Red Aspen False Eyelash Review

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Chaotic Beauty sent me two Red Aspen False Eyelashes to review for you! I used to wear falsies everyday but have since stopped putting in the extra effort. LOL. Red Aspen has two main lines of lashes – one for glasses wearers and one for non-glasses wearers. The glasses line is shorter so that they don’t brush up against your lenses. I also think they are the more natural looking and everyday wearable line.

For reference, here are a couple pictures of my lashes before I applied the falsies. I have on eyeliner and mascara, obviously. Normally, this is where I would end my makeup routine for my eyes, but this time I’m putting on some falsies!

Here is what Priya looks like on me. It’s quite bold and definitely a glam look. They were as easy/hard to apply as any of the full strip false eyelashes I’ve used in the past. It does take a bit of practice, but does become easier over time.

I wouldn’t wear Priya as an everyday look. To me, they are just too obvious that you’re wearing falsies. However, the quality is good and they are not heavy on the lids.

Bella is a much more natural look, but you still get the falsie look with them. Once again, the quality is great and these are even lighter than Priya.

The Red Aspen glue was fine for my very sensitive skin and eyes. It comes out white but dries clear – which is perfect for precise application.

To remove the lashes, I gently pull them off my lids. Then, you can use eyemakeup remover to get the extra glue off the lash strip. They can be used multiple times. I think Red Aspen says 7-10 uses which is about right for the other brands I’ve tried as well.

Thanks again to Araceli for sending these my way! To see these lashes and all Red Aspen products, make sure to head over to Red Aspen

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