Zoya Holiday Gift Sets

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Zoya was kind enough to send me a bunch of their holiday gift sets to show you. These are perfect for any makeup and nail polish lover – especially from this highly wonderful brand!

First, I need to tell you that Zoya is releasing a wider brush. They sent me a whole box full to replace some of the other, thinner brushes if I chose. This is awesome because I prefer a wider brush. I find it gives me a better look line at the cuticle part of my nail.


One of this year’s gift sets is the naked manicure set. These are mini bottles and would be a great set for someone looking to try this line.zoya-naked-manicure

The “All Snuggled Up” set comes with (from L to R) is Shimmer, Mia, Madeline, and Joni.zoya-all-snuggled-up-gift-set

These are all polishes from previous Zoya collections. Here is an old swatch of Joni that I did.


Here is the “All Wrapped Up” collection with the following polishes:

Vanessa, Ash, Sam, and Jemzoya-all-wrapped-up-gift-set

Zoya Ash


Zoya Merry Bright has Ellie, Mandy, Marigold, and Carmen


Zoya Ellie


Zoya Mandy


Zoya Marigold


Zoya Happy Holo-Days has Dream, Ryan, Payton, and Lael


Now we get into the lip sets!

Zoya Kissmas is four of the Hot Lips glosses.

Zoya-kissmas-lip-gloss-set zoya-kissmas

These has pretty great color payoff, which was really nice to see.


Zoya Believe In Lip Setzoya-believe-in-lip-set

Zoya Holly Dayszoya-holly-days-gift-set

Zoya Taste of Winderzoya-taste-of-winter-lip-set

Zoya All that Glitterszoya-all-that-glitters-lip-set

Zoya Snow Kissedzoya-snow-kissed-lip-set

Zoya Fun and Frostyzoya-fun-and-frosty-lip-set

Thanks again to Zoya for sending these my way. It was really fun playing with the lippies and I’ll be sharing them with my besties this holiday season! You know who you are! ;)

Red Aspen False Eyelash Review

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Chaotic Beauty sent me two Red Aspen False Eyelashes to review for you! I used to wear falsies everyday but have since stopped putting in the extra effort. LOL. Red Aspen has two main lines of lashes – one for glasses wearers and one for non-glasses wearers. The glasses line is shorter so that they don’t brush up against your lenses. I also think they are the more natural looking and everyday wearable line.

For reference, here are a couple pictures of my lashes before I applied the falsies. I have on eyeliner and mascara, obviously. Normally, this is where I would end my makeup routine for my eyes, but this time I’m putting on some falsies!

Here is what Priya looks like on me. It’s quite bold and definitely a glam look. They were as easy/hard to apply as any of the full strip false eyelashes I’ve used in the past. It does take a bit of practice, but does become easier over time.

I wouldn’t wear Priya as an everyday look. To me, they are just too obvious that you’re wearing falsies. However, the quality is good and they are not heavy on the lids.

Bella is a much more natural look, but you still get the falsie look with them. Once again, the quality is great and these are even lighter than Priya.

The Red Aspen glue was fine for my very sensitive skin and eyes. It comes out white but dries clear – which is perfect for precise application.

To remove the lashes, I gently pull them off my lids. Then, you can use eyemakeup remover to get the extra glue off the lash strip. They can be used multiple times. I think Red Aspen says 7-10 uses which is about right for the other brands I’ve tried as well.

Thanks again to Araceli for sending these my way! To see these lashes and all Red Aspen products, make sure to head over to Red Aspen

Jodie Whittaker as Doctor Who – A Lazy Betty Review

I’m going off my beaten path a bit for this post. No nails. No makeup. Just my thoughts. I watched Episode 1 of Season 11 of the new Doctor Who last night. When Jodie Whittaker was first announced as the 13th Doctor, many people asked me what I thought about it. I refrained from commenting until I could see her in action. No sense judging someone before they even tried!

We started the episode and I was extremely nervous. This is a big moment for the show and for females in general. Jodie had to perfectly nail the role in order to be accepted. The controversy surrounding a female Doctor was huge and many people predicted it would ruin the show.

I’m going to stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase. I. Loved. It. Jodie Whittaker did a superb job. Her initial take on the Doctor has many throw-back personality traits to David Tennent’s Doctor, which I absolutely love. She was clever, she was snippy, she was scatter brained. It was exactly what the Doctor should be.

Now, about the rest of the show. I just want BBC to know that I see what you did. It appears that they’ve taken the most popular characters over the last 10 seasons and reinvented them to inject a little energy and fan support into the show. Graham is a lot like Donna’s grandfather – who was/is a beloved character on the show. What’s-his-face and what’s-her-face remind me of a bit of the Rory and Amy dynamic. I appreciated the Rory/Amy storylines because there was a bit of romance on the show, but without bastardizing the Doctor’s character. (Don’t get me wrong. I love the Doctor and Rose together. But, that’s not supposed to be the point of the show.) Lastly, Jodie’s Doctor is very reminiscent of the 10th Doctor, which is commonly accepted as the best Doctor ever and if you disagree with me, you’re obviously wrong. J/K! (But David really was the best Doctor.)

I have high hopes for this season if they can keep the character development on track. The storyline of this premier episode was ok. At first, I thought the Warrior was going to be the newest iteration of Cyberman. That would have been kinda cool. Instead, we got creepy tooth-face-man. An interesting foe, but unlikely to become a reoccurring monster on the show.

Near the end of the episode, in the final showdown between the Doctor and tooth-face, she gives a little monologue that was clearly directed at opponents of a female Doctor. To paraphrase, she basically said that you can change your future while still staying true to who you were in the past. It was a bit obvious, but it probably needed to be said. I like that they did it at the end of the episode because they let us get to know Jodie’s Doctor before getting up on their soapbox. Luckily, that soapbox monologue was only about 10 seconds long and we got to get back to the action.

Three cheers for Jodie. You had a lot of pressure for launching this new role and you did it brilliantly.

Sale! Polish, wraps, all on sale!

Good morning! I’m destashing my polish and clearing out my nail wrap inventory! Prices include shipping! I have Halloween and Holiday nail wraps for sale and will ship ASAP so you can have them in time. :)
Check out the sale here!


Color Street Freedom Calling

Color Street Freedom Calling is from the Fourth of July collection, but is still available (at least as I’m typing this!) here.

This is a beautiful cobalt blue polish with red and white glitters. Even though the 4th has passed, this would be a perfect nail to wear for Labor day next month! We just revamped our Color Street website also so the shopping experience should be better than ever!

color-street-freedom-calling color-street-freedom-calling-nail-wrap

Color Street Atlantis

Color Street Atlantis sold out almost immediately the first day it was released! Luckily, corporate has restocked it a few times so I could get my hands on a set (plus a backup set!!)
This design is reminiscent of mermaid nail art and it’s even more gorgeous in person. There is a lot of purple shift when you’re rolling your fingers around in the sun.


I would highly recommend picking up this design. I believe it’s limited edition and it may be the most gorgeous Color Street design yet.color-street-atlantis-nail-art

Color Street Fairytale Forest

Good morning! Today, I am wearing Color Street Fairytale Forest! This is a beautiful, feminine look that kind of looks like a watermarble, but WAY less messy!

color-street-fairytale-forest color-street-fairytale-forest-nail-art

Color Street nail wraps are made of 100% real polish. This makes them super easy to remove – without damaging your nails! Simply remove these with nail polish remover – the same way you’d remove any polish! Hooray!

Color Street At the Plaza

I had been putting off trying Color Street At the Plaza because sometimes the solid prints don’t work well with my super curved nails. But, I thought that I owed it to you to try it and besides, I freaking love rose gold in general.

Well, boy was I surprised at how great these looked! OMG! I wore these for much longer than I normally can stand wearing the same nail polish. This rose gold color is simply stunning in person. Additionally, it has a metallic finish and with traditional polish, all you get to see are nail ridges and brush strokes. Welp, not with a wrap! No ridges. No brush strokes. Just freaking gorgeous metallic rose gold.

I’ve actually bought another set of these already because I know I’m going to need to wear this again. I may just put one in every order going forward! LOL.

color-street-at-the-plaza color-street-at-the-plaza-rose-gold-polish

On another note…did you know I’m a professional dog trainer? I’m trying to get my YouTube channel off the ground. If you’re a dog lover, owner, or aspiring dog trainer, come check it out HERE! I’m not even asking you to subscribe or anything. :) (Although, you can if you want!) I’m just hoping you’ll pop over and see if it’s something you’d be interested in. Thanks in advance! :)

Color Street El Dorado

Color Street El Dorado is a yellow gold glitter polish. It has holographic elements to it in the sun as well! This one is very thin….which is a really good thing! The thinner the wrap, the easier it is to apply on very curved nails like mine. :)

color-street-el-dorado color-street-el-dorado-gold-polish

Zoya Elements Collection

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their new Elements Collection to swatch for you! This would more accurately be called the purple collection because every single color is purple. :P

I have many mixed feelings about this collection. I like the darker, vampy purples and the shimmer/glitter ones. However, most of them lean mauve and just simply look like old lady colors. There’s nothing wrong with old lady colors,  but they aren’t on trend or flattering to the eye.

I also had a lot of chipping issues with this collection. I tried four different basecoats as I was wearing these in real life. Regardless of basecoat, these polishes were chipping within 12 hours. I usually get 24-72 hours out of a manicure before my dogs and lifestyle cause some chips. Therefore, I was pretty disappointed even when using different basecoats – including Zoya’s own!

Let’s take a deeper look….

Zoya Leighton is a deep – almost black- purple. This is one of the more wearable colors for me, although it felt strange wearing such a dark color on a 90 degree day. LOL. I’ll usually reserve these deep colors for fall and winter.

zoya-leighton zoya-leighton-swatch

Zoya Gardner is definitely one of the more interesting colors in the collection and may even qualify as my favorite.

zoya-gardner zoya-gardner-swatch

Zoya Rumor is where we start getting into the overwhelmingly old-lady like colors. And I’m talking old ladies from the 90’s. :P

zoya-rumor zoya-rumor-swatch

Zoya Rachael is another vampy purple, just slightly lighter than the last vampy purple. You probably don’t need to own both.

zoya-rachael-swatch zoya-rachael

Zoya Maryann is a little better and more wearable, but the frosty finish kept nagging me as something an older lady would wear. Or man. I don’t judge.

zoya-maryann zoya-maryann-swatch

Zoya Maeve is about as middle-of-the-road purple you can get. It’s not dark. It’s not light. It’s a plain creme. Nothing to write home about but nothing wrong with it either.

zoya-maeve zoya-maeve-swatch

Zoya Ruthie is another old lady color! WTF! Am I being too harsh? I’d love to know someone else’s thoughts on these colors. Maybe I just have a stick up my butt.Zoya-ruthie zoya-ruthie-swatch

Zoya Donnie is a reasonably modern color but again doesn’t strike much joy or interest for me.

zoya-donnie-swatch zoya-donnie

Zoya Alyssa…yas. Another vampy purple that leans into an oxblood color. Probably one of the more interesting colors in the collection, but as you have probably surmised, that’s not saying much.

zoya-alyssa-swatch zoya-alyssa

Zoya Jenna…a meh bubble gum pink.

zoya-jenna-swatch zoya-jenna

Zoya Kendra…a BRAVE old lady color.

zoya-kendra zoya-kendra-swatch

Zoya Devin…ah! Finally something interesting! This one is a slate-gray-purple with a very interesting glitter/shimmer finish.zoya-devin zoya-devin-swatch

The Zoya Elements collection isn’t BAD. But it also isn’t good. I have seen Zoya put together much more interesting collections. Purple is one of my favorite colors, only second to pink. So I should have been inclined to love this collection. However, I found it repetitive and lacking inspiration. I feel aweful saying these things about Zoya because their collections are usually wonderful!

Color Street Coral Bay

Color Street Coral Bay is a beautiful sand glitter that has a perfect gradient into a coral accent. I think this wrap is just stunning and I loved wearing it.

color-street-coral-bay color-street-coral-bay-nail-art

Glitter Dipped Shades Are Here!

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In a surprise release last night, Color Street put six new glitter-dipped shades on the site! These gorgeous nail polish strips are a solid color topped with a complementary glitter gradient. I’m in love with all six of them! Which one is your favorite?

Mediterranean Lavender
Mediterranean Lavender

Paris Coutour

Cuban Summer
Cuban Summer
Danube Cool
Danube Cool
Lisbon Nights
Lisbon Nights
Monte Carlo Jackpot
Monte Carlo Jackpot

Morgan Taylor Holo Collection

{Press Sample}

Morgan Taylor sent me their holo collection to review for you. Of course on the very day I got these polishes in the mail, my pointer nail broke. #tragedy So, I hope you will forgive the ugly step-sister nail in these swatches!

Morgan Taylor Holo Lover

morgan-taylor-holo-lover morgan-taylor-holo-lover-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-lover-with-flash

Morgan Taylor Liquid Bling

morgan-taylor-liquid-bling morgan-taylor-liquid-bling-swatch morgan-taylor-liquid-bling-holo

Morgan Taylor It’s Lit

morgan-taylor-it's-lit morgan-taylor-it's-lit-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-it's-lit

Morgan Taylor Diamonds in the Sky

This one is my favorite of the collection. The blue is just simply gorgeous!

morgan-taylor-diamonds-in-the-sky morgan-taylor-diamonds-in-the-sky-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-diamonds-in-the-sky

Morgan Taylor Glow All Out

morgan-taylor-glow-all-out morgan-taylor-glow-all-out-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-glow-all-out

Morgan Taylor Disco Days

morgan-taylor-disco-days morgan-taylor-disco-days-swatch morgan-taylor-holo-disco-days

These polishes are gorgeous, but did have a distinct smell. Disco Days was probably the least smelly. I’m not sure what was causing the smell but I would guess the pigments used since I don’t remember other Morgan Taylor polishes having a smell. The smell is like nail polish, but much stronger. Although, it’s not nearly as mad as Kleancolor which I can’t even use!

Zoya Jelly Trio

{Press Sample}

Zoya sent me their new jelly polish trio to swatch and show you! Jelly polishes are typically sheer and looks a little “squishy” even when completely dry. The Zoya jellies are no exception and they are very gorgeous! The formula was nice and smooth.

Zoya Molly is a light raspberry. This is two coats. So, you can see that even though it’s a jelly, the color payoff is pretty darn good.

zoya-molly zoya-molly-swatch

Zoya Paris is a darker raspberry than Molly. These two are very similar and you probably don’t need both. I actually had to wear a different midi ring for Paris to ensure I didn’t mix up the pictures with those of Molly! This is also two coats.

zoya-paris-swatch zoya-paris

Zoya Alia needed three coats for me which was a little weird since it’s the darkest of the bunch. I prefer the other two colors, but Alia is gorgeous in its own right.

zoya-alia zoya-alia-swatch

Thanks again to Zoya for sending me their jelly trio! They are a lovely bunch of polishes!

New Summer Nail Art Designs!

Introducing the Seaside Dreams Collection!

Hello, Summer! Color Street‘s “Seaside Dreams” collection is here with 7 brand new shades inspired by your favorite parts of summer. Explore new nail looks that call to mind shore adventures, poolside relaxation, boardwalk confections, and tropical getaways. Scoop up your favorite nail looks before the sun sets on the summer season!

Summer Nail Art Summer Nail Art

Color Street Liberty Land

Color Street Liberty Land is from the new patriotic collection. I love this one because it reminds me of Wonder Woman nail art. And obviously Wonder Woman is amazing and wonderful and the best super hero ever.

If you want Color Street Liberty Land in time for the 4th of July, don’t delay on ordering! Shipping usually takes about a week. I got a ton of compliments when I wore this. It’s a real crowd pleaser. LOL.

color-street-liberty-land color-street-liberty-land-nail-wraps

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Collection

{Press Sample}

It Cosmetics sent me their Bye Bye Collection to show you! It Cosmetics is one of my all-time favorite brands. Their products are reliably high quality and the color payoff and staying power is always fantastic.

They sent me this adorable train case to go with the collection. I used this to haul all my makeup when my parents, boyfriend, and I all went to stay in Port Angeles last month! It was the perfect size to hold all my morning and night beauty routine products.


This time, It Cosmetics sent me Bye Bye Lines, Bye Bye Under Eye, Bye Bye Red, Bronzer, Bye Bye Makeup remover wipes, and Bye Bye Pores finishing powder.it-cosmetics-bye-bye it-cosmetics-bye-bye-collection-review

This remover wipes did a fantastic job. I wear waterproof and long-wearing makeup so my makeup remover needs to go full Hulk on my face to get everything off. These remover wipes did a great job and I would definitely recommend them!it-cosmetics-bye-bye-review it-cosmetics-review

This entire collection is made of fine powder that makes my skin look fantastic. It somehow doesn’t settle into my creases/cracks/lines and stays right on top of my skin all day.

Color Street Wisteria Lane

Color Street Wisteria Lane is from the new spring collection. This wrap is a gorgeous red glitter polish topped with black polka dots. This one fits my blog branding perfectly. LOL

color-street-wisteria-lane color-street-wisteria-lane-nail-wrap

Color Street American Cheer

Color Street American Cheer is from the newest seasonal collection from Color Street! This new collection features four new designs – two glitters and two nail art – that are perfect for summer barbecues and fireworks!

American Cheer is a red polish with red, white, and blue glitter of all shapes. My coworker tried Color Street for the first time yesterday and she was going on and on about how easy it is! If you haven’t tried it yet, I promise you will love how simple and easy the application process is. If you’ve had a bad experience with other brands’ nail wraps, give Color Street a try!

color-street-american-cheer color-street-american-cheer-nail-wrap

Zoya Sunshine Swatches

{Press Sample}

This post is a long time coming! Last month, I got the Zoya Sunshine collection sent to me as a press sample from Zoya. This is a collection of lovely creams and two glitter toppers. The glitter toppers are totally my favorite. They can change up the look of any of the polishes!

Zoya Missy


Zoya Karen

zoya-karen zoya-karen-swatch

Zoya Ellie

zoya-ellie-swatch zoya-ellie

Zoya Saldana on top of Ellie

zoya-saldana zoya-soldana-swatch

Zoya Clementinezoya-clementine-swatch zoya-clementine

Zoya Marigold

zoya-marigold zoya-marigold-swatch

Zoya Minnie

zoya-minnie zoya-minnie-swatch

Zoya Nahla

zoya-nahla-swatch zoya-nahla

Zoya Sandy

zoya-sandy zoya-sandy-swatch

Zoya Deliazoya-delia zoya-delia-swatch

Zoya Jack

zoya-jack-swatch zoya_jack

Zoya Virginia

zoya-virginia zoya-virginia-swatch

Color Street Amazonia

Color Street Amazonia is new this spring! This is a beautiful glitter snakeskin print. The glitter nail art are always my favorite designs from Color Street. They just seem to be the wraps that adhere to my nail the best and the easiest. For some reason, I have a hard time with the solid colors. Probably due to my sharp c-curve. But the glitter wraps? They go on smooth as butter!


Color Street wraps are currently buy 3 get 1 free for all designs except french. French have an even better deal! Buy 1 get 1 free! Check out the designs at www.mycolorstreet.com/lazybettycolor-street-amazonia-nail-wraps

Pixi Eyeliner and Mascara Review

{Press Sample}

Pixi sent me a collection of eyeliners and mascara to review for you! Pixi is available in drugstores and online (such as on Amazon.) I like the variety of colors they sent me. It’s been a while since I’ve worn not black eyeliner so I was excited to experiment with these shade!

pixi-eyeliners pixi-mascara-review pixi-eye-liner-review

The color payoff is very good. I barely had to press at all to get vibrant, colorful lines. I was also impressed with the staying power. Not only was it harder to smudge, but it didn’t “travel” under my eye throughout the day.pixi-eye-liner-swatches

In this photo, I am wearing the metallic gilded eyeliner, the black eyeliner, the mascara primer, and the mascara. I’m also wearing eyeshadows from a shadow palette Pixi sent me previously.

I’m very happy with these products. It’s nice to be able to find an affordable product that is excellent quality. Since my divorce, I can’t splurge at Sephora like I used to, so I’ve been reaching for my Pixi stuff over and over again.

Thanks again to Pixi for sending this collection my way! I definitely recommend it!

Color Street Blue Lagoon

Color Street Blue Lagoon is new in the spring collection this season. This is a very simple wrap and I freaking love it. It’s clear polish with aqua microglitters. I put this on top of my bare nail, but you could put it on top of black polish or a black wrap and it would look frickin’ amazin’.



Color Street Capital Hill

From the new Spring Collection, I bring you….Color Street Capital Hill!!

This is a gray polish with pink glitters. The pink glitters are micro and medium hexagons. This wrap reminds me of the cherry blossoms in Washington DC when the petals start falling off and landing on the pavement. I absolutely love cherry blossom trees. I used to have one in my backyard, but it died. (Cue sad violins here.)

color-street-capital-hill color-street-capital-hill-wraps

To get your very own set of Color Street Capital Hill, head over to www.mycolorstreet.com/lazybetty

Color Street Tempe Vibes

Woah! It’s been a couple minutes since I posted, eh? Oops! Don’t worry, though! I haven’t forgotten about you! :P

Today, I’m wearing Color Street Tempe Vibes. This is a gold glitter wrap with Arizona-themed black pattern on it. I’m still flabbergasted at how easy these are to apply and remove. I did my nails last night while watching DeathNote on the couch with my boyfriend. SO fricking easy that it’s ridiculous!

color-street-tempe-vibes color-street-tempe-vibes-wraps