Pixi Glow Getters Review

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Pixi sent me their Glow Getters trio to review for you. This set comes with the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic, and Overnight Glow Serum.

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The Pixi Mud Cleanser definitely does an excellent job at cleaning my face. It has little scratchy particles in it that exfoliate and help remove makeup. My skin felt clean and fresh after washing with this cleanser.


The Glow Tonic To-Go comes on pre-soaked cotton pads. This step is like a toner. Honestly, I’m not totally sure exactly what it’s doing but I can tell you that it feels a bit tingly. Not in a bad way. More like in an acne medication sort of way. This tonic is a little strong for my sensitive skin so I only use it 2-3 times a week and not every day. pixi-glow-tonic

The Pixi Glow serum is a thickish, clear liquid. It feels very soothing on my skin. I still use my moisturizer after this because I have such dry skin. This refreshes my skin after the two previous steps and rehydrates it.pixi-glow-serum

This is a fun little trio and since I’ve been blogging for Pixi, I’ve been really impressed with their skincare offerings. I know I’ve seen them in Target and I’m sure it’s available online. In fact, let me do you a #lazybetty and just drop my Amazon referral link here. It’s all set to go pre-searched for these products. You. Are. Welcome. ;) http://amzn.to/2r5gARD

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