Vintage Cosmetics Company Products Review

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The Vintage Cosmetics Company sent me three products to review for you! This company produces very useful beauty products in unique, vintage-inspired packaging.


First up, we have the Exfoliating Face Sponge. This is a silcone product with a sponge-like thing inside. You put your face soap in it and use this sponge to massage and exfoliate your face while your usual face soap does the work of cleansing. It’s a clever product and definitely helps my soap work through my long-lasting makeup!vintage-cosmetic-company-exfoliating-sponge vintage-cosmetic-company-sponge

Next, we have this eye mask that can be used either hot or cold. I have to say, this is fantastic. I had a headache the other day and used this mask cold to help alleviate the pressure. It felt great on my eyes!!

vintage-cosmetic-company-gel-bead-eye-mask gel-bead-eye-mask-review eye-mask-review

Lastly, we have this headband and it’s my favorite product of the three that were sent! This helps keep your hair off your face when you’re applying your makeup or you can use it when you’re washing your face.make-up-headband

The extra bonus of this headband is that it keeps my ears warm! It’s been so frigidly cold here lately!

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