Color Club Old Soul and Nail Hugs

{Purchased by Me}

Today is a #lazybetty nail art style! I started with two coats of Color Club Old Soul which is a color changing polish. It changes from light peach to a nice pink.


Here is what it looks like right after I dip my tips in ice water.color-club-old-soul-swatch

And then here’s what it looks like after my whole hand is in ice water. It was hard to get this photograph because it’s so hot here! My nails warmed up so quickly!color-club-old-soul-cold

Then, I put Nail Hugs (which is this weird sticker thing – but not a nail wrap) on top!nail-hugs-lace-design nail-hugs-review

I would have liked to see more of the pink when I was wearing this. I think I should save the rest of my color changing polishes for the winter so I can actually enjoy the changes! :)

Author: Anne

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