Zoya Holiday Gift Sets

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Zoya was kind enough to send me a bunch of their holiday gift sets to show you. These are perfect for any makeup and nail polish lover – especially from this highly wonderful brand!

First, I need to tell you that Zoya is releasing a wider brush. They sent me a whole box full to replace some of the other, thinner brushes if I chose. This is awesome because I prefer a wider brush. I find it gives me a better look line at the cuticle part of my nail.


One of this year’s gift sets is the naked manicure set. These are mini bottles and would be a great set for someone looking to try this line.zoya-naked-manicure

The “All Snuggled Up” set comes with (from L to R) is Shimmer, Mia, Madeline, and Joni.zoya-all-snuggled-up-gift-set

These are all polishes from previous Zoya collections. Here is an old swatch of Joni that I did.


Here is the “All Wrapped Up” collection with the following polishes:

Vanessa, Ash, Sam, and Jemzoya-all-wrapped-up-gift-set

Zoya Ash


Zoya Merry Bright has Ellie, Mandy, Marigold, and Carmen


Zoya Ellie


Zoya Mandy


Zoya Marigold


Zoya Happy Holo-Days has Dream, Ryan, Payton, and Lael


Now we get into the lip sets!

Zoya Kissmas is four of the Hot Lips glosses.

Zoya-kissmas-lip-gloss-set zoya-kissmas

These has pretty great color payoff, which was really nice to see.


Zoya Believe In Lip Setzoya-believe-in-lip-set

Zoya Holly Dayszoya-holly-days-gift-set

Zoya Taste of Winderzoya-taste-of-winter-lip-set

Zoya All that Glitterszoya-all-that-glitters-lip-set

Zoya Snow Kissedzoya-snow-kissed-lip-set

Zoya Fun and Frostyzoya-fun-and-frosty-lip-set

Thanks again to Zoya for sending these my way. It was really fun playing with the lippies and I’ll be sharing them with my besties this holiday season! You know who you are! ;)

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