Color Club Head in the Clouds and Online Dating Stories!

{Purchased by Me}

Hey there and happy Tuesday! I have a little lazy nail art for you today. I started with two coats of Color Club Head in the Clouds which is a thermal polish. Unfortunately, the thermal change is from medium gray to light gray…so it’s really not noticeable. Then, I used Nail Hugs to press on the chevron design on top.

nail-hugs-chevrons color-club-head-in-the-clouds-swatch color-club-head-in-the-clouds-thermal-polish color-club-head-in-the-clouds

I have received a couple VERY WEIRD questions during my online dating adventures. Here are the two most recent ones….

A guy asked me what my birth month and date were so he could check our compatibility with his numerology and supreme math….(WTF, dude. No. #blocked)

Another guy asked if I was Jewish. When I told him no, he asked if I would be willing to get a DNA test to prove my background. I don’t know if he is a total racist, was trying to make a very very bad joke, or if he only dates Jewish women…. But, needless to say, I blocked that guy!

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