Zoya Kisses Collection

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Zoya sent me their Kisses collection to swatch and review for you. This is a collection of light jellies. These are going to be perfect for spring so I’m glad Zoya released them now. Gives us all time to get them and have them before spring actually gets here!

Zoya Vickie is my least favorite of the collection. It’s just a little too gray for me. It’s on the awkward line where it’s not gray, but it’s not purple. A weird hybrid of the two.

zoya-vickie zoya-vickie-swatchZoya Princess is my favorite of the bunch. Not only because of the bangin’ name but because it’s a rich, juicy pink!

zoya-princess-swatch zoya-princess

Zoya Libby is a light lavender jelly. This one is ok in my opinion. It’s not terrible, but I wish it was….juicier. Gimme the juice!

zoya-libby-swatch zoya-libby

Zoya Leia is a beautiful pink shimmer topper. I have it layered here on top of Princess. This topper will get a lot of use from me! Look at it! Just LOOK AT IT.zoya-leia zoya-leia-swatch

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