You will see tags at the top of my posts such as “{Affiliate Links}” or {Press Sample}“. Please see below for explanations of what each of those tags means.

{Affiliate Links}
This means that links in the post may be a tracked affiliate link. When a reader clicks on an affiliate link and then makes a purchase from that website, I make a small commission. Most commissions range between 1-6%. That means if you purchase a stamping set I recommend from Amazon for $30, Amazon will give me about $1.20. I include affiliate links in my posts only to online retailers where I, myself, would spend my hard-earned money.

{Press Sample}
This means that the company sent me items in exchange for my honest feedback and review. Receiving a press sample does not guarantee a positive review. I do not and never will re-sell press samples.

{Purchased By Me}
This means that items in the post were purchased with funds from my own pocket.

{Sponsored Post}
This means the brand/company paid me to write the post. Likely, the brand/company will have had control over the statements made. This is different than a press sample post because a sponsored post will not contain my opinion, it will contain only facts. I will not accept sponsored posts from brands or companies I do not trust.