Color Street At the Plaza


I had been putting off trying Color Street At the Plaza because sometimes the solid prints don’t work well with my super curved nails. But, I thought that I owed it to you to try it and besides, I freaking love rose gold in general.

Well, boy was I surprised at how great these looked! OMG! I wore these for much longer than I normally can stand wearing the same nail polish. This rose gold color is simply stunning in person. Additionally, it has a metallic finish and with traditional polish, all you get to see are nail ridges and brush strokes. Welp, not with a wrap! No ridges. No brush strokes. Just freaking gorgeous metallic rose gold.

I’ve actually bought another set of these already because I know I’m going to need to wear this again. I may just put one in every order going forward! LOL.

color-street-at-the-plaza color-street-at-the-plaza-rose-gold-polish

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Author: Anne

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