bonus.

Julep-Bombshell-May-2014  Julep-Plie-Wand

And now for the swatches. All swatches are two coats.

Julep Laree is a dark coral with golden shimmers. I’m so happy Julep is starting to get away from all-creme collections. The shimmers in this one are gorgeous!



Julep Saaya is a peach with golden shimmers.



Julep Paulette is a lovely lilac with golden shimmers.



Julep Maddy is a lovely, rich raspberry creme. It has extremely subtly shimmers.



Julep Bess is a light, baby boy blue. This is the mystery polish so it’s from a previous month’s collection. I’m not sure which one.


I am very happy with my box this moth, including the add-ons. The only thing I wish I would have skipped was the mystery polish. I just need to remember it’s always their old overstock!!

GOT: Flowers Nail Art

Welcome to Thursday! Or, as I like to call it, “Friday Eve”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Happy May! Summer is almost here!

Thursday means it’s time for Golden Oldies Thursday from the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. This week’s prompt is “flowers”. I was drawn to my old China Glaze Hunger Games collection which came out two years ago and I haven’t used since! Then, I wanted to add a stem so I grabbed the green holo from last year’s hologlam collection.

Polishes Used:
China Glaze Smoke and Ashes
China Glaze Dress Me Up
China Glaze OMG a UFO
Julep Sally (didn’t have any old, yellow China Glaze polishes! LOL!)

I used a dotting tool for the petals in pollen and then I used a nail art brush to freehand the stems with OMG a UFO. I hope you like my flowers nail art!



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He Picks My Polish April 2014

It’s time for one of my favorite challenges! This is the He Picks My Polish challenge. The concept is you have a male in your life pick 2-3 polishes and you have to use them in nail art. My “he” is my darling and wonderful husband. This month, he picked all Julep! Julep Sunny, Julep Tatum, and Julep Ginger. To be honest, I had no idea what to do with these! So I decided to try my hand at some water marbling. Turns out, these polishes are horrid for marbling. They just fizzle out in the water. When I saw that happening, I put on two coats of Sally Hansen White Beaches to help the colors show. It helped a little, but this mani is still a total disaster! Shhh…Don’t tell my husband! ;)

Since I have it available, here’s a swatch of Sally Hansen White Beaches first:


And now  for the mani fail! Avert your eyes if scary things scare you!




GOT: Tropical Mani

Happy Thursday, everyone! Since it’s Thursday, it means it’s time for more Golden Oldies! Today we have Julep Mischa. I don’t even know how long I’ve owned her, but it’s at least more than a year! The prompt for this week is “Tropical”. This was a hard one for me because hardly any of my oldies are tropical colors. When I think tropical, I think orange and yellow so that’s why I picked Mischa. Then, I picked out some kiwi nail decorations to make it look delicious. This style of nail art is super simple; no skill involved!



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Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic

Happy Tuesday! This mani is part of the tri-polish challenge. This month’s theme is blue, pink, and yellow! For this week’s mani, I went with Mentality Gumdrop, Sally Hansen Fuchsia Power, and Julep Charlie along with Pueen Plate 62.

I started with two coats of Mentality Gumdrop. Here’s a swatch of Gumdrop all on its own.Mentality-Gumdrop Continue reading “Tri-Polish Tuesday: Psychedelic”

GOT: Coral Striping Tape Nail Art

It’s time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday! The premise is that you have to use a polish that you’ve owned for over a year. This week’s theme is “Coral”. You can see last week’s mani by clicking here.

Don’t forget to enter my April giveaway by clicking here!

As soon as I started planning this mani, Julep Sarah popped into my head. I’ve owned it for years but haven’t used it in ages–even though it’s one of my favorite corals ever! It’s a lovely jelly with lots of small shimmers in it. I then decided that I haven’t been doing enough striping tape nail art lately, so I taped off some stripes and applied some Nailtini Admiral Perry. I love navy and coral together! What do you think? Do you have a favorite coral polish?






I was thinking about adding text at the bottom of my posts that would contain fun facts about me. I don’t know if anyone will actually read down here or not! I guess there is only one way to find out! When I’m doing my nails, I like to stream TV shows to keep my brain entertained. Right now, I’m rewatching “How I Met Your Mother”. I watched the series finale last week and I was…slightly disappointed. *Spoilers ahead* If you haven’t watched the finale yet, don’t keep reading! You’ve been warned! Ok…so I feel like I was lied to. 1.) The entire series, we kept getting told that Ted was going to end up with the love of his life and we were lead to believe that was the mother. Well…she died. 2.) They spend so much time in season 8 convincing us that Ted and Robin were great together…and that was clearly a lie! Plus, I don’t like how the writers broke them up. 3.) Robin rejected Ted multiple times across all seasons. Why should we suddenly believe that she wants to be with him? Maybe he’s crazy in love with her, but I never got the sense that the feeling was mutual. And for those three reasons, I was disappointed in the finale. :( Did you watch it? What did you think?

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Julep Maven April 2014 Box (Part 2 of 2)

Here is the second half of my swatches from the Julep Maven April 2014 Box. You can see the first 6 swatches by clicking here.  As I stated in part 1, this collection is the best one I’ve seen from Julep….ever. I’ve been a member since Dec. 2011 so I’ve seen a fair number of collections! This one is great because there isn’t a single creme in the bunch. Each one has a unique finish! Hooray!

Julep Bailey is a cobalt blue with a crelly finish. It’s more jelly than creme so I’d like to test it out as a jelly sandwich and see what happens…(This is three coats. All others in this post are two.)

Julep Bailey Swatch

Julep Bailey

Julep Flora is dark lilac purple with tiny little shimmers in it. I love the shimmers in this whole collection!Julep Flora Swatch

Julep Flora

Julep Mariska is a bright, cheerful orange that also has tiny shimmers in it. The shimmers in this one were almost impossible to capture on camera so you’ll just have to take my word for it!Julep Mariska Swatch

Julep Mariska

Julep Maven April 2014 Box (Part 1 of 2)

I received my April 2014 Julep Maven box last week. This month, I decided to upgrade to the polish lover’s full box because I really couldn’t decide which polishes I wanted! Therefore, the only reasonable thing to do was to get all nine of them, right? Look at them! Just look at them! Drool!!!! This is, by far, the best collection Julep has ever put together. There isn’t a plain creme in the bunch!! Each one is gorgeous in its own right and has a little extra flair.

Julep April 2014 MavenHere are the first 6 of the 9 colors. I will post the remaining 3 tomorrow. (All swatches are two coats.)

Julep Maren is a light pink with blue a frosty duochrome finish. It is amazing and gorgeous. In fact, I actually wore it for a full mani for a full day after swatching these!! It’s gorgeous!

Julep Maren Swatch

Julep Maren

Julep Sunny is a metallic bright yellow. I don’t usually like yellow all that much, but this one is just too cheerful to pass up!

Julep Sunny Swatch

Julep Sunny

Julep Tatum is a metallic lime green. This is another one that I wouldn’t normally pick, like Sunny, but it’s just so cheerful that I love looking at it!

Julep Tatum Swatch

Julep Tatum

Julep Kayla is a light blurple with an orange duochrome finish.

Julep Kayla Swatch

Julep Kayla

Julep Phoebe is a metallic frosty emerald color. This is another stunner in the collection!

Julep Phoebe Swatch

Julep Phoebe

Julep Caitlin is a hot pink with tiny orange shimmers.

Julep Caitlin

Julep Caitlin Swatch

Comic Book Murder!

I’ve been hearing so many great things about MoYou stamping plates so I just had to try some! They are based out of London so it takes a while to get here, but mine finally did! This is MoYou Comics Collection plate 03. The stamping is very crisp, despite how intricate the designs are. They are fabulous!

The base I used is Julep Annette, so let’s start with a quick pic of just the swatch.


Then I used Konad Black Special Polish and MoYou Comics Collection Plate 03






Same or Similar? Saturday. The reds!

It’s time for another showdown on….

Same or Similar? Saturday!

Today’s contenders are, in alphabetical order by name:
LA CC 1945
Sally Hansen Heart to Heart
Julep January
Formula X for Sephora Pyrotechnic
As you can see, these look quite similar in the bottles…but are they the same?!?!
Red Nail Polish Swatches
From left to right: LA CC, Julep, Sally Hansen, Formula X
I mixed up the order of the polishes and swatched them! Here they are without a top coat:
Can you tell which is which? Answer after the page break!

Ok, time to reveal the answers!
Here they are again, labeled, and without a top coat. Two coats of each polish were used.
Julep January

Here are the same polishes, in the same order, with a top coat.

LA CC 1945

My take: These are amazingly similar. There is no reason to own all four unless you’re a collector like me. :) Pyrotechnic is slightly darker than the rest and Heart to Heart is slightly lighter. But really, these are like…so similar, any normal person would call them the same.

Let’s talk formulas. All of the formulas are good. If I had to pick a least favorite, it would be Julep. It was just a little thick, which is something Julep polishes are notorious for.

Let’s take a look at the brushes.

This is Formula X. This brush is decent. It’s really hard to say how the whole line would be because I have a mini set and sometimes the brushes from the minis are different than real-size brushes.

Formula X for Sephora Pyrotechnic

 LA CC Brush: This brush is great! I love a flat, square brush as I find I have the most control.

LA CC 1945

Julep: This is my least favorite of the brushes. It’s round which makes it harder for me to get good, even application at my cuticles. You can see in the swatch pics above that my pointer finger is the least well-done…and that was a Julep brush!

Julep January Swatch

And finally, the Sally Hansen Brush. This one is good because it’s flat and square, but I liked the LA CC one slightly better.

Sally Hansen Heart to Heart Swatch
So who’s the winner??
If you could only buy one and you’re on a budget, go with the Sally Hansen. It’s easy to find, totally affordable, and looks just like the others. :)

If you want to spend a little more, go with the LA CC because it had the smoothest application.

Same or Similar? Saturday

I thought I would try out a new style of post. Please let me know if you would like to see more of this kind of post by writing in the comments.

I decided that I should put my giant collection to good use and start showing you, my loyal readers, the ones that look the same or similar in the bottle. Then, you can make more educated buying decisions!
Today, I have three medium purples to show you. You can see they look pretty similar in the bottles, especially the Formula X and the Julep.
China Glaze Sephora Julep
Here’s the unlabeled hand. The polish on the pointer and pinkie are the same one.
Polishes used, in alphabetical order by name are:
Julep Anne
Formula X for Sephora Indelible
China Glaze What a Pansy (from the new City Flourish collection)
Can YOU guess which is which? (Let me know if you got it right!) Answer is below the page break. :D
China Glaze What a Pansy Swatch

And here are the answers!
Pointer and pinky are China Glaze What a Pansy
The ring finger is Formula X for Sephora Indelible
Middle finger is Julep Anne

Julep Anne Swatch
So how’d you do? Did you get them all right?
Formula X was the easiest to apply. It self leveled the best and barely needed two coats. Anne was the hardest. It’s got that notoriously thick formula that Juleps are known for. What a Pansy was in between–not too thick but definitely needed two coats.
Interestingly, I thought the Julep and the Formula X would be more similar, based on the color in the bottle. But they’re not! This is why swatches are so important! 
I would say that all three of these polishes are similar but definitely not the same. Formula X and the CG are the closest. If you could only get one, I would say to get What a Pansy because it’s the least expensive, the easiest to find, and it’s right in between the color of the other two.
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!