Stars on the Hellmouth

I put on Daily Lacquer Welcome to the Hellmouth from the Slayer Collection today and I couldn’t help but be reminded of a stormy night sky! So, I decided to stamp stars on it! I used BM14 for the stars design. I used Orly Dazzle to stamp.

Here is a plain swatch of Welcome to the Hellmouth:

Hellmouth has a lot more purple in it than my camera was willing to pickup!

Here are more pics with the stamped stars. The irony is that my camera couldn’t see the stars in direct sunlight! LOL. So that’s why the pics are in shadows. :)

Stripes and Dots!

Today’s mani features Julep Alice and Julep Gabrielle from the May 2013 maven boxes Boho Glam and Bombshell, respectively.

I used a striper and a dotting tool that I bought at Sally’s for super cheap. I hope you like it!

First, a plain swatch of Julep Alice. It’s a light lilac with a pearlescent finish.

And now for the pizzazz! Julep Gabrielle is a dark purple cream.