Weigh-In Wednesday 11/29/2017

Phew! What a week, what a week! I went and visited my family for Thanksgiving weekend. My adorable nephew made me play Candyland for 6 hours straight. If I never see that game again, it will be too soon. (Ok, maybe not SIX hours, but it felt like 60, so give me a break. LOL)

I kinda stuffed my face on both Thanksgiving and the Friday after….oopsies! But, I did go on a walk with my mom so that good karma showed on the scale this week as I dropped 1 pound. Phew! I was kinda worried how it was all going to shake out after all those carbs and pie and booze!

Weigh-In Wednesday 11-29-2017

I was talking to my sister about what my body looks like now. I actually weigh more today than I do in the 2010 picture at the beginning of the collage. But, I feel like I look better in today’s picture. I think the difference is that I’ve learned better how to dress for my body. Nearly everything I own nips in at the waist so it gives me a more feminine figure, despite all the extra poundage. Both the dress and the blazer I’m wearing today are things I got from Gwynnie Bee. All of their clothes are designed for sizes 10-26++ so they really know how to dress a larger woman. If you’re a size 10 or larger, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s basically like Netflix for clothes, but you can buy the items you love and want to keep. (Like I did with both items I’m wearing today.)

Lastly, how about another mini horror story from my online dating adventures? Last night, a guy tried to hit on my by saying a joke about mentally disabled people. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Are you kidding me right now?! Not only is that not ok, but that is what you START the conversation with?! What the hell is wrong with people?!

Anyway….have an amazing Wednesday and don’t forget to come hang out with my in my VIP Facebook group!

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