SeneGence Sunday: Is direct sales all just a scam?

Good morning! It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on my SeneGence business. The company won’t let us share our income publicly anymore so that kind of put a damper on these posts. LOL.

As you may know, I also started selling Color Street earlier this month. I was (and still am!) looking for bloggers who hate nail wraps but would be willing to try Color Street. (If you’re one of those people, let me know!) During my internet research, I got sucked down into a vortex of some really intense articles slamming direct sales companies.

One article in particular accused direct sales companies of intentionally “preying” on stay at home moms and “suckering” them into dreams of riches. Well, here’s the thing. Most direct sales companies aren’t “preying” on anyone. And, we’re also not trying to sucker anyone into doing anything. As it turns out, people have free will and are able to make their own grown-up decisions.

Let’s take a look at some of the facts of direct sales:

It’s a legal business model.

Back in the day, there were absolutely pyramid schemes and scams. That’s why there are SO many laws governing what direct sales companies can do. There is also a national association that regulates direct sales companies to ensure they are legit.

No income promises; no hype

There is a reason SeneGence won’t let us share what kind of money we’re making. Because we don’t want to dazzle people with riches and have the illusion of ‘get rich quick.’ Direct sales is a simple concept, but it is hard work and money doesn’t just come in magically. If you’re looking at a direct sales company, make sure you’re looking at the quality of the product and not getting swayed by any income promises.

own your own business

The beauty of direct sales is that you get to own your own business, set your own ours, and be in business for yourself, but not BY yourself. The host company does all the heavy lifting while the direct sellers get to do the fun parts – marketing and interacting with people. Many of you know that I also own a dog training business. I have no ‘host’ company there; it’s all me. And while that is rewarding, it’s also a shitload more work than having a host company. Direct sales is kind of the best of both worlds.

No nepotism, favoritism

And finally, my absolute favorite part of direct sales is that it does not matter what your background, education, or skill level is. You get paid for how hard you work. Period. You will never be sitting in a cubicle wondering why the person across from you gets paid more when they are an idiot and you work harder and better than them.

This is what attracted me to direct sales in the first place! I wanted something where my success was in direct relation to my effort. Traditional jobs can have that, but there are ceilings, caps, and politics to deal with. If you work hard and provide good service to your customers, you are going to be successful. I find direct sales more rewarding intrinsically than a traditional job for this reason.

Your business goes where you go

There is a reason a lot of military people like to join direct sales. Their business moves with them when they get restationed. This means they don’t have to job search over and over again every time a spouse moves. There isn’t another business model that allows for that kind of location flexibility.

So, is direct sales a scam?

No, it’s not. There are some less-than-ethical distributors in every company who might prey on unsuspecting people, but that is not the rule nor the norm. Direct sales is a non-traditional business model that removes politics and rewards effort. Average people with above average ambition can achieve an above average lifestyle without having to wait for “open positions” or for anyone in the company to retire.

If you’ve thought about joining direct sales, but you’re wary about it for any reason, let’s chat! Even if you’re not interested in joining one of my teams, I still love to talk about this business model. I was a business and economics major in college so all of the inner workings of these businesses fascinate me.

Author: Anne

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