Pretty Serious Swatches

{Press Sample}

Pretty Serious sent me quite a few lovely polishes to show you!

Pretty Serious Cherry Bomb is a bright pink with golden shimmers. The shimmers are so fine that my camera washed them out a bit. This polish is 1,000x more gorgeous in person.



Pretty Serious Stupid Cupid is a seafoam green creme.

pretty-serious-stupid-cupid-swatch pretty-serious-stupid-cupid

Pretty Serious Misty is a light, dusty green creme.pretty-serious-misty-swatch pretty-serious-misty

Pretty Serious Heartbreaker is a shimmery purple.pretty-serious-heartbreaker-swatch pretty-serious-heartbreaker

Pretty Serious Petrichor. Petrichor is a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. Fun fact: the world always smells like that, but water makes scents more pungent. It’s why dogs exhale snot balls onto things and then quickly inhale it back in. It’s one of the many ways they smell so well. Trap those scent particles in! This is also why it’s a terrible idea to fart in the shower. #science

pretty-serious-petrichor pretty-serious-petrichor-swatch

Pretty Serious Precipitation. Obviously, I love this one because it’s named after my favorite weather. :) I do have to tell you that it stained my nails, though. So you’ll want to have a good nail bleach scrub handy when you remove this one. Or, just cover up those stains with more polish like I do!pretty-serious-precipitation pretty-serious-precipitation-swatch

Pretty Serious Overcast. Is it shallow to just love something because of its name? Because this color could have looked like dog diarrhea (too vivid an image?) and I still would love it because overcast days are the best days. Get outta here, sun!

pretty-serious-overcast pretty-serious-overcast-swatch

Pretty Serious Cloudburst. This is a lovely calm green. pretty-serious-cloudburst pretty-serious-cloudburst-swatch

Pretty Serious Pluviophile. I did not know what a Pluviophile was, so thank god for Google, amiright? It’s a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days.


pretty-serious-pluviophile-swatch pretty-serious-pluviophile

Yours in love,

A die-hard pluviophile.



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