Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine Stamping

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I managed to snag up Enchanted Polish Freeze Machine in the last EP stock. I’m not a huge fan of glitter toppers, but this one is pretty great. I started with two coats of Andrea’s Choice Circus Tightrope which is a purple neon. Then, I topped it with two coats of EP Freeze Machine. To make it even more interesting, I stamped using Konad Black and a design from Pueen 92. This mani also fits both prompts for this week’s Crumpet’s Nail Tarts 52-week pick and mix challenge! This week’s prompts are flowers and pale blue. Freeze Machine is full of pale blue, iridescent glitters. And later on in the post, I stamped a swirly¬† flower design on top!

I love all the different shapes and sizes in Freeze Machine. It has some flakies in there which are all the rage right now. But it also has hexes and dots!¬† I’m pretty sure I see a ton of microshimmer in there, too! Winning!



And not to neglect my stamping plates!!! I decided to stamp on top of the whole lot. I like how it turned out!




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Tri-Polish Tuesday: Moving Day

This mani is for the April tri-polish challenge. This month’s color choices are pink, blue, and yellow. This has been tough for me because it’s hard to get blue and yellow together without making it look like a sports’ team mani! :P

For this mani, I used Andrea’s Choice Circus Somersault (yellow) and Andrea’s Choice Circus Ringmaster (pink) for a sponged gradient. The pink ended up looking a little orange over the yellow I’m still counting it for this challenge because technically it is a pink polish! LOL! Then, I used some striping tape and Orly Sweet Peacock over it. I Love, Love, Love Orly Sweet Peacock. It’s a gorgeous and deep metallic blue. So pretty! And this mani is the end result.





Then, on a whim, I applied a matte top coat over the mani and I just love what happened!!!

Matte-Nail-Art\ Matte-Nail-Polish

Why did I call this post “Moving Day”? Well…because that’s the episode of “How I Met Your Mother” I was watching while I was working on this post! LOL! I can’t think of creative names for my posts and “Gradient Mani” seemed a little too boring. :P

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MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

Today’s mani is part of the tri-polish challenge as presented by The Crumpet. Last week was the first time I participated. You can see that mani here. For this mani, I wanted to use my new MoYou Stamping Plate from the Artist Collection. I purchased plate three which has a lot of really pretty designs.

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MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

MoYou Artist Collection Plate 03

For the challenge, I have to use pink, blue, and yellow. I picked Andrea’s Choice Circus Somesault for the yellow, Michael Marcus Barely There for the pink, and Zoya Yummy for the blue.

It’s amazing what the camera picks up that the eye does not…in other words, I now see that I could have cleaned up my edges a little better! I didn’t even see that in real life!

Zoya Yummy

Tri-Polish Challenge

MoYou Stamping Plates

Michael Marcus Barely There

Andrea's Choice Somersault

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Springtime Flowers Dotticure!!!

It’s a bright, sunny day in the Pacific NW! Well…at least it is at the time of this writing! Who knows what it will be like with I publish this post in a few days! LOL

I was in the mood for another springtime manicure. Polishes used:

Andrea’s Choice Circus Somersault (yellow)
Formula X for Sephora Unmistakable (mint)
Formula X for Sephora Brazen (pink)
Essence Off to Miami (coral)

I certainly hope you like it! If you do, let me know in the comments! I read every one!

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Andrea's Choice Circus Somersault

Essence Off to Miami

Formula X for Sephora Brazen

Formula X for Sephora Unmistakable

Salon Perfect Kaboom over Andrea’s Choice Somersault

My husband was nice enough to buy me Salon Perfect Kaboom–on his birthday no less! This is a glitter that has both yellow and blue tiny dots. It looks green, but there actually isn’t a green glitter in sight! I put two layers of Kaboom over two layers of Andrea’s Choice Somersault which is a neon yellow.