Pixi by Petra Products Review

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Pixi by Petra sent me four products to show you! You can find Pixi in stores such as Target or online at Amazon.


I was sent their Lip Exfoliating Treatment, clear setting powder, makeup fixing mist, and a lip/cheek stain.pixi-review


The lip exfoliator is very moisturizing. The product itself doesn’t actually have any grit to it. It’s more like a vaseline texture. It’s the packaging that does the exfoliating. As you can see in this picture, there are little “teeth” that massage your lips and slough away dead skin.pixi-lip-exfoliator

pixi-by-petraThe lip and checck stain is really light. It will give you a very natural look. pixi-lip-and-cheek-stain

The clear powder is actually the surprise favorite of these four. I use clear powder like this to help set my makeup around my eyes. This little powder poof is absolutely perfect for that!

The makeup fixing spray obviously doesn’t actually fix messed up makeup. What it does is re-hydrates dry skin so your makeup doesn’t look dry or powdery. Good to have on these hot summer days!!!

Thanks again to Pixi for sending these my way! I have more Pixi products to show you so make sure to stay tuned!

Author: Anne

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