Sky Organics Bubble Box

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Last month, Sky Organics released their monthly Bubble Box subscription. Each month, you will receive 2 bath bombs, a shower steamer, and a bubble bar.

This box may be my favorite thing to receive. It smells SO freaking good. Like amazing. I kept it in my bathroom for a few days before I could use the products and it also worked as an air freshener! My whole bathroom smelled delightful, but not in an overpowering way, ya know? It was just the right amount of “smell good” for the small space.
Bubble-Box sky-organics-bubble-box

The Sky Organics bath bombs are delightfully colorful and very moisturizing. My skin feels SO GOOD after taking a bath with one of these bad boys.

I would highly recommend checking out the Sky Organics Bubble Box. I got my January box in the mail earlier this week (yes! this post is a little late! This is the December box pictured!) and it smells like amazing candy.

The added bonus of the monthly subscription box is that it encourages you to take a bath once a month. (I mean….I hope you bathe more often than that….but what I mean is that it’s a great monthly reminder for some self-care and relaxation. ;) )

Have you tried any Sky Organics products yet? What do you think of their new subscription for bath bombs?

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