Color Club Miss Bliss Nail Art

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Today’s mani is part of the Crumpet’s 52-week pick and mix challenge. The prompts for this week are Film and Holo. This mani is just addressing the holo portion of the prompts.  I grabbed Color Club Miss Bliss. To this day, the Color Club Halo Hues are some of my favorite holos of all time. I used Mentality Grey Opaque to stamp which was given to me as a gift from Mentality.  The design is from Pueen Plate 81.


I liked wearing this mani because the stamping was so subtle. Sometimes it’s nice to have nail art that’s just for me and not for the person across the room! :)




Here is a plain swatch of Color Club Miss Biss without and then with flash. See how beautiful this is?? And it’s easy to find on Amazon! Woo Hoo! This first pic is in a light box.


This is in natural light with a flash from my camera. This is really what you see in sunlight. It’s quite stunning!


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Pink and Teal Stamping Nail Art

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Today’s mani is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week pick and mix challenge. The prompts for this week are pink/aqua and dotting tools. I decided to combine the two prompts for this week’s mani.  I started with two coats of Sephora Formula X Brazen which is a lovely baby pink. I picked a design from Pueen Plate 75 and used Mundo de Unas Fiji to stamp. Finally, I used Essence Girl’s Night Out (which was originally sent to me as a press sample) to dot the centers of the little flowers in the stamped design.


I think that I went a touch overboard with the dots. It just looks like girly mold. Also, I’m a very irresponsible blogger and did not take a picture before I dotted the design! Sheesh! What is wrong with me? I hope you don’t think I’ve failed you! ;)



Here is a plain swatch of Sephora Formula X Brazen so you can see what a lovely and innocent pink it is. It’s kinda funny that the name is Brazen!


Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you liked your visit! Please come again. :P

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Black and Red Stamping Mani

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Today’s mani starts with two coats of OPI Just Shocking! which I got at TJ Maxx. I’m sure that this isn’t the original name. TJ Maxx OPI polishes are known for being renamed. If anyone knows what this beauty really is, please let me know! It’s a dark pink shimmer. This is two coats.

I picked this design from Pueen Plate 79 and used my new Mundo de Unas black stamping polish. Be warned about MDU: They totally reek. They smell of acrylic craft paint. Perhaps that’s what they are made of…but I just wanted to warn you! Once on the nails and topcoated, the smell goes away, but when you’re working, it’s definitely pungent.

This mani is for the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week pick and mix challenge. One of this week’s prompts is ‘dots’. I know that a lot of girls are probably going to do dotticures, but since I’m totally addicted to stamping lately, I decided to bend the rule a bit and do a design that has dots in it.



Here is a plain swatch of OPI Just Shocking. It’s super pretty; I just wish I knew the real name!


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Christmas Tree Nail Art

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Happy December 1st!! I was originally sent this gorgeous green polish by Mango Bunny Polish as a press sample. This is Fern Bunny which is part of their Bunny Collection. Due to its evergreen color, I just had to stamp some Christmas trees on top. I promise I won’t bombard you with only holiday nail art, I promise! But I want to kick off December with this look. Also, this week from the 52-Week Crumpet’s Nail Tarts Challenge, the prompt is dark green!


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Cheerful Blue and Yellow Stamping Nail Art

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I needed a little cheerful nail art so it was perfect that the second prompt in this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge is “yellow”! I have had Ciate Kaftan sitting on my desk in my untrieds lineup for quite a while. So, I decided to finally pick it up and use it! It’s a sunshine yellow with golden shimmers. Ciate is sold at department stores like Nordstrom as well as Sephora. Once dry, I used Bundle Monster blue stamping polish and a design from the red Cici&Sisi plate set to stamp this design.  I always forget that blue and yellow make green. LOL. So the stamping design looks more green than blue, but I still think this mani looks pretty cheerful!

First, let’s take a look at Kaftan on its own. I love the brushes that come in Ciate polishes. They are nice and square and flat. Those are the brushes that are the easiest to use for me. They also make it so I need little to no cleanup. It’s the same style you’ll find in OPI or Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes.


I also started using an new pre-photo cuticle product. I really like it! It’s Nail Butter which I first read about on The Nailasaurus Blog. It smells lemony and has a texture very similar to Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, but it’s not nearly as greasy and soaks in super fast. Hooray!



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Wild Animal Nail Art Challenge

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Today’s nail art is for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge. The two prompts for this week are Wild Animals and/or yellow. This post just addresses the wild animals prompt. :) I started with two coats of Essence Finding Dori which is from the new Aquatix Collection. Then, I used Konad Black and Vivid Lacquer Plate VL010 to stamp this leopard (or cheetah???) print on top. Once that was dry, I used scotch tape for taping off the tips and painted Sephora Formula X Dark Matter on the tips. Lastly, I used my trusty striping tape to line the edge and give it a finished look.


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Dog Manicure!

This week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts prompt is Domestic Animals. Obviously I had to do a dog-themed one! I started with two coats of Literary Lacquers Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster which is a gorgeous glittery teal. I used a designs from a few different Cici&Sisi plates. I used Konad White as my stamping polish.




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Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds Nail Art

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Today’s prompt from the Challenge Your Nail Art Facebook group is “Halloween TV or Movie Inspired”. I love old horror movies and Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is one of my favorites. To me, this is such a scary movie because nothing very supernatural happens. Birds flock en mass….which happens in real life….and they attack people….which happens in real life. Seriously. Don’t ever walk by a crow’s nest. Those birds will absolutely attack you. So Alfred Hitchcock takes something that happens naturally in life and then just expands it a little. And it becomes terrifying. I still can’t see a power line full of birds without thinking of this movie! Genius!

For this nail art, I started with two coats of China Glaze But of Corpse which I originally received as a press sample. Then, I used Konad Black and Vivid Lacquer plate VL018 to stamp the designs.




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Pamela (not Jason!) Vorhees Nail Art

Happy Thursday! Today’s nail art is another for this month’s Challenge Your Nail Art prompt! Today’s prompt is “Halloween Villains”. I went with a Friday the 13th theme since I already did Michael Meyers on Monday. ;) I was going to say that I did a Jason Vorhees mani, but as any horror fan knows, the real killer was Jason’s mother, Pamela Vorhees! So this is a Pamela Vorhees mani!

I started with two coats of OPI My Vampire is Buff.



Then, I splattered OPI Red Hot Rio on. Rio was the perfect choice for blood because it has a crelly finish. And if blood was a nail polish, I’m sure it would be a crelly!!


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Pumpkin Faces for Challenge Your Nail Art!

Today’s art is for the Challenge Your Nail Art October challenge! Today’s prompt is pumpkin faces! I started with two coats of China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy and put on two coats of China Glaze Ghoulish Glow. Once dry, I used Konad Special Black and Cici&Sisi Halloween Plate to make the pumpkin faces. I did use these faces in a previous post’s design but I liked them so much that I used them again!

I’m going to show you the glow in the dark picture first! Because I think it looks so cool! And kinda creepy…especially that face with the sharp teeth!


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80’s Horror Movie Mani!

Today’s mani is a double-duty one for two challenges. First, is Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. The Crumpet’s Challenge prompt is 80’s. I could have done a crazy, neon, colorful mani but I decided to go with an 80’s horror movie, Halloween! I loooooove 80’s horror slasher flicks. Just love them. I can’t get enough of them. I don’t think this mani does Michael Myers justice, but it’s the best I could do with my inept free hand skills.

Also, this mani is for Lacquer Legion After Dark prompt! You do not want to be caught after dark if Michael Myers is in the area!! Watch out!



Many polishes were used in the making of this mani:

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Three Dark Colors

Today’s mani is for a Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52 Week Challenge prompt! This week’s prompts are The 80’s and/or three dark colors. I decided just to do the three dark colors prompt. I don’t really like how this turned out….I think the colors are too dark! Oh well! I used NYC Black Elixir, NYC I am not affRED, and NYC NY Princess. All three of these polishes were originally received as a press sample. I decided to do a patchwork mani. I don’t think these colors are different enough for a patchwork.


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60’s Nail Art

This week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts prompts are 60’s and textured/matte. I decided to break up the two prompts this week so this post is just 60’s inspired. I googled “60’s Fashion” and found this dress which looked like it would make a pretty cool manicure.


I picked out these five polishes: Sally Hansen White On, Sally Hansen Rapid Red, Sally Hansen Black Out, Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (original formula), and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (original formula).


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Three Color Gradient Nail Art

As you learned last week, the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts challenge has been changed. Now it’s a 52 week challenge where there are two prompts each week. You can do one, the other, or both! This week’s prompts are three-color gradient and pink. I decided to combine them both! I recently received the Mentality Earth Tones collection as a press sample so I decided to use three of them for today’s prompt! I picked Spackle (white), Stucco (pink), and Kaolin (blue).







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Autumn Nail Art Gradient Leaves

The Crumpet’s Nail Tarts group is switching up the format of our challenges! We used to do tri-polish Tuesday and Golden Oldies Thursday. Now, there are two prompts during the week and it’s much more flexible. You can combine the two prompts, you can do each one individually, and you can require it of yourself to use older polish. I think it will give a lot more room for creativity! This week’s prompts are two color gradient and teal. I decided to combine the prompts this week. I chose Enchanted Polish Autumn which is a duochrome holo that shifts from green to brown. I also picked China Glaze Deviantly Daring which is one of my oldest, and favorite teals.






Since I’ve been obsessed with stamping nail art lately, I decided to put some leaf-like designs on top to give this a fall twist. I used a plate from Cici&Sisi and used Konad Special Black as the polish.







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Lacquer Legion Crisp! #LLCrisp

When my husband said, “Your nails remind me of fall”, I knew I had nailed it! This month’s Lacquer Legion prompt is “crisp”. You can find the nail art of everyone participating by search social media for #LLCrisp


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Believe in Angels? Believe in Me…. Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck

Happy Thursday, everyone!! It’s time for another edition of Golden Oldies Thursday. Today’s prompt is brown. I was scrolling through my polish excel file and saw Enchanted Polish Vampires Suck. YES. YES. This is the one. I haven’t used it for a year. I swatched it for you originally here. That was a long time ago and I have grown a lot since then!! It was time to bring this beauty out of its box. Vampires Suck is a brown linear holo. This is two creamy, delightful coats. I was actually able to snag a backup bottle in the recent restock so I don’t even have any guilt using it! That’s the perfect storm! I picked a design on my Cici&Sisi plate that would let the majority of Vampires Suck show through. I love pink and brown together, so I selected Sally Hansen Sumac Sonic as my stamping polish.

I’m a huge fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It took me a long time to even like any other vampire lore. I did read some Anne Rice, which I enjoyed. I also watched True Blood through season 4. It just kinda got stupid after that! But I will rewatch Buffy over and over and over again. This means I will officially say that I do not think vampires suck, but I do love this polish!





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Treasure Map Nail Art!

Today’s prompt for the Pirate Challenge from the Challenge Your Nail Art group is “Treasure Maps!” Since I totally took the easy way out in yesterday’s “gold” post, I decided to actually do some art today!!!! I started with two coats of China Glaze Don’t Honk Your Thorm which is a nice nude color. Then,  I cut out holes in a makeup sponge so that when I dapped polish on, it would be inconsistent. I used China Glaze Mahogany Magic for this. Then, I did it again with Don’t Honk Your Thorn to blend the two colors and give the nail a bit of a distressed look. I wanted my treasure map to be old!!

Then, I used a teeny tiny bit of black around the edges and dapped that on with the used sponge to distress it even more. Finally, I used a nail art brush to draw on treasure-mappy items. I used China Glaze White on White for the dotted line, China Glaze Seeing Red for the “X” and Formula X Black for the mountains. I gave it a map top coat because I’m pretty sure treasure maps aren’t glossy…even if it’s just treasure map nail art! lol!




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Aztec Nail Art for GOT

Today’s Golden Oldies Thursday prompt is Burnt Orange/Copper. I selected China Glaze Harvest Moon which is from the 2012 Hunger Games Collection. I don’t think I’ve used it since 2012!! Good to know that nail polish doesn’t expire. ;) I’m obsessed with my Cici&Sisi stamping plates so I picked an image from plate 10 for this mani. I used my blue Bundle Monster Stamping Polish to stamp the design on top.  I didn’t think it was going to become Aztec Nail Art, but I kind of think that the design with the colors I picked looks a little Aztec-y. You might disagree, but that’s what it reminds me of!


Here’s a plain swatch of China Glaze Harvest Moon. It’s a very nice orange-y copper. It’s held up very well over the years. I didn’t even need to put any thinner in it or anything.




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Gold Nail Art for Challenge Your Nail Art!

Happy Wednesday, dearest reader!! Today’s post is another one in the Challenge Your Nail Art series. This month’s theme is Pirates! and today’s prompt is “Gold and/or Treasure”. I’ll be honest, I was not being very creative with this one. I took the lazy way out and did gold glitter tips. BUT, I did pair it with a polish that reminded me of the sea, so that’s gotta count for something, right??? Pretty please?? I started with two coats of OPI Fly which is a teal crelly polish. Then, I sponged OPI Wonderous Star onto the tips. Wonderous Star is a golden glitter with large black glitters. It’s a very interesting glitter and it reminded me a little bit of sand. How you’ll have the white sand, and then dark blemishes where rocks haven’t been broken down yet. See? It’s totally on the theme…because treasure is buried in sand!! Hey, look at me, being all clever and stuff.

Here is the fabulous OPI Fly all on its own.



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Ocean Nail Art for Challenge Your Nail Art

It’s time for another piece of nail art for this month’s Challenge Your Nail Art theme! This month’s theme is Pirates. Yesterday’s prompt was sea creatures. You can see the mermaid nail art I did by clicking here. Today’s prompt is oceans! I thought of doing an underwater scene, but since I’ve done that before, I wanted to try something new. Then, I saw an image as I was flipping through my Cici&Sisi plates and I saw something that reminded me of the froth when the ocean water hits the sand. I was suddenly inspired to do a frothy, seafoam mani! I started out with three coats of piCture pOlish better which I received from them as part of BloggerFest earlier this year. Then, I did a gradient using piCture pOlish Sea Jewel. The gradient is more subtle than what my head thought it would be, but I like the look of it away.


Here is what the gradient looked like prior to the stamping portion of this nail art.



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Sea Creatures Nail Art for Challenge Your Nail Art!

It’s time for another round of “Challenge Your Nail Art“. Today’s prompt is “sea creatures”. I have been neglecting my Vivid Lacquer VL023 stamping plate which has mermaids on it, so I couldn’t NOT use it on this challenge! :D I started with two coats of OPI Blue Chips which is an amazing sea blue with holographic shimmers. I got it at TJ Maxx and it was a major score! Once dry, I used Color Club Harp On It to stamp some mermaids and then dotted some of it around. When the mermaids didn’t show up over the blue, I used Konad Special White and it showed up much better. I thought the art needed a little more flair so I grabbed MoYou London Fairytale Plate 06 to stamp some starfish, some bubbles, and some fish around. I like how it turned out!


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Stripes and Dots Nail Art for GOT

Happy Thursday, dear reader!! Today’s prompt for Golden Oldies Thursday is “Ignored for too long”. I feel that I don’t use my Avon holo polishes nearly enough. They not quite as holo as say, a Color Club Halo Hue, but they certainly are pretty! I picked Avon Starburst (red) and Avon Galaxy (blue). I rarely do skittle nail art, so I thought I’d do something a little different on each nail. I used the cheap, but awesome, dotting tools I got from Amazon as well as the striping tape from…you guessed it! Amazon!


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I Love Nail Polish It’s a Boy for GOT

Happy Thursday! It’s Golden Oldies Thursday!!! This week’s prompt is Indie polish so I picked one of my favorites, I Love Nail Polish (aka ILNP). I started with two coats of I Love Nail Polish Pixie Dust which is a light pink holo. Then, I painted one coat of I Love Nail Polish It’s a Boy over the whole nail. Finally, I sponged even more of It’s a Boy on the tips to give it a stronger gradient effect. I would like to dedicate this mani to my sister who is pregnant and due in December. She refuses to find out the gender which is driving me batty!! She wants it to be a surprise! ARGH! So we have a baby blue and a baby pink mani for you today. :P

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Julep Demi for Golden Oldies Thursday

Happy Thursday, Everyone! I hope your day is going awesomely. :) Today’s challenge for Golden Oldies Thursday is “red”. One of the first polishes I ever bought (once this obsession started) was Julep Demi. That was in December 2011! It’s been a long time since I’ve used this beauty. It’s an oxblood red that has many hints of brown in it. Therefore, I paired it with Zoya Nyssa (which I originally received as a press sample).


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