Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018

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The Sky Organics Bubble Box February 2018 might just be the best smelling bubble box yet! I had to really control myself from trying to take a big bite out of the bath bombs because they smelled so freaking delicious!


Sky Organics is starting to make cute shapes with the products. This is the first box I’ve gotten where there were shapes. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a heart and the bottom left is a cupcake!


I love this monthly bath bomb subscription because it reminds you to pamper yourself AT LEAST once a month! Self care is so important, but it’s so hard to remember to do! When this little box of delightfulness shows up on your doorstep each month, it’s a wonderful reminder to take a few minutes and enjoy an luxurious bath!

To sign up for the monthly bath bomb subscription, head over to

Author: Anne

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