Color Street Peacock Throne

Howdy! I hope your day is going well. Thanks for stopping by my little ol’ blog today. Today’s post is Color Street Peacock Throne! This nail polish wrap has a white metallic base and then gorgeous peacock feathers on each nail.

color-street-nail-wraps-peacock-throne color-street-peacock-throne-nail-wraps color-street-peacock-throne

Color Street Interstellar + Funny Dating Story :)

Today, I’m going to show you Color Street Interstellar! This one is a duochrome finish with black outer space style designs. (Oh man, I am SO good at descriptions!) The design reminds me of that nail art style where you put a drop of polish in water and then spray hair spray on it then dip your nail in. Do you know what I’m talking about? If you don’t, it looks like this:

color-street-interstellar color-street-interstellar-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-interstellar

I have a pretty funny story from my online dating adventures. One of my vetting questions I always ask is “Are you a murderer?” Everyone knows I’m joking and it’s simply my way of letting the guys know that I’m aware of my safety so not to try any funny business.

The other day, I asked this and completely got lectured on how rude it is. LOL. He sent me articles about how I’m more likely to die in a car accident and another article on how I’m more likely to be murdered by someone I know. He also stated that getting murdered from an online date “hasn’t been a concern since the 90’s.”

ROFL. I seriously died laughing. Uptight much? Also….huge red flags!! LOL.

So what do YOU think….is it a rude question or is this guy some kind of sensitive tool? (I’m thinking sensitive tool…)

Color Street Mardi Gras

Today, I’m wearing Color Street Mardi Gras! This is a blue-purple glitter that can shine the hell out of any other glitter on the market! :)

color-street-nail-wraps-mardi-gras color-street-mardi-gras

If you saw yesterday’s post, you know that my husband and I are getting divorced. I’ve dipped my toe into online dating and I’m already sick of it. LOL. Here’s my tip for all you online daters out there: Do your part to keep the conversation going. You need to give the other person something to respond to. Ask questions, be flirty, read their profile. I’m sure I’ll have more tips to come…. LOL. Life is so weird right now.

Also, what’s with the facial hair trend? About 90% of the guys have big ol’ beards. Do you realize it hurts my face?

You’ve Been Flirting On Dating Apps All Wrong! and My Favorite Tinder Bio’s

Ok readers, I have some big news to share with you. If I know you in real life and you’re finding out via this blog post…well…sorry? Oops?

My news is: I’m getting divorced. <<insert gasps and shocked reactions here>> Ultimately, it’s a good thing and I think my ex and I will both be happier. But, that whole story is not the point of this post. The point of this post is that I casually joined Tinder and OMG some of the profiles are hysterical. Here are my 10 favorite (so far!)

  1. “Donald Trump is your new president. How much worse could I be?” Matt, 30
  2. “Sexiest thing about me? I use “your” and “you’re” correctly 10 outta 10 times.” Leonine, 28
  3. First man on Earth to be clinically diagnosed with resting bitch face(RBF).” Grant, 36
  4. Live on my own and shower regularly.” Herb, 38
  5. If you like bad boys, you’re in luck, I’m bad at everything.” Robert, 35
  6. Well I’m 30 years old and I don’t live in my mother’s basement so I think I’m doing pretty good for myself. I can open a jar of pickles in 2 seconds flat.” Ben, 30
  7. Unemployed and mentally unstable. Other than that, my mom says I’m a real catch.” Nick, 35
  8. Dear people who say that they “like fun”, Everybody likes fun. Nobody is having fun and thinking, “oh no, not this shit again”.” Nick, 36
  9. I am just a Jim Halpert with a slightly better job, looking for my Dwight Schrute with a slightly better face.” Deep, 34
  10. I’m just here to meet people while I poop.” Vinny, 28

Ironically, I also got send an article by The article is “You’ve Been Flirting On Dating Apps All Wrong!” Obviously, I opened that email right away. LOL. What have I been doing wrong?? Well…nothing, actually. I’ve been doing things right. Phew! :P But there are some very interesting stats that I thought I’d share with you!

Those who use emojis are more than three times as likely to exchange numbers (convert) and tend to have more than double the conversation lengths compared to those who don’t! (“Conversion” means that a phone number was exchanged.)

Use emojis:

  • Conversion: 20%

  • Average Conversation Length: 15 messages

Don’t use emojis:

  • Conversion: 6%

  • Average Conversation Length: 6 messages


Flirty* women are 6 times more likely to exchange numbers, and have 2 times longer conversations than non-flirty women.

Flirty Women:

  • Conversion: 12%

  • Average Conversation Length: 10 messages

Non-Flirty Women:

  • Conversion: 2%

  • Average Conversation Length: 4.5 messages

*Flirty here is defined as those women who have used the following words/ symbols in any of their match conversations:

“heyy”, “:)”, “haha”, “mmm”, “lol”, “cute”, “gorgeous”, “funny”, “handsome”, “aww”


Espionage Cosmetics Blood Splatter

It’s a little late for Halloween, but gory nails are always in style in my opinion! :) These wraps are Espionage Cosmetics Blood Splatter. Even though these are simple, I freaking loved wearing them. The blood splatters are glittery, too, which just makes them even more cool.

espionage-cosmetics-blood-splatter espionage-cosmetics-nail-wraps-blood-splatter

IT Cosmetics Miracle Water and Secret Sauce Review

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IT Cosmetics Miracle Water and Secret Sauce Review

It Cosmetics sent me their Miracle Water set to review for you! You can get these two products anywhere It Cosmetics are sold, including Amazon.

The It Cosmetics Secret Sauce moisturizer is jam-packed with moisture. I have really dry skin and even I only need a little bit of this. I’m officially a huge fan of Secret Sauce. It made my skin look brighter, clearer, and was very soothing.


It Cosmetics Miracle Water Glow Tonic claims to transform your skin and maximizes the benefits of your skincare routine! It’s a lightweight, no rinse product. I applied it right after cleansing, before moisturizing.

Miracle Waterâ„¢ helps to increase absorbency and improve the efficacy of your moisturizers and serums. They say you can use it after cleansing or in place of your cleanser for powerful results immediately and over time. I tried using it in place of my cleanser, but it didn’t clean my skin enough. But, I really like it as a toner step! It made my skin feel softer and look brighter.


Color Street Haunted Mansion

Color Street Haunted Mansion is one of the final Halloween designs that I have to show you! While these aren’t available on the website anymore, I still have some on hand if you want some!

color-street-haunted-mansion color-street-haunted-mansion-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-haunted-mansion

Color Street Ibiza Nights

I think it’s time for some more glitterrrr!!! This is Color Street Ibiza Nights and it’s a a solid purple glitter. You should see this baby in the sun. :O

color-street-ibiza-nights color-street-ibiza-nights-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-ibiza-nights

Color Street English Lace

Color Street English Lace is one of the more delicate designs from Color Street. It has a nude background, then it cuts each nail in half with white. On top of the nude background, there is a delicate lace design. This is a super lovely design. I think it would be great to wear to weddings! It’s subtle, but still has that fun, “nail art” look to it.

color-street-english-lace-nail-wraps color-street-english-lace color-street-nail-wraps-english-lace

Espionage Cosmetics Electrostatic Spark

Today, I’m wearing Espionage Cosmetics Electrostatic Spark. This is from their Nexus Box subscription which is two nail wraps per month. I actually just cancelled my subscription because a lot of their wraps are too thick for my very curved nails. :\ Luckily, these ones were thin and super cool! Who doesn’t love a lightening storm??!!

espionage-cosmetics-electrostatic-spark espionage-cosmetics-electrostatic-spark-wraps

Color Street Sunset Strip

I just landed back in Seattle after a few days in Arizona with my family. Talk about opposite weather! I love the rain and boy did I miss it! For some reason, Color Street Sunset Strip reminds me of Arizona weather a lot more than Seattle weather! Why is every building in Arizona beige? It was so weird. Can anyone answer that for me??

color-street-sunset-strip color-street-sunset-strips-nail-wraps color-street-sunset-strip-nail-wraps

Color Street Military Love

How about a little pink to brighten up the evening? Tonight, I’m showing off Color Street Military Love. I was never able to master the camo technique with wet polish so it’s really fun to have this design available in a polish wrap. Even more new designs were released this past week, so make sure your stock up! They have actually been selling out pretty fast! :O

camo-nail-art color-street-nail-wraps-military-love color-street-military-love

Color Street Rainbow Road

Not fall-themed, but a gorgeous design none the less! This is Color Street Rainbow Road. I love how it sparkles in the sun.

color-street-rainbow-road color-street-rainbow-road-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-rainbow-road

Color Street Midnight Circus

Color Street Midnight Circus is a limited-edition Halloween nail art design! I think this MIGHT be my favorite. It reminds me of Nightmare Before Christmas, but also has a slight Harley Quinn vibe to it. Or maybe I’m just projecting?

If this is sold out on the site (Color Street), contact me directly because I have some in my at-home inventory. Order soon to make sure you get it before Halloween is here! Wait. Cancel that. Order whenever you want because you can wear Halloween nail art all year round! :P

color-street-midnight-circus halloween-nail-art color-street-nail-wraps-midnight-circus

Color Street Autumn Harvest

Color Street Autumn Harvest is a limited-edition fall design. This is an orange shimmer polish wrap with delicate pumpkin designs. I’m in love with this one!!

color-street-nail-wraps-autumn-harvest color-street-autumn-harvest-nail-wraps color-street-autumn-harvest

Color Street Sleepy Hollow

IT’S HALLOWEEN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEK! This is my all-time-favorite time of the year. I freaking love Halloween so much. I’m thrilled to wear Color Street Sleepy Hollow as my first Halloween design this month. These are selling out super fast so if they’re not still available with that link, check with me and see if I have any in my at-home inventory.

These are glow-in-the-dark and the effect is super strong. It looks AWESOME.

color-street-nail-wraps-sleepy-hollow color-street-sleepy-hollow color-street-sleepy-hollow-nail-wraps

Color Street Island Vibes

Color Street Island Vibes is a beautiful coral polish with navy leaf designs. I felt kind of weird wearing this in the fall, but I didn’t want to wait until the spring to try it out! So, I decided, seasons be damned! I do what I want!

color-street-island-vibes color-street-nail-wraps-island-vibes color-street-island-vibes-nail-wraps

Color Street Tokyo Lights

Color Street Tokyo Lights is a beautiful rose gold glitter. I don’t know what else to say about it! LOL.

color-street-tokyo-lights-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-tokyo-lights color-street-tokyo-lights

Color Street Vegas Vixen

I must say, the glitter designs from Color Street are turning out to be my favorites. That includes Color Street Vegas Vixen. This one is a gorgeous hot pink to silver gradient. I even wore this one on our trip to Vegas earlier this month! (Obviously! :P I had to!!)

How else can you get a perfectly even gradient with no mess, no cleanup, and no dry time? If you wanted, you could even stamp on top of this and give it your own personal pizazz. Color Street is really an awesome product!

color-street-nail-wraps-vegas-vixen color-street-vegas-vixen color-street-vegas-vixen-nail-wrap

How to Remove Color Street Nail Wraps

I keep telling people how easy it is to remove Color Street nail wraps. In order to prove how easy it is, I made this little video! ;)

Color Street Harajuku Hearts

Today I’m going to show you Color Street Harajuku Hearts. This is a super girl design! The pink has a slight touch of shimmer to it when you see it in real life. Come join my private lazy nail art group to show off your manicures! (Regardless of whether they are Color Street or not!) Click here to join.

Also, don’t forget to enter my giant It Cosmetics giveaway. Click here to join.

color-street-harajuku-hearts color-street-harajuku-hearts-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-harajuku-hearts

Color Street Lover’s Lane

Color Street Lover’s Lane is being retired!!! :O It will only be available as long as supplies last. This is too bad because I love this design. It’s simple, fun, and modern. If you like it, too, you better get a set or two for yourself! I have no idea how long these are going to last in inventory.

color-street-lover's-lane-nail-wraps color-street-nail-wraps-lover's-lane color-street-lover's-lane

Color Street Sunset Canyon

Right now, I’m wearing Color Street Sunset Canyon. As you may know, I’ve never really been able to master the art of the watermarble, so I was pretty excited when I saw this design. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to wear a perfect watermarble! LOL

color-street-nail-wraps-sunset-canyon color-street-sunset-canyon-nail-wraps color-street-sunset-canyon

Color Street Sunset Canyon is available at and all the designs are buy 3 get 1 free right now! :O

Espionage Cosmetics Wonder Gal

Today, I’m wearing Espionage Cosmetics Wonder Gal. I had a little trouble with these ones. They’re a bit thicker than Color Street so you can see there is some warping – especially with the solid gold one by my cuticle. Even though Color Street is a lot easier to apply and wear, I still buy and wear Espionage Cosmetics wraps because I lovelovelovelove their designs so much. About half of them are thin enough to conform to my nails – so once in a while it looks perfect, too! LOL.

espionage-cosmetics-wonder-gal espionage-cosmetics-wonder-gal-nail-wraps