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It Cosmetics sent me a huge, giant, ridiculous box of stuff to review for you! All of this came in a super giant box. To watch the live, blind unboxing watch this video:

It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser:

What it does: cleanses skin (I would hope so…), increases hydration, sulfate-free, and decreases fine lines and wrinkles.

My thoughts: Totally holds up to the claims. This is an excellent cleanser. It removes my makeup well and doesn’t leave my poor, dry face feeling worn out and cracked.

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores

What it this collection does: Helps make pores disappear

My thoughts: This blush is freaking gorgeous. The shade I got is Sweet Cheeks. It is a beautiful pink with gold shimmer. I’ve been wearing this baby every day since I got it.

The translucent setting powder also ensures a very flawless finish. I’ve been using these powders on top of all my foundation – regardless of what brand I’m wearing that it-cosmetics-blush-review


It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Breakout

What it does: This color-infused skincare cream is a drying lotion and concealer in one. The powder minimizes shine and works to improve the look of blemishes.

My thoughts: My skin is already prone to dryness so I have been using this as a spot treatment rather than full foundation. It definitely helps hide zits. Sometimes, concealer can highlight zits and make them look way worse. It’s products don’t do that! :) Hooray!



It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Redness

What this collection does: This trio of cream, powder, and correcting cream reduces redness and is great for sensitive skin. The products soothe the skin and neutralize red coloring for a flawless finish.

My thoughts: Heck yes! I tend to get a little red-looking because my skin is so sensitive. If it’s mad at me, if lets me know. This product line helps by being kind and gentle to my face and it neutralizes any redness.

it-cosmetics-bye-bye-redness it-cosmetics-bye-bye-redness-concealor

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Lines Foundation

What it does: Increases hydration, smooths skin, makes skin look and feel younger

My thoughts: Another excellent product! This is a lightweight foundation so I like using it when I don’t have a busy, busy day.


It Brow Power Powder:

What it does: Fills in sparse brows without smudging

My thoughts: I’m not a huge fan of It’s brow products. I’ve tried very hard to love them, but I just don’t like the way my brows look with their “universal” shade. I’d love to see It cosmetics come out with a full range of brow shades so I can get something that’s just right for me. The clear pomade, though, does a great job!

it-cosmetics-brow-powderIt Cosmetics Perfect Lighting

What it does: increases hydration, improves brightness of skin, makes skin appear healthier

My thoughts: This is a great little concealer/highlighter pen. It’s lightweight and does not tend to crease under my eyes.


It Cosmetics Superhero Liner

What it does: waterproof fine-liner pen that absorbs oil to ensure long lasting wear.

My thoughts: HELL TO THE YES. I love this pen. It is now my all-time favorite eyeliner. This and the Superhero mascara are my favorite It cosmetics products of all time. They make my lashes look lucious!  it-cosmetics-superhero-eyeliner

It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye Concealing Pot

What it does: Skin-smoothing, line-minimizing under eye concealer

My thoughts: This isn’t the unicorn concealer I was hoping it would be. I still can tell I’m trying to ‘cover something up’ under my eyes. However, I think it’s important to note that I have this struggle with everything I put under my eyes. :)


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