Color Street City of Love

Today I’m going to show you Color Street City of Love! This is one of the french manicure designs offered by Color Street. These are actually buy 1 get 1 free so it’s a fabulous deal.

You start off my doing the tips and filing off the excess. Then, you put the full nail clear strips on top. These would look a lot better if my nails weren’t stained. LOL. But, I think you’ll get the idea!

color-street-city-of-love color-street-city-of-love-mani

I’ve been getting asked a lot how to join Color Street. It’s actually super easy! Simply go to and click the button in the upper left-hand corner that says “Join.”

The commission structure can be a bit confusing for this company. There is a biannual minimum order of $300. You could stay active by ordering $0 for 5 months in a row and then putting in a $300 order in the sixth month.

The Commission is actually paid weekly! Every Thursday, they deposit the 25% commission directly into your checking account. This is the base commission. You can earn bonus commissions by selling more. For example, if you sell $600 in one calendar month, you get a bonus 3% commission at the end of the month. So for that month, your actual commission would be 28%.

Your personalized Color Street site is $10/month. If someone orders off the site, Color Street takes care of all the shipping and you just get a magical deposit into your account the following Thursday. Then, the person is added into your contacts list in your account so that you can follow up with them. (That way, it’s not some sort of mystery person and you can provide personalized customer service to them.)

Let me know if you have any questions about joining Color Street. It would be fabulous to have you on the team. We only launched on June 12th of this year! So it’s going to be a hot market!

Author: Anne

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