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I’m not sure what to call this post….I got a box of random things in the mail to review from a PR firm so I’m going to put them all in one post. :) Each product doesn’t really merit it’s own full-blown review post so you get to see my thoughts on FOUR products today! :O

First up, we have some Scunci Mixed Metals bobby pins. These are pretty standard bobby pins. I don’t usually use bobby pins, but I have used these in this ridiculous heat wave to keep my hair up on off my neck and shoulders. They hold hair well and the metallic look is fun and modern.


I’m sorry to say that I ended up being allergic to this Malin+Goet body lotion. I got a rash all over my body. GROSS. and ITCHY. :( I have extra sensitive skin so that won’t happen to everyone, but it’s definitely something you should know.

I also didn’t care for the smell. It smelled…like dirt? I’m not sure how else to describe it. Kind of like how Tom’s of Maine products smell. (Which are also not my ucp of tea.)malin+goet-review

Now THIS. THIS PRODUCT SAVED ME. The Philip B. Thermal Protection spray can be applied to wet or dry hair. I started using this after I started getting a ton of breakage with my hair. My hairdresser was even concerned about how much breakage was happening. I started using this and we’re both very impressed. I actually went and got my hair dyed today and she commented that my hair seemed a lot healthier. We didn’t even need to do a trim for split ends! I think this Philip B. Thermal Protection spray made a big difference.

I use it before I style my hair with heat, but I also use it if I know I’m going to be spending time outside on any given day. Gotta protect those locks from the sun, too!philip-b-thermal-protection-spray-review

Lastly, I received this Conair Profession Salon Results Boar’s Bristles brush. In my experience, these brushes need a little bit of ‘working in.’ Usually, they are pretty stiff right out of the packaging. This brush is the same way, but I can tell it’s breaking in and that I’ll get a ton of use out of it. Quality hair brushes last ages. I still have one that I stole from my mom when I went to college in 2002. (Oops! Sorry mom! But I’m not actually sorry. It’s an excellent brush.)

This brush might be an heirloom for my non-existent daughter someday!


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