Color Street Mardi Gras

Today, I’m wearing Color Street Mardi Gras! This is a blue-purple glitter that can shine the hell out of any other glitter on the market! :)

color-street-nail-wraps-mardi-gras color-street-mardi-gras

If you saw yesterday’s post, you know that my husband and I are getting divorced. I’ve dipped my toe into online dating and I’m already sick of it. LOL. Here’s my tip for all you online daters out there: Do your part to keep the conversation going. You need to give the other person something to respond to. Ask questions, be flirty, read their profile. I’m sure I’ll have more tips to come…. LOL. Life is so weird right now.

Also, what’s with the facial hair trend? About 90% of the guys have big ol’ beards. Do you realize it hurts my face?

Author: Anne

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