Weigh-In Wednesday 12/6/2017

Wednesday already? I almost wore lazy clothes today….but then I remembered I had to take a full body shot for today’s post. :) And then it took me forever to pick out a dress because I couldn’t remember what I’d already worn. LOL. First world problems are really, really hard!

This week has been strange and has felt like an eternity. That must have been a good thing because I dropped 2 pounds this week. I hate to say it….but I wasn’t even trying. It’s amazing what NOT binge eating most nights will do for the scale and your waistline!

Weigh-In Wednesday 1262017

I’m actually starting to get my waist back a little and I’m really excited about that. Perhaps I’ll be able to start seeing my feminine figure soon! :P

In dating news…I went on a date with a guy last weekend who spent 45 minutes showing me his vacation photos. Are.You.Kidding.Me??? I thought everyone knew that you never, ever do that to someone. Especially not someone you’ve literally just met who doesn’t give to fucks about your vacation. Gaaaaaaaah.

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